NPR Watch (6/10/15) (Part II)

Leave it to the great Mark Steyn to say what we said, only better. Mark Steyn could write about paint drying and it would be the best thing you could read that day; possibly that entire month, with the only thing topping it being the next thing he writes.

Here, Steyn writes about what we covered here. The entire column is worth reading, but Steyn begins his discourse on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) books cooking about half-way down with this delicious intro paragraph:

But no, just in time for the conference, Big Climate has announced it’s business as usual: The warm-mongers have declared that there is, in fact, no warming “pause”, no “hiatus”. Sure, the thermometers said the whole planet-broiling thing from the mid Nineties has ground to a halt – but that was before NOAA “adjusted” its figures. And, as I said on Rush, NOAA’s are the most dramatically adjusted figures since, well, Caitlyn Jenner’s(1) three days earlier. Be that as it may, Judith Curry is not impressed.

He then goes on to say that even the media, already long-time water-carriers for the global warming hoaxsters, were less than impressed by NOAA’s rather transparent attempt to change history.

Just a bit later, Steyn quotes another global warming skeptic, Anthony Watts of  the owner of, who says:

“In the business and trading world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data.”


Every billion dollars taken out of your pockets and mine to “fight climate change” is a billion dollars stolen from us, then wasted not on a worthy cause, but on making a bunch of lying, dirtbag, fraudster leftists(1) rich.



(1) – Only Mark Steyn could make a reference to Caitlyn Jenner in the context of a global warming piece. And it’s perfect! Steyn could tie the Three Stooges with global warming and it would work. Oh, wait…too late.

(2) -The qualifiers are probably unnecessary. They’re a bit like saying “some rich, wealthy, affluent billionaires.” I left ’em in for the cathartic effect they have on me. I hope you’ll pardon the indulgence.


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