The Breathtaking Dishonesty of the RGI (Part II)

In this post, I pointed out the fundamental dishonesty of the Race Grievance Industry. In that column, I had this passage:

“My prob w/ #Transracial: Black folk cant decide to be white when the cops raid their pool party. But a white woman can be NAACP president.” [This is glib, but irrelevant, and a false analogy. This is Abagond’s lie. Or, the lie that he passes along, that, presumably, he knows is a lie. The “pool party” was really a brawl that resulted when a bunch of kids invaded a private pool where they were not allowed. When asked to leave, the youngsters refused and a brawl broke out, resulting in the infamous video of now ex-Corporal Casebolt restraining the black girl.]

The initial part, in black font, was from a piece in Abagond’s blog that I was critiquing. The part in red font was the beginning of my response to the quote. It was the part that dealt with ex-Corporal Casebolt and the alleged “pool party.”

I left out a really important point: If the girl in whose back Casebolt rested his knee had been white, we’d never have heard a single thing about the incident, and Casebolt would still be gainfully employed as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Think what you will about the incident, and whether or not Casebolt used excessive force, but his real “crime” was in using any force at all against a black girl.

It’s worth repeating: had the girl been white, we never would have heard a thing about the incident, even with the existence of the video.

Interpret that as you will, but one thing ought to be quite clear: the country has no general hostility toward black people at all, but rather is hyper-sensitive to be sure to treat all black Americans with fairness and solicitude. In other words, the “Black Lives Matter” movement got it wrong. America has long felt that black lives matter more than others.

— xPraetorius

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