NPR Watch (5/29/15)

I was listening to National Public Radio while driving home from work yesterday late afternoon. They did a feature, following up on one of that same morning, about Texas refusing to extend Medicare, and in so doing, foregoing about 100 billion Obamacare dollars “from the federal government.”

If the number 100 billion didn’t make you pause, then you haven’t been paying attention. However, later in the feature, we learn that it’s $100 billion over ten years.

Well, that’s a tad different.

The Texas budget is about $100 billion annually, so the original premise of the story would lead anyone to believe that Texans were being forced to go without the value of every penny of every dollar they were paying in taxes!


Still, ten cents of every tax dollar is a lot too.

But that’s not the whole of it. In the piece the NPR “reporter,” one Wade Goodwyn, kept telling about how it was only Texas Republicans paying close attention to political considerations that kept Texans from getting what should be their money.

Now, presumably these 100 billion dollars, or 10 billion dollars, whichever way you wish to think of  it, were dollars that Texas is sending to Washington in the first place.

Nowhere in the piece did NPR even hint at questioning the legitimacy of that. In other words, NPR accepted as perfectly okay the idea that Texans would send $10 billion every year to the central government, and not get one thin dime back.

And all because of Obamacare. How does that scenario not indict Obamacare as a catastrophe?

Nowhere in the piece either did NPR mention the possibility that Texas Republicans might actually have been acting on dearly held principles. Obamacare, after all, is not viewed favorably by all Americans. In point of fact, more than half of all Americans view Obamacare quite unfavorably. It’s perfectly reasonable that Texas Republicans might actually oppose Obamacare, and all the monies associated with it, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Imagine someone comes up to you and says, “I just stole $100 billion from the rest of Texas. Here, you take it!”

A hundred billion dollars? Enough for you and your kids and your entire large immediate family, and all their descendants for the next 10 generations to have a dream life without ever doing a lick of work.

One would hope that you’d still say, “No thanks. You can keep your dirty money, and in fact I’m calling the cops.”

Obamacare is the theft; Texas Republicans told Washington to keep its dirty money. NPR sided openly with the thief.

— xPraetorius

15 thoughts on “NPR Watch (5/29/15)

      1. Hey! I like me! In fact, I’m quite fond of me, having grown quite attached to me over some time now. Despite it all…

        ‘Sides, in listening to NPR all the time, I believe I’m building quite a case for a PTSD/disability exemption from personal responsibility and having to work.


        — x

  1. Goodwyn is a Democrat hack who does lazy, sloppy journalism and likes to preach about the evils of the GOP in Texas. He jumped from being an Alynskyite community organizer to journalism without batting an eye & NPR didn’t consider his activist background or lack of journalistic education & experience a big deal. His father was a radical-left professor who before that was also a left-wing activist. He’s well loved on tax-subsidized “public” radio because of his slamming of the GOP, his home-spun style, and his accent/voice.

  2. I didn’t know all that, 4th! Interesting information, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find it to be to-the-letter true.

    The “report” was such a hack job, as I mentioned above, that it went way over the line into advocacy.

    I used to say that you could take all of NPR’s “news reports” and drop them, unchanged, into left-wing issues advocacy, or Democrat candidate commercials.

    Thanks for giving me some research material!


    — x

    1. Sure. I used to write about NPR on newsbusters. Going way over the line into advocacy is standard operating practice for Goodwyn. He, along with Scott Horsley & Nina Totenberg & a couple of others are the worst of the bunch. There a a handful of careful, fair-minded journalists there, such as Scott Simon & Don Gonyea, even though I think they swerve over into advocacy journalism now & then. The very best IMO is David Folkenflik. You RARELY can ascertain his politics in his reporting & he’s won praise from such righties as Andrew Breitbart.

      1. @4thSelectiveEstate: I love NewsBusters! Are you still with them? If not, I hope your separation from them was amicable.

        I’ve long appreciated Jodi Miller for how she demonstrated that the left is rich terrain for humor. They take themselves so incredibly seriously! If we were to view them — as I do NPR — through the lens of the idea that their thinking is just so frequently so nonsensical, then we can at least laugh at them.

        Needless to say, the left’s nonsensical ideas are much-loved in the press, so those selfsame nonsensical ideas in the heads of the left eventually become the law of the land, and that’s just not funny at all.

        I’ve also long believed that Conservatives should take back humor. If, for example, one were to examine President Obama — his thinking, his statements, his speeches — one would find way more than enough of the patently absurd there to launch a thousand careers in comedy. We have to be courageous enough to do it though.

        Today, for example, when Obama claimed that “The United States is the most respected country in the world,” thanks, of course, to the wise leadership of his glorious self. It’s sad that Obama is so wrong in his assertion, but how just plain mockable is that assertion?!? A good comedian could take that alone and run long and far with it!


        — x

      1. I found it, 4th. It’s here:

        You’re right, it’s a thinly-veiled attack on the city of Dallas itself. And on all that implies. Here’s my “favorite” quote from the piece:

        You bet. I mean Dallas would like to announce on this 50th anniversary of the assassination that it’s no longer the patriarchal, racist, hateful little Southern city it once was. You know, of course Dallas did not pull the trigger 50 years ago. But the world came to feel that Dallas, nevertheless, helped load the gun. I don’t know if that’s fair or not. But it doesn’t matter because over time, Dallas – by and large – came to accept the guilty verdict.

        What a mish-mash of transparently ignorant nonsense! Dallas was a “patriarchal, racist, hateful little Southern city?” Really? The whole city? Everyone? Every single person? No exceptions? Well, of course there were the exceptions! How do we know this? Goodwyn tells us:

        I mean, the hatred of the federal government that was so prominent among the city’s elite had a whole lot to do with race, and the fact that Kennedy’s Justice Department was seeming to side with black people.

        Everything was smaller then – attitudes, population. In 1963, Fort Worth was a city that was an hour away by car and today, Dallas-Fort Worth is one, continuous metroplex with nearly 5 million people. Dallas itself is a minority majority city. The district attorney is black; the sheriff, lesbian; and Dallas has turned blue.

        Mitt Romney carried Texas with ease, of course, [emphasis added] but President Obama carried Dallas with ease. For the people who now make up the political majority in Dallas, JFK was their guy.


        “News?” I don’t think so! More evidence of what I’ve long thought: you can take many NPR pieces — word for word — and make a Democrat-Party commercial from them.

        Surely, though, devoted NPR listeners all nodded sagely upon hearing it.


        — x

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