Looks as if We Called it Again

The Empty Pantsuit(*) “Answers” Questions

Hillary went in front of the cameras for a rare appearance to “answer” questions. Scare quotes because there were no questions that were unexpected, and no answers that that surprised anyone. We said that exact thing would happen, here, just a few days ago! The left almost never surprises — you can know what they will do, how they will think, what they will say — under any circumstance under the sun.

You can see similar reactions here. And here.

Everyone knew how she’d respond to the definitely JV interviewer, Brianna Keilar. Bottom line: In wacked-out, paranoia-drenched Hillary-land,  we’re all still under the evil cloud of a vast right-wing conspiracy, even though those on the left have had a chokehold on all the means of mass communication in Ameria — the media, academia, Hollywood, the rest of pop culture — for decades. While we on the right have — FOX News commentators, Rush Limbaugh, the editorial page of the Wall St. Journal.

Hillary doesn’t answer questions, because she has no answers to real questions. If she were to make herself available to questions, at some point the FOX News reporter would be able to slip a real one or two or three in.

— xPraetorius



(*) – Not my coinage, unfortunately. However, here is some additional perspective on what I’m talking about, the Washington Post of all places!


6 thoughts on “Looks as if We Called it Again

    1. Good point. I guess that I should use another metaphor? Darn! That one was so on-the-nose! However, in retrospect, I guess it is kind of trite.

      Do you have any suggestions? I’ve already used “howling vortex between the ears.”


      — x

  1. Just can’t do it -x,

    Ms. Clinton is so full of………..herself…………..(fooled you,) that I just cannot listen to her speak. And the adoring ‘people’ planted to promote her majesty………..

    I’m pretty reasonable and patient, but man alive, the image that is being constructed of her…………

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