D-Day — Take a Moment

Sweet, true story for today, D-Day, 2015.

When we think of all that we have to put up with in Obama’s America today — and it’s not small — we sometimes forget that there were those who invaded the beaches of Normandy, France 71 years ago today.

These great men threw themselves into the very jaws of death in order that you and I might grumble and grouse on the internet today. Only, they didn’t even know it. But they did it, and it is meet and right that we should never ever, ever lose a moment to thank them, if only in our hearts and minds (don’t worry — God knows!) and in our prayers.

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Take a moment for a brief story.

Twelve years ago or so.

My then six-year old daughter hurt her arm in a fall while I was teaching her to ride her bike. I brought her to the emergency room where we ended up waiting quite a while before anyone could examine her.

During that wait time, we sat in a small side  room with an elderly man. I struck up a conversation with Mr. Callahan, as it turns out his name was.

I asked him why he was there. He said that the Veteran’s Administration had his records, and they needed to send them over to the hospital where we were, in order for them to address his problem, whatever it was.

I asked him in what branch of the service he had served. Mr. Callahan answered that he had been in the army.

I asked him when he had been…

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