NPR Watch (5/23/15)

I was listening to National Public Radio yesterday on the way home from work, and they did a feature on some dude who had collected some 800 “protest songs” from over the years.

Audie “Eeyore” Cornish, NPR’s afternoon anchorette was interviewing the collector dude. “Eeyore” is a black woman, and NPR’s real name ought to be “National All Race All The Time Radio.”

Needless to say, in the interview the collector dude played snippets from some of his faves in the collection. See if you can guess the theme of the half-dozen or so “protest songs” this guy chose as emblematic of his collection.

Yep. You guessed it: Race, The Civil Rights Movement, Racism, Racists, etc. That’s it. And, of course, all the “protest songs” were from the left.

Have we on the right written any protest songs? And, if not, why on earth not?(1)

So, what’s the point of this? I mean, everyone knows that the left whines and whines, and only in countries where there is the right to whine. In other words, they whine about how horrible things are in countries where they are free to whine about how horrible things are. And they’re too stupid, or ignorant — or both — to recognize that they’re walking contradictions.

Remember “Four dead in Ohio?” Remember how shocked we all were at the news that four students had died in riots at Kent State College in Kent, Ohio? I do.

We were shocked because of just how rare it was. These things just don’t happen in America.

What we weren’t all thinking was just how rare was, and is, the freedom we enjoyed then in America to riot with a near rock-solid certainty that we would be physically unharmed afterward. At the time of the ’60’s riots, that freedom existed nearly exclusively in the European-based western world. That fact remains the same today, nearly a half-century later.

If you did anything even resembling protest — of any kind —  in the then Soviet Union, you disappeared in the dead of night, often never to appear again. If you did anything resembling protest in Communist China — to this day! — you were either “disappeared” or murdered. Or both. This is still true of a depressingly long list of countries: China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, many countries of South America and Africa.

What do all these countries have in common? Socialism(2).

It’s like those GEICO commercials. You know, the “It’s what you do…” commercials? “If you’re a socialist, you kill people in horrifying numbers, generally for no reason whatsoever. It’s what you do.”

So, NPR, and Audie “Eeyore” Cornish(3) did their little feature, with “Eeyore” all wide-eyed and thrilled at just the sheer coolness of what the “protest song” collector had done, in collecting his songs, all of which called for … socialism in America. You and I might not remember it, but back in the ’60’s and into the ’70’s. ’80’s, ’90’s and even up to today, all protest songs are about making America ever more leftist.

And freedom. The protest songs were about freedom. To this day the warblers of those same songs were either too stupid, or too ignorant, to realize that the very freedom they were calling for was what allowed them to croon their insipid ditties(5) in the first place! And that the systems and institutions that the “protest song” balladeers were, and are, hoping to help bring about, will abolish their freedom to continue to warble!(6)

Needless to say, no one anywhere at NPR is able to recognize that rather glaringly obvious fact.

— xPraetorius


(1) – We’ve mentioned this a bunch of times. The left own Academia, Hollywood, Pop Culture, the arts, most of the media, the unions… Look at that collection: what do they all share? Vast, overarching, overweening, self-obsession. Omphaloskepsistic self-absorption, greed and selfishness. The principal characteristics of America’s political left wing.

It’s obvious how the above-mentioned institutions were overrun by the left: they have very little to do with real life. University professors? They get tenure! — the ability not to lose your job unless you rob a bank! Do you have that? Hollywood? Nothing resembling real life there! It’s the propaganda wing of the government. Pop Culture? Ditto. The media? Basically the fourth branch of government! Another branch of the propaganda wing of the government. The unions? When was the last time you negotiated with your employer for things like “job security,” greater benefits?

Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The facts of life are Conservative.” We heartily agree, but we added the qualifier: “but society’s white noise is left-wing.”  It’s likely that Lady Thatcher’s apothegm should be amended to read, “The facts of real life are Conservative.”

(2) – Yes, the islamic states that won’t allow you to protest are run by socialists. Islamists are socialists. Islam — muslims admit it themselves! — is absolutely incompatible with the freedoms you and I take for granted. Another important note: If you add up all the violent, premature deaths you can assign to socialism in the 20th Century alone, you arrive at a figure north of 150 million. Not counting “natural causes,” Socialism is the single greatest cause of death in history.

(3) – Back here, I did a piece on how the voices of NPR bug me. They’re so artificial and affected. NPR is all style over substance. Their “news” is often late, untimely, shallow and meaningless. However, their delivery of this pabulum is grave, urbane, serious, earnest… relentlessly earnest …so many people take them seriously. And, sometimes they toss off the occasional 12th grade word instead of the 9th grade words the majority of the media use.

Now, I have some homework for you: Listen to Audie Cornish (many weekdays from 4:00pm to 6:30pm ET on NPR’s show called “All Things Considered.(4)“) and tell me if you don’t agree with this: her voice is perfect — for one of those “900 numbers” commercials. “Talk to real women from the comfort of your home. Real women are waiting to take your call. Just dial 900-…

My ride home from work is a bit more than 45 minutes on a good day. To listen to Audie Cornish trying to seduce me for the better portion of that time is excruciating! And she’s not the only one! Melissa Block is just as bad. It’s horrible when they’re doing the afternoon “news” show together! Block doesn’t read the news, she murmurs it, as if she’s trying to get you to roll over in bed and make love to her. Again, I can take that for a minute or two on one of those commercials, but it’s intolerably awful for nearly an hour. Unless, that is, you’ve learned to do this. And unless you can write the occasional cathartic blog post about them!

(4) – The radio show whose real name ought to be: “Only a Very Limited Range of Leftist Things Only Very Selectively Considered.”

(5) – Yes, most of them were insipid ditties. Not all, but most. If you were to apply just a bit of deeper analysis — and genuine perspective — to the themes, meanings and concepts behind the vast majority of them, they turn out to be moronic screeds chirruped, howled, barked, squawked, bawled, growled, brayed and grunted out by egomaniacal, self-infatuated ignoramuses. Of course NPR would find them delightful!

(6) – This is another thing we have noticed about the left: they are absolutely uninterested in solving the problems about which they so operatically wail. Why would they be? As we have mentioned in these pages many times (and it’s worth repeating 🙂 ) : There is great money, power and prestige to be had in whining about how horrible it is in America. Just ask those gallant, courageous songbirds of the ’60’s — if, that is, you can get through the gate of their community and knock on the door of their mansion.

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