The Left Argue Against Themselves

In one’s blogging life, one tries to learn — and learn, and learn and learn. It’s what keeps the blog posts coming. One thing, though, has stuck with me from nearly the very beginning of my conscious life.

It’s something that I’ve wondered about since I was very young. It stood out to me like the proverbial sore thumb when I was growing up. And no one seemed to notice it. It was such a sore thumb-like thing that for years I figured simply that I was wrong, or missing something.


I wasn’t missing anything.

Here’s what stuck out like a sore thumb for my much younger self: In the 1960’s, we were treated to the spectacle of thousands and thousands of demonstrators screaming at the top of their lungs about how horrible and oppressive America was.

I wondered at that. Surely, I thought, an oppressive country wouldn’t allow anyone to yell so loudly and publicly about how oppressive the country was. The shrieks about American oppression stood out in really stark contrast to how the most innocuous of protesters were treated elsewhere in the world.

In the Soviet Union, for example, the mildest reaction by the government was to throw any dissenters into an insane asylum.

In the then Soviet Union and Red China, protest usually meant death or disappearance into a people-munching gulag. In countries throughout the world, protesters could count on severe consequences if arrested. But not in America.

Protesters in America, in the 1960’s, could count on sleeping safely and securely in their own beds after a busy day of protesting against American “oppression.”

I’ve come up with several reasons for this really strange contradiction:

  • The protesters were really ignorant and stupid.
  • The protesters counted on the ignorance or indifference of the American people.
  • The protesters counted on the ignorance or indifference of the American media.
  • The protesters counted on the active, knowing assistance of the American media.
  • The protesters counted on states-of-mind like my own – recognizing the contradiction, but figuring that we were simply missing something.
  • Variations of the “Big Lie” theory.

And finally, my conclusion:

  • All of the above.

Well, if I’m right, then there should be a lot of Big Lies floating around out there. We should be able to spot them pretty easily if they’re as obvious as the one I discerned in my childhood days.

It turns out that there are such Big Lies floating around out there. Each of these Big Lies should be debunkable pretty simply, by an assertion similar to the one I proposed above: “An oppressive country would never allow people to proclaim publicly how oppressive the country is.”

An important note about these convincing debunking arguments: They do not involve statistics and studies and articles, and books. They involve what I call thought exercises. Each assertion by someone automatically spawns other conclusions: So, for example, in an oppressive country, you should not be able to hear of people protesting against oppression. Simple as that.

We Conservatives should be able to arm ourselves with these debunking thoughts, and challenge the left to answer to them. Something like: “Go ahead, you tell me how it is that in this so-called oppressive country, you’re allowed to holler at the top of your lungs about just how oppressive it is, without the slightest fear of negative repercussions!”

There is no answer to that, which doesn’t involve wild conspiracy theories like, “Well, they do that to placate the masses and vent off steam.” The answer to that is simple as well: “We call a country that placates the masses and allows them to blow off steam a ‘free country’.” You could follow that up with something like: “Go ahead, just try to ‘vent some steam’ in North Korea, or China, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or Vietnam or Saudi Arabia, or Iran…etc.” but it would be almost unfair.

Each of the Big Lies out there has such devastating counter-arguments for which, generally, there is not a response. Some Big Lies have many such counters. Here are some possible examples:

Big Lie

Counter Argument

America is an oppressive country Debunking thought: No oppressive country allows anyone to claim publicly that it is an oppressive country
America is a racist country Debunking thought: No racist country allows anyone to claim publicly that it is a racist country
America is a racist country Debunking thought: No one from the races complaining about “racism” is trying to leave the country. To the contrary, people of the same race are trying desperately to get into America.
Capitalism is unfair! It leaves people behind. Debunking thought: There are no mass movements trying to get into any socialist countries. There never have been any such movements. Supporting fact: The only countries ever to enjoy long periods of prosperity and to take care of the poor are capitalist countries.
Capitalism is unfair! It leaves people behind. Debunking thought: Shouldn’t a fair country foster the economic dynamism that allows all the people, in whose names socialists always claim to speak, to prosper? Yet, how would such a country do that, without allowing the people real economic freedom? Supporting facts: No socialist country has ever had a successful economy. China is not an exception. It was the introduction of capitalism that launched their rise to the status of world economic leader. Before that, as a communist country, China was an economic basket case groaning under a murderous, bloody, truly oppressive régime. Even more to the point, those capitalist countries that have introduced progressive, creeping socialism have all begun to decline at precisely the same time as they have made the reforms.
Abortion: it’s my body, it’s my choice. Debunking thought: What if “it” is a baby? Supporting fact: Science is fast turning the very idea of abortion into a stomach-churning thought.

Those are just a few off the top of my head. They need some vigorous wordsmithing but you get the idea. There are more; many, many more.

Like the “oppressive America” fabrication, the other tenets of the American left are almost always debunkable at a very basic level, as demonstrated above. Yet, we  Conservatives tend to try to argue against them with complexity; with statistics, studies, graphs and charts and all that. While these things all have their place, they represent an effort to overthink things, and that springs the trap that the left sets: No one can beat them in a war of words, because they’re the ultimate demagogues. They have no real arguments, but no one can beat the left for the ability to produce a veritable blizzard of weasel words and high-sounding, noble-seeming blather in support of mountains of substanceless flapdoodle and hogwash.

— xPraetorius


4 thoughts on “The Left Argue Against Themselves

  1. Great post!

    A while back there was a guy in Oregon that was standing on a street corner with a sign that said, “America is a fascist country.” It was so incongruent it was somewhat amusing. Fascists of course, aren’t big fans of free speech, your right to gather, or to protest. If America was genuinely fascist, that guy would not exist at all. That truth of that reality apparently eluded him.

  2. Thanks, IB!

    The thing I most wondered about was why we Conservatives never took advantage of the really glaring contradictions on the left, and relentlessly posed the simple questions, such as “Well if that’s the case, then how come…”

    That would have left most leftists stammering in confusion, or trying to make absurd arguments about how the so-called fascist country could still be fascist and allow the guy on the corner to display his sign.

    We have to stop debating with the left on the turf of their choosing.


    — x

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