Some Thoughts on the Murders in South Carolina

  • Christians covered the ugliness of murder with the healing balm of forgiveness. That was an act of indescribable beauty.

Now to the seamier side of the reactions to this terrible thing.

  • Black lives matter. For good or ill, they matter more than other lives in America. Condemnation of this terrible incident and of its perpetrator were unanimous. However, if this terrible incident had been racially reversed, if a black man had murdered nine white people in a church, the left would have fallen all over themselves to search for “root causes,” to place blame on Conservatives for the depraved acts of a deranged madman. How do I know this? They do it all the time now. When the media forget about this horrible incident, as they will in a week or so, we’ll still be left with the depressing fact that black Americans continue to kill each other at a far greater rate than the South Carolina psychotic could even dream of. They’ve been doing it for years, and the left-wing media have ignored it for just as long. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Just not to the American left.
  • The left rushed to blame Conservatives for the ugliness in South Carolina, but if any political tendency contributed to Roof’s acts, it is the American left, whose efforts and words goaded Roof to his act. How’s that you say? Well, all accounts say that the shooter said something about how “you rape our women and are taking over our country.” But, who is it who infantilizes black Americans? Who excuses anything and everything that black criminals do when they do it, insisting that we look to causes other than a real person acting badly? Whose policies have annihilated the black family inevitably producing crushing dependence on state services? Whose rhetoric has told black Americans that they are not responsible for their own failures, or their own acts, but rather it is white people’s racism holding them back? Whose rhetoric and policies have thereby relentlessly stoked racial hatred for decades? Whose doctrines have owned American cities for decades and transformed them into hellholes and war zones? Read this well: there is not a single Conservative commentator, or FOX news personality who has ever advocated the racist policies of the left, who has ever suggested anything that could possibly be construed as supporting the idea that black Americans are “raping our women and taking over our country.” Ever. Know how I know that? Simple. Think about it. If such a personality had ever even come close to saying such a thing, it would instantly become headlines in all the left-wing media. There have never been such headlines, only constant innuendo and unsubstantiated slanders. Therefore, you can know perfectly well that the American right has never advanced these messages. Therefore these messages are coming from the left. Read this well too: If Dylann Roof somehow “got” messages that black people are “raping our women and taking our country” he got them from the left. You and I both know this.
  • In that light, someone tried to advance the idea that young Roof is a Republican. Really? When was the last time you ever got the impression that the Republican Party was the party of American white trash like Roof? The party of the low-lifes and the low-functioning, of the uneducated and the undereducated, of the whiners and the snivelers, of the failures and the losers-looking-for-an-excuse-for-their-failure is, obviously, not the Republican Party. The losers can become Republicans when they grow up, and recognize that America is the land of opportunity, and that there’s no reason for anyone of any background whatsoever to fail in America except if he simply doesn’t try. It is the American left doing its level best to convince black Americans that they just can’t make it so there’s no point in even trying, and all that remains for them is to seethe in resentment and to demand free stuff and, oh yes … vote Democrat.
  • There is only one message one can derive from this: The American left do not mind it when black people die. After all, why let a good tragedy go to waste, right? It’s worth repeating: The American left do not mind it when black people die.
  • The only people sticking up for black people — in poverty, in the cities, in distress, in despair — are Conservatives. We Conservatives have always treated black Americans like real people, like people-in-full. Like people fully endowed with all the characteristics, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the rights and responsibilties, of real human beings.
  • Needless to say, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton leaped to make it all political. It reminded me of this. This is a characteristic of the American left: they view everything through one lens: “How can this thing, whatever it is, contribute to my/our taking/keeping power?”

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the Murders in South Carolina

  1. Wasn’t that Christian response beautiful to witness? In the midst of grief and tragedy, and shark infested waters full of people with agendas, there was the love of Christ in action, bringing order to the chaos, calming that storm.

    As to the left and the social justice people, yes,my facebook feed is still full of people trying to pour fuel on the fire, gun control, racism, mental health, vote for me, send me money. Sheesh.

  2. Yep. You said it, IB. I’m a big, big dude, and it immediately brought tears to my eyes. Such beauty can be in our lives if we allow it.

    I remember a story a few years back in which a lady talked a young gunman out of doing what he had originally planned to do with his gun, but speaking of Christ’s love and of His mercy. She made the news for a day or two, and then it faded, but life is full of such beauty if we open our eyes to it. It stands in such stark contrast to the other stuff; the soul-degrading ambition, the scheming, the greed, envy, pride and hatred. The beauty makes those other things appear as they are: worthless, ugly, corrosive parts of life.


    — x

  3. Another angle: The rush to place this event in the context of race only, before we had any clue to motives, was breathtaking. No one on the left will ever describe the incident this way: “A man walked into a church and killed nine Christians.” Nor will we ever hear that he had “hate” for religious people.

  4. So true, MB!

    That’s not the narrative they’re searching for, so even if it absolutely were the stated reason for the act, the left and the media would report it something like this: “The shooter said he was there to kill some Christians, but he chose a black church. Some are suggesting that the motivation was really racial.”

    Then, they’d find someone in the Race Grievance Industry to say that, yes, the shooter’s motives were racial, no question about it.

    Or, more to the point, if they couldn’t find a white racism racial angle, they’d ignore the incident entirely, or simply report on it for a day or two, and let it drop.

    This incident is tailor-made for the RGI and the media to fixate on for months, even though it really says nothing whatsoever about the country as a whole. It says a lot about one psychotic and his whacked-out ideas, but that’s it, and that’s enough to fixate the media for the aforementioned months.

    It remains true that the RGI and the media would turn a lawn-mowing into a racial incident if they could.


    — x

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