Some Thoughts on the Passing Scene

With apologies to the great Thomas Sowell, who does this too.

 Want to Get Hillary to Answer Questions? It’s Easy!

If The Media Were Honest

July 4th

• Want to Get Hillary to Answer Questions? It’s Easy!

I’m not sure why anyone would want to, but if the press want to get Hillary — the other crashingly mediocre half of “Hill-Billy” — to stop running away from them and answer some questions(1), I know the way.

I can get her to answer questions in nearly a heartbeat.

One way not to make it happen is to keep on doing as they are now. She’s playing ’em like I play a fine guitar. And they’re doing everything they  can just to be near her Hillariness, and to bask in the cascade of frissons that run up and down their legs. I’d have said “up and down their spines,” but apparently they had those removed some time ago.

So, media, pay attention. Here’s how to do it. Ready?

Stop covering her events. 

Oh, I know, I know, she’s a “newsmaker”(2) and all that. Whatever. Face it, she’s not going to do or say anything at the next event that will surprise anyone under the sun.

So, media, send your camera crew and your correspondents to the next Bernie Sanders event, and watch her come crawling to you.

You’d do that to any Republican candidate who even thought of holding out on you.

The press know this too, but they won’t do it. This past week pulled back the curtains just a tiny bit on the extent to which the press are actually in the Democrats’ pockets.

Here’s the real reason for which the press are not howling to the high heavens that her nibs won’t answer any questions: because if she were to answer any questions, then the FOX News reporter would have a chance to ask some too.

Oops. Can’t have that. He (or she) would, definitely, not ask what her favorite flavor of ice cream is.

• If The Media Were Honest

If the media were actual journalists, there would be exactly one Democrat in the running for President of the United States: Jim Webb. Oh, I’m no Webb fan — he’s a Democrat which implies there are serious questions about his sanity and his intelligence.

There’s a reason Hillary won’t answer questions: She’s stupid, and she knows it. She has no real answers to any questions as to why she should be President. She has one compelling reason why she wants to be President: because she wants to. Okay, two reasons: She’s a feminist, and it really grates on her that she owes the entirety of her fame, success, wealth and mystique to her sex-crazed, hound dog of a husband — the genuine hillbilly half of Hill-Billy.(3).

Hillary is a mediocrity’s mediocrity, and deep inside, she knows it. The only thought that gives her any comfort, when she’s alone with her thoughts, is that they call someone even more mediocre than she “Mr. President” now. Obama truly is proof that anyone can become President.

Sadly, though, Obama also proves one more truth: Not just anyone should become President. It’s a serious position that should be occupied by serious people, with serious intelligence and maturity. Those requirements — in a country with honest media — would have ruled out Obama and Hillary long ago.

A country with honest media — who treat all candidates the same — would have laughed Hillary, whom we’ve appropriately dubbed “Dirty Hillary” and “Hill-Billy” — out of the room long ago. How long, after all, does one have to smell the corruption before one realizes there’s corruption there? Apparently for the media well more than twenty years is not enough time. Maybe they’ve become “nose blind” to it.

And Bernie Sanders? The avowed adherent to to an ideology that was responsible for more violent, non-natural-causes deaths in the past century than any other cause? He never would have been elected to dogcatcher, much less Senator. And President? Yuck! Can you imagine electing Heinrich Himmler or Hermann Göring to anything? They were socialists too.

How about Martin O’Malley, then? Do you just love how Baltimore’s doing? Then O’Malley’s your man.

All the prominent Democrat front-runners have little more than a sucking vortex between their ears. It’s why they’re Democrats. It’s not for nothing that we called it here. The Democrats are the party of the seagulls in “Finding Nemo.” You remember, right? They had one line: “Mine… mine… mine… mine…” They’re the party of stupid. They’re the party of the dead, who vote exclusively Democrat, and the brain-dead, but working for a “non-profit.”

It’s funny, the GOP is known, rightfully,  as “the Stupid Party,” Unfortunately they’re also “the Most Intelligent Party” by far in the league.

If the media were honest, neither party would be allowed to be as inexcusably stupid as they both are.

The governance of a country ought to be a serious thing. The media ought to see to it that all candidates and citizens understand that. They don’t. Because they hold only one party accountable for anything, they, the media, are the primary cause for the mess in which the country is becoming ever more deeply enmired every day.

• July 4th

It’s been a discouraging time recently . The Supreme Court has shown themselves to be less wise than the average American blue-collar worker.

Sonia Sotomayor joined the high court, crowing about how great it would be to have a “wise Latina” on the court. Unfortunately, they found only a self-absorbed nitwit, and put her there. Now, she can be reliably counted on to ignore the sacred oath she swore and vote purely according to the dictates of her political masters  on any question before the court.

