The Drudge Sampler (Edition VIII – 5/26/15)

Drudge headlines:

Oh, goody! Yet another crisis for our lead-from-behind, soft-power, apologizing-for-America President to muck up.

What else has our Mediocrity-in-Chief mucked up? Oh: Egypt, nuclear North Korea, nuclear Iran, Libya, Syria, ISIS, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia…

Okay, okay…enough of this negativity!  Let’s list off his foreign policy successes!

Osama bin Laden

So, you’re telling me that Obama allowed two bloodthirsty lunatics to get nukes, caved in to Putin — a lot! —  unliberated tens of millions of people in Iraq, allowed Libya, Egypt and much of the rest of the Middle East to destabilize, lost Yemen and an entire air base, jeopardized all our gains in Afghanistan, ruined our relationship with Israel, green-lighted ISIS, and his only success was getting one measly, old, senile, porn-watching, decrepit, feeble, no longer relevant terrorist, who spent his days trembling under his bed?!?

Wait! Wait! We got that guy who did that video that wasn’t responsible for anything! He’s in prison! That has to count for something!

** chirp ** chirp **

Oh, and I forgot one other thing Obama mucked-up: The United States.

Tell me again, why was it so all-fired important to elect a black President instead of a good one?

— xPraetorius

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