Wayfaring Stranger.

It’s a beautiful old song, and not all that difficult on the guitar, which makes the vocals all the more important.

I’m a deep baritone, nearly a bass. I played and sang it for my son last night. He’s 14 years old, and is 6’4″ tall, and has a glorious, smooth, velvety baritone voice — even at 14-years of age! — that, if he were to allow it to bring him where it might lead, could turn him into the next Thomas Allen or Bryn Terfyl.

When I had finished, he said, “Dad, that was just beautiful.” He melts my heart like that often. I can’t say enough sweet, complimentary, positive, upbeat things about my son, but I’ll keep trying, and they’re all true.

The above-linked version is by the absolutely delightful Quebe Sisters (pr.: “Kway-bee”).

If that isn’t something to give you hope — three beautiful young girls with beautiful voices and beautiful harmonies, singing beautifully — then there is nothing that will give you hope in the world today.

Look around you — there’s just so much that’s just drop-you-to-your-knees-in-awe beautiful, that not to recognize and acknowledge it, is an act of criminality at an existential level!

— xPraetorius



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