My Goodness! Who Called THIS?!?

The headline: “Greek debt crisis: In Athens, scavenging from bins has become a way to survive

Why, we called it. Here, and here, and here, and here.

Well, to be fair, we noted it, and then publicly signaled, that it was happening. If you visit the links, search for the word “dumpster” on the page. A “bin” is a dumpster.

This is what socialism has brought to Greece. Socialism is always crowing about its commitment to “fairness” and “equality.” Greece is beginning to immerse itself in an “equality” of sorts. Let’s do a little “equality” thought exercise:

Imagine your society has 100 people. Niney-nine of the people have one dollar, and one person, the rich one, has $100. What do you, the socialist, do to bring about the “equality” plainly missing in your society? Well, the obvious answer is you “redistribute” the “rich” guy’s $100 so that everyone has $1.99. That’s the theory of socialism. Socialism makes no bones about the fact that it is not interested whatsoever in fostering an environment where you can achieve wealth, but rather in imposing equality.

There is no way to take any society that has measurable inequality and bring about equality, without impoverishing everyone.

That’s the theory, and socialists have never been reluctant to admit it. Socialism, as we’ve seen it implemented, though has always done it very differently.

The actual answer to the above hypothetical is that  the socialist takes the rich dude’s $100, kills him because he’s an enemy of the people, and institutes all sorts of laws so that no one can ever become a rich dude again. Except him. But, you see, he’s not really rich, he’s a “public servant.”

Do you love equality too? Well, socialism is all about “equality,” and socialists won’t be content until everyone, equally, is scrabbling about in dumpsters for their next meal … to survive. You don’t live under socialism, as the Greeks are demonstrating. If you’re lucky, you survive.

— xPraetorius

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