We Were Really Prescient!

In this post: Boy, did we call it!!!

That’s where we said things like:

Obama has declared that a decade’s worth of wars is coming to an end. He’s referring, of course, to American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, where George W. Bush gave more than sixty-million people the opportunity to lead significantly better lives…and Obama is considering turning those countries back over to the previous owners.

That was nearly two and a half years ago, and what has happened since then? How’s Iraq doing?

Obama has said a simple truth, but he used it either stupidly or dishonestly. He’d said that, at some point, the Iraqis have to take care of themselves. That’s the truth. A companion truth, however, is that a people can do that only when they’re ready to.

After World War II, the same assertion was also true: The Germans and Japanese, after being devastated by the war, needed to be able to take care of themselves too. And so they did.

But how? Simple: after the war, Japan benefited from one crucial thing: a period of time during which General Douglas MacArthur served as a benevolent governor giving the Japanese the experience of democracy, as well as one other crucial element: a fine Constitution.(1) MacArthur is revered to this day in Japan.

All these elements made it possible for the Japanese to learn to live under democracy.

Likewise in Germany after the war. A benevolent occupation, as well as conspicuous assistance from one-time enemy America resulted in the German people’s embrace of democracy.

American follow-through after the war caused Germany and Japan to become two of the most stable, prosperous, free, dynamic countries in the history of the world!(2)

We did one more thing for Germany and Japan that we failed to do in Iraq: we established a protective umbrella over both countries that allowed them to have real confidence that they could re-build in security. We did this with solid alliances as well as a strong military/administrative presence in the country. Looking back at the geopolitical map of the day, it was plainly in America’s vital national interests to do so.

Looking today at the map of the Middle East, how on earth did anyone in Washington fail to recognize how vital a stable, friendly, democratic, prosperous Iraq is? That was a blunder of such massive proportions that its repercussions will smash through day-to-day America for decades.

Because Obama — against the advice of just about everyone — abandoned Iraq to savages like ISIS, the entire region risks becoming a massive base for psychotic lunatics screaming “Allahu Akbar!” as they murder as many millions as they can.

It makes the question: “Has Obama doomed millions of New Yorkers?” particularly urgent. It’s even more vital that people as short-sighted, as naive, ill-informed, dogmatic, dishonest, narrow-minded and, simply, unintelligent, as Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, not have real input to determining the answer to the question.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Here’s the Wikipedia entry on the Japanese Constitution:

In 1946, MacArthur’s staff drafted a new constitution that renounced war and stripped the Emperor of his military authority. The constitution—which became effective on 3 May 1947—instituted a parliamentary system of government, under which the Emperor acted only on the advice of his ministers. It included the famous Article 9, which outlawed belligerency as an instrument of state policy and the maintenance of a standing army. The constitution also enfranchised women, guaranteed fundamental human rights, outlawed racial discrimination, strengthened the powers of Parliament and the Cabinet, and decentralized the police and local government.[230]

(2) – A funny book and movie — The Mouse That Roared — came out after World War II. In the book, the leadership of the tiny country of Grand Fenwick decides that the best way to obtain prosperity is to declare war on the United States, surrender quickly, then bask in the vast American aid that would come their way.



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