So can Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginzburg, and now, apparently, John Roberts. It’s hard to say that the country is not facing the very real prospect, very soon, of a period that could be called the “Dark Ages” in America.

Why? Here are some reasons. In response to a request to list why we should consider America great, the always interesting Matt Walsh has catalogued all the things that represent serious problems in America today, here. Here’s an excerpt:

  • Does a great country ignore its own laws and tear its Constitution to pieces?
  • Does a great country become among the first in human civilization to dismantle the institution of marriage in favor of legitimizing sexual perversion?
  • Is a great country so confused that it can’t tell the difference between male and female?
  • Does the nuclear family collapse in a great country?
  • Does a great country have historically high rates of divorce, unwed pregnancy and fatherless homes?
  • Do little girls get IUDs implanted in them by school officials without parental consent in a great country?
  • Do citizens burn down their own cities in a great country?
  • Is moral relativism the cultural driving force in a great country?
  • Are churches empty in a great country?
  • Do one in every five citizens favor forcing priests to perform gay weddings in a great country?
  • Is pornography a billion-dollar industry in a great country?
  • Are there 110 million cases of STDs in a great country?
  • Are college students unable to name the vice president but able to chug a fifth of vodka in a great country?
  • Is higher education overrun by feminists and nihilists in a great country?
  • Is apathy endemic in a great country?
  • Does the average person watch five hours of TV a day in a great country?
  • Are people threatened, fired, attacked, belittled and ripped to shreds for having differing opinions in a great country?
  • Do young adults ransack stores just for fun in a great country?
  • Do schools teach kids how to masturbate but forget to teach them how to read in a great country ?
  • Is “50 Shades of Grey” a best-seller in a great country?
  • Does Christianity decline in a great country?
  • Are soldiers forced to sit in classrooms and listen to lectures about “white privilege” in a great country?
  • Has the gay agenda so infiltrated even the military that now officers are chased out of their jobs for telling lesbians to stop french-kissing while in uniform in a great country?
  • Does the government hand out birth control to children in a great country?
  • Do illegal immigrants stream over the border at will in a great country?
  • Are 151 million people on the government dole in a great country?
  • Do a majority of Americans vote for Barack Obama twice in a great country?
  • Does a great country laugh at morality, reject reality and worship cross-dressers?
  • Do adults in a great country so lack even the most rudimentary knowledge of their own great country thatthey can’t even explain why their great country celebrates the Fourth of July?

To which the always great insanitybytes (whom I call, “IB”) replied this: “Wrong Matt Walsh, America IS a Great Nation

To sum it all up, I think that Walsh got the better of the argument, while  IB’s  is helpful, hopeful and the only one actually to pay attention to. If all is lost, then what is there to do, but curl up in some corner and whimper?

IB rejects that notion.

IB says, though, and this is the crucial distinction: “Even if all is lost, that does not absolve us of our responsibility joyfully to get up each day and fight for all that is right, good and precious.”

Both are right: Matt Walsh’s horribly depressing picture is on-the-nose, and IB is absolutely correct in her understanding of what we should do about it, and more importantly, why.

America, IB says, “is great because she is good.” The quote, to be fair, continues, “If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”


We now must contemplate recent decisions handed down(3a)  from the Supreme Court.

Here’s what I know about the absolutely silly decisions the Supreme Court handed down(3b)  in recent weeks.

About Obamacare — it’s not good — which the justices, in their misguidedness, saved from a messy death: they did it because they wanted to do good.

About “gay marriage,” — also not good — a ridiculous, silly notion in the first place, but one that had gained purchase on the American imagination, the justices, in their misguidedness, decreed that somewhere buried in the Constitution is a “right” to “gay marriage.” Again, they were wrong, tragically wrong — there is no such thing buried anywhere in the Constitution — but they were wrong because they wanted to do good.

They got both decisions very wrong.

Because of their decisions, more people than ever will be without healthcare. One word: rationing. The IPAB is a very real death panel. Yes, yes, yes, I know, It’s been de-funded. However, it requires only the next Democrat-controlled Congress to resurrect this human-crunching atrocity from its well-deserved grave.

Oh, people will have insurance, but they won’t be able to exercise it to obtain actual health care, and many will die absolutely needlessly.

As regards gays, the point is that homosexuality is an abnormality, and such things don’t travel alone. Abnormalities and neuroses travel with lots of friends and company. Hence, if you tell a gay person that his defect is normal, then you also allow the rest of his problems to go unaddressed.

Homosexuality is often called an “alternative lifestyle,” it’s not. It’s a “deathstyle(4). Homosexuals are way richer than normal Americans, but they die a whole lot earlier.

