Possibly THE Single Best Summation…

… of socio-political reality, ever written, comes to us from Kevin Williamson of National Review.

It’s here.

This is the quote:

In the short term, the world runs on words; in the long term, the world runs on numbers.

It’s a great, a better, re-wording of that other great summation of socio-political life: “Reality is not optional.”

Wouldn’t be surprised if that came from Williamson as well. However, it appears to have come from parts unknown, and is claimed by both Conservatives and leftists.

We paraphrased another great summation of socio-political life in the world: Lady Thatcher’s “The facts of live are Conservative.” To which we tacked on, “…but society’s white noise is leftist.”

Again, we presume to re-write a great apophthegm. In addition to “Reality is not optional,” we’d propose the following truth: “Reality is Conservative.” Yes, yes, yes, I was considering the obvious: “Reality is right-wing” but that seemed so … political. “Conservative” adds in the “socio-” part.

Anyway, do yourself a bg favor and read the rest of Williamson’s column in National Review. As always, he is a great read, and as always, you will learn something, and as always, Williamson is one of the finest socio-political commentators in the world today.

— xPraetorius

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