This video here.

A gorgeous girl with a very big voice. She’s the up and coming Austrian pop singer Corneila Mooswalder. Funny-sounding name for us Americans, but she’s — trust me — not funny-looking! She’s a knockout! And it’s hard to imagine that the pop world is not at her feet waiting for her to take it.

I’m not generally all that big on pop songs, but Cornelia delivers this one in a big way, and I am all about big music and big songs.

The beginning of the video is fluff, and her song actually starts at about 2:00 in. However, the beginning is actually fun fluff to watch, because she’s so beautiful, and her personality is so captivating.

What’s also fun to watch in this video: At the end of the song, a sustained, rather riotous ovation begins and this tall, statuesque beauty with the huge voice goes all giggly little girl, thoroughly (at 4:50, for example) thrilled, flummoxed, and refreshingly embarrassed by the adulation pouring over her.

It’s a really cute video, and worth the watch, as well as the listen.

— xPraetorius


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