A Point of Language

Back in ’92 when Bill Clinton won the presidential election, Bill and Hillary were known as “Billary.” The combination was obvious. Swap the “H” in Hillary’s name for a “B” and make the “ill” do double-duty, and you have the perfect nickname for the so-called “two-for-the-price-of-one” couple.

The reason for “Billary,” though was that Bill was the senior partner of the team. While, everyone was calling it “Two for the price of one,” it was plain who was the top hound dog of the duo and that was Bill. Hence: “Billary.”

However, the roles are reversed now. Hillary is the one the Democrats are clamoring to put into the White House as the most powerful person (no longer man) in the world. Hillary’s the pre-eminent pooch(1) of this power two-pack, so the only proper nickname for the duo is: “Hill-Billy.”

Anything else would be just plain sexist, and we can’t have that, now can we?

— xPraretorius


(1) – No, there’ll be no use of the “B” word here.



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