What Andrew Young Said

It was: “Ninety-three percent of black people are killed… by other black people. So if ‘black lives matter’ then we have to start telling ourselves that our lives matter.”

Andrew Young is a black man; a liberal in good standing, who just said that — yesterday, I think — and people will listen or they will not, but what he said was true.

I said the very same thing, and I said it a long, long time ago. And I said it a lot.

But I was called a racist, and I was told to shut up, and I was told I was a liar, and stupid, and ignorant and uneducated and lacking in experience, perception, integrity, honesty. I was called evil, and it was said, indirectly, that those calling me all those things hoped that I would die gruesomely.

I was called all that by the Race Grievance Industry in various threads on various blogs.

What do you say now?

— xPraetorius

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