Seriously? What to think of this guy, Bernie Sanders?

This is a guy who unabashedly looks you in the eye and says he honestly, no foolin’ adheres to an ideology that has never done anything it ever said it would do. Not once… never… anywhere.

More to the point, in every incarnation it has ever had it has brought about death on a massive scale, accompanied by universal poverty, despair and misery. Anyone who looks you in the eyes and calls himself a socialist is actually telling you: “I’m either a moron, or a psychotic lunatic. Vote for me.

And look how well Bernie’s doing! He’s drawing huge crowds! How can that be? Easy! There’s a huge constituency in the Democrat Party for morons and loons. In fact, the Democrat Party is the party of morons and loons.

Sanders himself says, “Hold on, there! I’m not just a socialist, I’m a European-style Democratic-Socialist.”


Want to see where that gets you? Go to Athens, Greece and find the nearest dumpster, aka the latest establishment of fine dining in European-style Democratic-Socialist Greece.

So, those of you who think it’s a good thing, that Greeks are rooting around in dumpsters for their family’s next meal, you have your candidate. He’s Bernie Sanders!

— xPraetorius


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