Still, the justices of the Supreme Court wanted to do good. They failed, and did bad.(5)  If that state of mind prevails over time, though  — the deep seated desire to do good, to do the right thing —  then America will work things out.

Doing good is like baseball. Even the best hitter ever — Ty Cobb — batted only .367 over his 24-year career in baseball. That meant that in any 1,000 at-bats, he failed 633 times. Yet people look at that .367 statistic in awe;  a statistic that in most fields of human endeavor would represent a record of dismal failure. They figure that nobody will ever achieve that over a career again.

We are imperfect beings, and even the very best among us fails utterly on a regular basis at being just plain ol’ good.

When was the last time, for example, you barked at your kids because you were tired from a long day at work? When was the last time you thought, then did or said, something you wish you hadn’t? For me the answer to that question, unfortunately, is rarely: “more than a week ago.” Sheesh! It ain’t easy being and doing good!

Furthermore, I recognize that gibbering baboons like ISIS might not wait for us to figure out what being decent and kind and good might actually be, and they will do all they can to plant a “pocket nuke” in New York City, and that would mean a fiery end for tens of millions — including me. However, there are a lot of things that are simply out of our control. 

I have what I call “the 10,000-year perspective.” It’s a variation on the phrase that John Maynard Keynes — one of history’s all-time great blithering idiots — used: “In the long run we are all dead.”

My perspective, however, suggests that for each of us it is vitally important how we get to the end of our days on earth. Because while time brings us all to the same place eventually, we don’t all arrive there in the same condition, or having lived the same life.

We’re not perfect people, but we need to do whatever we possibly can to be perfect people, all the while understanding that we can never be perfect people.

There’s no contradiction there. While we can’t ever be perfect, trying to be so — to imitate the life of Jesus — can give us the perspectives, the humility, that we need to make us ready to face our Creator on our  last day on Earth.

In summation: America is not a “perfect union” — very, very far from it, and there are plenty of signs that we’ve stopped even trying to be a perfect union. But there remain plenty of signs that we’re still trying to do the right thing. We’ll never get to perfection, because the only perfect man lived  2,000 years ago (and still lives, I might add! 🙂 ), but we’ll get it right some of the time.

The forces of good and decency have suffered a couple of important setbacks in recent weeks, but when was any struggle anything but a mix of exhilarating victories, crushing defeats, and bunches of stuff in-between?

One more rock-solid truism — have you ever noticed that your every accomplishment — you know, the ones you look back on that bring you joy, pride, happiness, and a real sense of personal accomplishment —  really brings you joy because of the process? Because of the struggle?

The best, most satisfaction-bringing accomplishments are all accompanied by huge struggle, and conflict, and heartache, and despair, and frequent defeats.

All that will make the coming victory even sweeter.

We’re not here to win the lottery; we’re here, as Americans, to offer freedom, liberation, peace, security, real hope(6) to all mankind. And we’re here to bring all that about by sacrificing, our lives our fortune, our sacred honor, by giving our  blood, toil, tears, and sweat, by being Americans; as we’ve always been; as we’ve always done. For the betterment of all mankind.

It’s simple, and all conscious people know it: The two greatest things to happen to the Earth are (1) the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and … (2) the United States of America. Every single minute of every single hour of every single day, in more than a century, the question on the lips of every single person in the world has been: How can I get to the United States of America?

If you’re American, be grateful.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Seriously. She hasn’t said or even hinted at anything that would be  actual news in years. What does anyone honestly think she’d say, in response to an actual question — notWhat’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” —  that would surprise anyone?

(2) – She’s not. She is “made news” to  coin a phrase. She’s accomplished nothing of any importance in her life. Oh, she’s been stuff, but when she was stuff, everything she did turned to poo poo.

(3) – I’m only flogging the stereotype here. My apologies for any slight to hillbillies, who’re several rungs up from the Clintons on the intelligence and character ladders.

(3a) – Don’t you hate that term? “Handed down?” Where, in a democracy, does that term ever become legitimate? In a “democracy,” things should be handed down only from the people.

(3b) – See note 3a, above.

(4) – Pat Buchanan coined this term, as far as I know.

(5) – Using “bad” here, as a noun.

(6) – Not the fake hope that people like Barack Obama offer. Their “hope” is something that will never be realized. As long as they convince you that you have hope, then they know that you won’t demand of them that they bring about the only thing that counts: the realization of hope. Jesus Christ, and America, still represent the very real possibility of hope realized. 

That’s hope. Real hope. The only hope worth having.

