All Due Respect, Mr. President, You’re an Idiot.

“We’re not cured of racism,” said President Obama, “it’s in our DNA.”

Nope. Wrong.

It’s not in my DNA, and your dirty, rotten, disgusting accusations have nothing to do with my family, or with my friends or any of my friends’ families…or with any of the vast majority of white families in America. Read this well, Mr. President, you bozo: we did defeat racism. Utterly and completely.

Is it gone completely from this country? No. But to defeat something completely, you don’t have to eradicate it from existence. It’s a state of mind. You can’t kill a state of mind, but you can make it so utterly outside the pale that no one dares to show it. In so doing, you defeat it. Completely. That’s what we did, Mr. President.(1)

Racism is not “in our DNA,” you blithering nitwit. It is, or it is not… taught. And in vast, overwhelming tsunamis of numbers, racism has not been taught to kids, by parents, by teachers, by friends’ and neighbors’ parents… by anyone. For generations. Why would I have to tell this to someone who pretends to be qualified to be the President of the United States? Are you that ignorant that you didn’t know this? This is not rocket science.

Or is there something much worse at work here? Did you really know it all along, but realize that you could flog the dead horse of white racism some more, and fool enough people to obtain power?

Frankly, I suspect as much.

Contrary to my headline, I’m not certain that you’re an idiot, Mr. President. You show that you’re an idiot, and the things you say are transparently moronic (remember how you said that the waters would stop rising if you became President?), but I think you regularly bank on the premise that you can say the most jaw-droppingly stupid things and people will simply let them pass because of the color of your skin.

Ironically, thereby proving my point. Maybe you’re not an idiot, Mr. President, but at best you’re a fraud.

We white Americans defeated racism in our ranks, Mr. President. Not only that, we defeated it in a tad more than a generation. Decades ago, we looked back at our behavior toward black Americans, and found it wanting, and we stopped it, and we defeated the state of mind that caused it.

Are there outliers? Of course there are. Are there still racists? Of course there are. But, the proof of what I say is in the shock and dismay with which everyone in the country greeted the terrible news from South Carolina. There were no exceptions.

The proof of what I say is in the ostracism that greets everyone and anyone, no exceptions, who shows himself to possess any animus whatsoever, no matter how mild, against black people. Go ahead, test my hypothesis.  I dare you, but you won’t, because you race addicts are cowards too.

Mr. President, it’s racialist hucksters and fraudsters like you, who keep the fires of racial hatred burning, and that’s simply despicable behavior on your part. You should be deeply ashamed. More than that, you owe me, and millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of good, decent Americans an apology for your loathsome accusation.

We’re sick and tired of being falsely accused of this — again and again and again and again and again — by clueless cretins like you. How would you feel if someone were to accuse all black people of being murderers or thieves or rapists or muggers based on the acts of one psychotic, or of a few psychotics?

I happen to know it would tick you off, since it’s a major faked complaint of today’s Race Grievance Industry.

It’s racialist frauds like you, Mr.President, and the rest of the Race Grievance Industry — who pretend that the acts of a lone psychotic can be extended to indict 190 million other white Americans — who keep racial hatred alive.

For your repugnant accusations, you owe the vast majority of 190 million white Americans, who are grieving as sincerely as anyone in the world for South Carolina, a sincere and humble apology. You owe the rest of America an apology for contributing to the continuation of racial hatred, based on the myth of widespread white racism in America.

I won’t count on it, though. You’re a Democrat, after all. The leadership of the Democrat Party is hopelessly corrupt — has been for decades. The moment you learned of this shooting, the first thought in your head, and in the head of every Democrat politician in America  was: “How can I use this to advance [fill in political agenda here]?”(2)

— xPraetorius


(1) – Don’t forget, there are constitutional considerations here. Racism may be a disreputable thing, but it is legal. I think that most Americans would prefer that it remain legal too.

(2) – Don’t laugh: this was how all prominent Democrats greeted the news of 9/11. The documentary proof is coming out slowly but surely. The scariest thing Democrats ever heard was: “The NSA has everyone’s e-mails since 1990.”

5 thoughts on “All Due Respect, Mr. President, You’re an Idiot.

  1. Beautiful! When I heard those words, “it’s in your DNA,” I thought well, perhaps it’s in yours, but my DNA has a couple of swedes in the woodpile and likely a few indentured servants, too. Irish potato famine? Chinese laborers building the railroad? WTH, Mr President, you’re the only one that grew up on easy street here! The rest of America comes from some hardy stock.

    Racism is a state of mind and there may well be some outliers out there. There are also people who hate Christmas and pink ice cream. Oh well. But there is nothing quite like having the leader of the free world, flying over the ghetto in his private jet, lecturing people about their alleged oppressive nature.

  2. Lol! And in two short paragraphs, you said better than I just what I was trying to say!

    IB, you are a regular inspiration, and your ability to say in 100 words, that for which I need 1,000, is just wonderful!

    You are major league, and you are world class. Have you looked for a syndicator? You should be national!


    — x

  3. To be fair to the president, he probably meant racism is in our national DNA. It goes to prove that no matter how hard you try to prove you’re not a racist, you’re still a racist. That’s why you never budge on anything when fighting these punks in public, even if it’s something you emotionally or intellectually hanker for.

    It also proves how desperate liberals are to keep that race card in their back pocket. They may not play with a full deck, but they have plenty of aces in the hole to use against us.

    By the way, so is the Confederate flag and the Civil War part of our national DNA, and it’s foolish to try to sweep it away like some massive Ministry of Truth ret-con, as liberals are wont to do with their newly tapped spirit of iconoclasm.

    1. Very well said, Mr. Dooley! Truly good point. Altruism, generosity, deep compassion, intelligence, mercy, great big-heartedness, are all in our DNA too.

      Those characteristics have been there since well before the truly revolutionary founding documents on which this country is based were written. Else they couldn’t have been written.


      — x

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