Climate Change Hogwash

Today’s hysterics concerning “Climate Change” are just that hysterics. Hysterics being bandied about by ignorant climate ignoramuses. (Ignorami?)

Did you know, for example (Some inline comments in [red] as well):

  • Ice ages last for tens of millions of years. We don’t know how many there have been. Our planet is 4½ billion years old; we only have clear evidence of ice ages for the last billion years, in which time there have been four ice ages, covering a total of one-third of a billion years. In its “normal” condition—the other two-thirds—the Earth is ice-free all the way up to the poles. [Our note: That’s worth repeating: “In its ‘normal’ condition … the Earth is ice-free all the way up to the poles.”]
  • The present ice age started around 2½ million years ago. Our best guess is that it’ll continue for several million years more.
  • Wait, the “present Ice Age?” [Yep. The present Ice Age. We are currently in an Ice Age. The source (each link goes to the same piece) goes on to say:]

(When people say “ice age” they are generally referring to the last glaciation, which peaked around 20,000 B.C. and ended about 10,000 B.C.  Hearing “ice age” thus misused when the speaker means “glaciation” is so common it’s not worth correcting, like hearing concert music called “classical music.” It does, though, tell you that the speaker’s grip on climatology is less than firm.)

How about this:

Wow! I didn’t know that last tidbit! I did know that where I live, in Connecticut, it’s said (though , in honesty, I’m not sure how they know this) that the area was covered with an ice sheet a mile thick!

Then there’s this:

  • If we did do anything the effect would likely be puny compared to, say, a single major volcanic eruption. Mother Nature laughs at our climate change fretting(1).

Do yourself a favor and read the column at this link. It gives you the rest that I left out.

Bottom line: the current “science” pertaining to “Climate Change” is junk, and our puny thrashings about are like unto the agitations of a flea on the hide of a rhinoceros. As regards “the Climate” or “the Environment,” there’s only one rational conclusion to draw: Clean up after yourself, and the rest — at least as far as our technological capabilities are concerned — is up to God.

If we were to take that tack, then there is no doubt that we’d re-focus our efforts to the single greatest possible contribution we could make to keeping the planet as clean as possible: the elimination of Socialism and Islam.

— xPraetorius


(1) – We have mentioned this in the past. Here: Climate Change? That’s ALL It Does! for example. We published that almost four years ago, in November of 2011. Here’s our quote:

“I still have memories of the breathtaking sunsets that resulted for months after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines halfway around the world in 1991. As we marveled at the splashy beauty in those dust- and ash-fueled crepsucular hours, we understood how tiny is our effect on the world when compared with the insouciant might of Mother Nature.”

Kinda makes you wonder whether powerful, influential people read this blog, eh?



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