6 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the Passing Scene

  1. Great post. I read several spin off-ofs on “Thoughts from the Passing Scene” and really enjoy them. These words were just lovely, “Every single minute of every single hour of every single day, in more than a century, the question on the lips of every single person in the world has been: How can I get to the United States of America? If you’re American, be grateful.” Oh, Amen. Well said!

    Thanks for the mention and for the kind words, too. Walsh often annoys me, but it’s somewhat amusing because it’s such a female kind of annoyance, as in “Stop you darn whining man, and get up and fix the broken world for me. We haven’t got time for this defeatist nonsense, push those bones back where they belong, slap a bandaid on it, and get back to work.” 😉

    1. Thanks, IB. The positive mention was sincere. Your blog, your thinking and your writing are inspirational, gritty, clear-eyed and delightful.

      You’re absolutely right that it’s all well and good to point out what’s wrong, but then one needs to do one’s best to fix what’s wrong.

      And, there’s a final truth, as artaxes points out so well: America’s worth saving. That means that we have to set out to save her.

      I might throw out one more thought: we do need those who can list encyclopedically, what’s wrong with America, so we can correctly identify properly what to do about it.

      I think that your self-confessed petulance isn’t at all misplaced. If someone like Mr. Walsh is as good as he is at identifying all that’s wrong with us, surely he has some policy prescriptions.

      Furthermore, surely he’s found a lot that’s really, really right as well. I don’t need, necessarily a ” balanced picture,”: but a true one is essential, and, as you so eloquently point out, it just ain’t all bad out there.


      — x

  2. Happy birthday USA.
    America the beautiful IS worth fighting for. She is whorthy of being defended.
    Of course, freedom needs to be even more defended in Europe.
    It’s time to stop complaining and start taking the offensive.
    We must go into the attack.
    I’d like to list some ideas on how to do this but I’m short on time.
    One of the things we ALL can do is to use the power that we have immediately.
    Even those who didn’t vote in past elections and will not vote because they don’t have faith in any of the parties/candidates in America as well as in Europe can use the power of their purse.
    Boycott all companies and persons that push the ‘progressive’ agenda and let them know that you are doing so.
    That goes also for the media. Hit them where it hurts: money.

    1. Many thanks, Ar! Like you, I believe that we on the right need to move on to active engagement with the left. When they do the insult thing, either hit them back harder or deride their comments in the harshest terms. Something like:
      Accusation: “Well you’re nothing but a [fill in sneering accusation here]”
      Response: “And you’re a child molester.” Let it hang for a bit, as it surely will, then say something like “If you can make moronic, baseless accusations, so can I.”


      Accusation: “Well you’re nothing but a [fill in sneering accusation here]”
      Response (rapid-fire to get it all out): “Wow, when did you become so crashingly stupid that you’re reduced to that kind of garbage insult? Did you ever get out of third grade? Who taught you that that was a valid argument? (looking over at moderator) Can you please try to find someone who’s not a complete idiot to sit where that moron’s sitting now?”

      And so on.

      We need to take back the language, and its use, as well.

      I agree with your other tactics too. It’s got to be an effort waged on many fronts if it will succeed.

      Furthermore, we’ve all but given up on the areas that we consider lost: academia, Hoillywood, pop culture, the dominant media. I say that we should take those back too. We’ve been making strides, but we need to be more aggressive.

      The left has one approach: the sneering insult meant to close down debate. The reason for that is simple: in almost no areas of life do they have a valid body of argumentation to draw upon to persuade people.

      Bottom line: we need never to take any more of the manure they dish out, and to throw it back in their faces. James O’Keefe has it right: if wealso shine the spotlight on them and on their emptiness, we can do this more quickly and effectively.

      Because, to echo your on-the-nose remarks, above: “America the beautiful IS worth fighting for. She is worthy of being defended.” and “Of course, freedom needs to be even more defended in Europe

      Just a brief moment on that last: it’s from Europe that the ideas came that we Americans sometimes try to usurp as our own. Yes, founding Americans did some really great stuff in the realm of socio-political theory, but it should never be forgotten that they built on an intellectual foundation laid down in Europe. Americans ended slavery in America, because of abolitionism which came from England. The very thought of not vesting all power in a single person came from England’s the great Magna Carta. And, an idea of democracy — rule by the people — came from ancient Greece, further developed by more “modern” 17th and 18th century thinkers.

      No other continent, save perhaps, Australia, which further supports the point, has had such a civilizing effect on the world in the history of humanity.

      Europe is so worth saving too, and not for only those reasons. The list is long: Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Thatcher, Churchill, Haydn, Vermeer, Shakespeare, and so many more.

      Other continents have produced greatness too, but none has ever brought forth the explosion of civilizing greatness in so many fields of endeavor, that we saw from Europe.


      — x

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