Grievance Privilege

After the Supreme Court’s “gay marriage” ruling, I heard at least three features by gushing national and local media, interviewing people who were gobsmacked by the rapidity with which they had won it all.

Each of the interviewees seemed a bit dazed in their answers.

The questions were things like, “You’re going to have to find a new job,” and “How are you going to make a living now?” The answers were things like, “Yeah, I guess so.” And, “Uhhhhh…not sure. ”

By the fourth feature, the Gay Grievance Goons had regained their footing, and were all about the next grievances they would use to “make a living.” After all, there’s still rampant discrimination out there, you see. It’s just everywhere… whether it is or not.

And that brings me to my point. For every single man, woman and child born today — except for those who look like me — there’s a vast, sprawling industry out there into which each such child can plug his or her life and expect to prosper.

If you’re a black child, then you can spend your life talking, thinking, ranting, screaming, raging, teaching, writing, whining, complaining, protesting, bloviating or making movies and documentaries about just how awful it is to be black in America. And all from the comfort of your really big house in your tony gated community.

If you’re a Hispanic child, same thing. You can help organize “pride parades,” work with “La Raza” (The Race)(1), organize protests against the anti-immigrants, and a thousand other activities that brain-dead rich lefties will fund.

Are you gay? You won the lottery! Despite the fact that your particular grievance group is one of the richest in the country, you can whine ( really whine!) and sob, and wax righteous about the sheer unfairness of the fact that so many recognize your abnormality as, well, abnormal.

Are you a muslim? Put on a silly little skull cap, and a sheet (how ironic!) and start whining about some non-existent “backlash” after 9/11. A “backlash” in which no muslim has been hurt, or even vaguely pressed, on the fact that the psychotic, gibbering goons who perpetrated the atrocities of 9/11, did so in the name of islam.

I know I told you at top that we white dudes were foreclosed from all that nice favoritism and privilege that you get solely by virtue of the accident of your birth. Not entirely true: You can get over the natural eeeeewwww factor that normal people experience, and call yourself gay.

Or, you can look past the atrocities and the crimes against humanity and call yourself a muslim.

After all, if you’re white and male, and you just want to sit back in your gated community and partake of the rights, power and prestige — the privilege — that comes with being born a certain way that’s not white or male, then you have to be ready to give up your integrity, honor and dignity.

If you call yourself gay, you have to be ready to accept that other people think you do really weird things — with your private parts; that you play with odd implements, fruits, vegetables, light bulbs, and occasionally small mammals — and your private parts; that, if you’re a man, you consider the southern end of your digestive system to be a valid locale for the northern end of another dude’s reproductive system.

If you call yourself a muslim, well you have to look past the fact that any sane, normal people will consider you a gibbering baboon. But, then, when you decide to join the fabulously rich American Grievance Industry, you’re not directing your message at normal people, you’re dealing with leftists.

In America today, we’ve turned the old pop ditty on its head:

You’re nobody ’til somebody hates you

You’re nobody ’til somebody doesn’t care

You’re nobody ’til somebody hates you

so find yourself somebody to hate. (and make a fine living)

Well, there’s always the plain ol’ normal, Christian, white dude, who just gets up every morning, never hurts anybody, works hard, actually makes things, comes home to his family, tucks them into bed, and sinks exhausted into his own bed. Only to do it all over again tomorrow. Blame it all on him — for whatever.  He’s got no time to defend himself, and it’s sure worked in the past!

— xPraetorius


(1) – Did they really call it that?!? That wasn’t telegraphing your intent at all, was it?!?


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