The Drudge Headline Says … (Part III)

China to begin buying shares in effort to stablize stock markets…

Watch out!

This is one of the very real signs that the Chinese command economy is faltering. Another such sign: China’s growing aggressiveness in the Pacific and the South Pacific.

These are the gathering clouds of war. War between nuclear powers.

Needless to say, with possibly the most clueless, feeble President in history occupying the Oval Office, China will see upcoming months as possibly their last opportunity to press their advantage in their neighborhood. If they see that it appears likely a Republican will win the Presidential election of 2016, they’ll step up their efforts even more.

We called that here.

For those of you who still think it was more important to elect a black President in 2008, rather than a good one, this is much more worrisome than Greece, which is really worrisome. And we have an uneducated rube in the White House.(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) – Oh, he has plenty of formal education, just no real education. You know, the kind of education that would contribute to wisdom, and to the ability to be a good President, not just a black one.



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