Just Heard A Commercial

It was for one of those dating sites. It was here. Or: blackpeoplemeet.com.

Now, do I really need to pose the rhetorical question: what would happen to a web site called whitepeoplemeet.com?


For the record, I’m not really suggesting there’s anything wrong with blackpeoplemeet.com. If there’s a market, then go get it! Is it a market based on racism? Not necessarily, but it’s a sure thing that a sizable portion of members of the site are racists. After all, there’s no race restriction at any of the other big sites, like eharmony.com, and match.com, and christianmingle.com and the others.

Therefore, it’s a sure thing that at least some of those signing up for blackpeoplemeet.com are there because of it’s exclusionary name and basic premise.

For the record, I did check. There is no web site at whitepeoplemeet.com. As it turns out, the owner of match.com is also the owner of both blackpeoplemeet.com and whitepeoplemeet.com. How funny is that?

Based on the frequency with which I see commercials for match.com — and soon, I guess, blackpeoplemeet.com — on the television, I have to figure that at least match.com is doing very well. It’s telling that, at least until now, they would feel ready, willing or able, or all three, to launch only blackpeoplemeet.com.

Do you know what anti-miscegenation is? It’s opposition to inter-racial marriage. There used to be laws in these United States forbidding marriage between a white and black man and woman. At the insistence of indignant members of the Civil Rights movement, in 1968, the American Supreme Court, struck down those ridiculous laws as unconstitutional.

I’ve spent considerable time studying the web presence of the Race Grievance Industry in America. It’s absolutely remarkable the extent to which the RGI has taken on all the characteristics of 1950’s white America, that they so loudly and publicly condemned as unspeakably evil in the past. Open, unsubtle racism, anti-miscegenation… these are now the province of the Race Grievance Industry, populated by black Americans and white liberals.

Nowadays, American leftists are all about being sure that gays can marry, but they’ll be darned if they’ll approve of marriage between black and white people.

Blacks in the RGI don’t like intermarriage because it threatens their ability to communicate their racism to the future. It’s hard for a black person to suggest to children that all whites are racists if their mommy or daddy is white.

White liberals don’t like intermarriage, because blacks are a monolith in terms of their voting habits, and the myth of rampant white racism is why. Chip away at that myth, and you chip away at the blind loyalty that blacks have delivered to the undeserving and deeply racist Democrat Party for decades now.

The ongoing browning of America represents a threat to black racists and racist white liberals.

We’ve come a long way, baby… only to return to the bad old days of 1960’s America, where the Democrats rule the land, and are doing their level best to keep black Americans down and docile… and voting Democrat.

— xPraetorius

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