Watch Closely – There WILL Be Death.

Greece is the picture of the future United States as our polity marches inexorably leftward, as Greece’s did. So, where are they now?

Ready? Here are some predictions, though I’m tempted to categorize them as “sure things.”

In Greece, before the year is out, there will be:

  • Deaths from riots.
  • Refugees fleeing Greece and begging for asylum in other countries.
  • Banks stealing from their very customers, because those same customers have no other place to put their money.
  • Government crackdowns on citizens doing things that were, before,  perfectly legal: bartering, for example.
  • A Greek black market.
  • A massive rise in petty and violent crime.
  • A massive rise in organized crime.
  • Gang takeovers of sectors of cities.
  • Gang takeovers of sectors of the economy.
  • If the collapse continues without, say, military and/or humanitarian intervention from NATO, there will be deaths from starvation.
  • A U.S. rescue of sorts. Since Obama, the closeted socialist, would be running it, the “rescue” will be couched in fancy words that will mean nothing more than “We’re going to give you a bunch more of the same rubbish that got you in trouble in the first place.
  • Commentator after commentator after commentator after commentator suggesting that “Greece is beginning to look like a Third World country.”
  • Intelligent commentators will see and discuss the parallel between the cesspool of riots, violence and crime that Athens will become, and … Detroit. Chicago. Baltimore. And other places where socialists have had exclusive control of the joint for a long time.

In Greece, you ‘re about to witness one of Socialism’s minor failures. After all, they’re not — yet — dragging “enemies of the people” out of their houses at 3:00am and “disappearing” them in some black hole gulag. Yet. That’ll come soon enough.

In Greece, you’re about to witness Socialism’s vaunted commitment to “equality” in action. Yep. Everyone’ll be equal alright. Equally in misery, despair, poverty, disease and squalor. Except for a very few at the top living lavish lifestyles and doing their level best to make sure that nobody else ever can. Ever.

In America you can hear Vladimir Putin licking his chops! He’s thinking: “Wow! Because these western people are so stupid, Greater Russia is about to get a really strategic outpost in the Mediterranean Sea!”

And all this in a first world country that was simply too stupid to stop electing socialists, who in exchange for power, looted the country.

All leftists behave that way.(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) – Watch Obama after he leaves the Oval Office. He won’t just go away as a much more graceful ex-President (George W. Bush). He’ll say a bunch of pretty words all of which mean: “I intend to make a freakin’ fortune off being the ex-President.” And he will. Between you ‘n me, there ought to be a law that an ex-President has to go immediately into exile in a different country  as soon as his term in office is done.


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