It’s Worth Repeating (and WE didn’t say it!)

No, the ultimate coiner of “It’s Worth Repeating” turns of phrase is Mark Steyn, and in this post on his web site, he unburdened himself of one of those phrases that just ever so neatly sum up media dishonesty. Not media hypocrisy — hypocrisy’s what the media live and breathe, eat for breakfast and leave in the toilet after a big meal — no, this is corrupt, dirty, easy, sleazy, tawdry, filthy, disreputable, craven, nasty, repugnant, wretched, fraudulent, crooked media deceitfulness.

It’s: lying-through-their-teeth media dishonesty. It’s an example of faux media indignation directed at someone who, the indignant one suggests, kinda, sorta, maybe, might have, done a little something that could throw his credibility into question, while the indignant one did a pile of monumental, massive, gargantuan, elephantine, whopping, mondo-hyper-giga-terra-jigga-gigundo things that absolutely, without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt throw the indignant one’s credibility into question.

It’s that kind of media dishonesty.

Here’s Mark Steyn’s quote:

And that’s before you consider the ludicrous thrust of Stephanopoulos’ interview: We can’t trust Peter Schweizer on the Clintons because he worked for Bush for four months, says a man who’s worked for the Clintons since he was in Third Grade.

Yep, the topic at hand is the aggressively hostile interview, by George Stephanopoulos, of Peter Schweizer, author of the book, “Clinton Cash.”

Steyn continued a bit:

So the entire Schweizer/Stephanopoulos interview was a fraud perpetrated on ABC’s audience. Picture it the other way around:

Karl Rove is hired as an anchorman by ABC News. Whoa, you can stop right there. We’re already in the realm of the fantastical, even though it is, objectively, exactly the same as hiring Stephanopoulos.

But Rove says not to worry, my partisan days are behind me. I’m strictly Mister Even-Handed Newsman now.

And then he spends ten years as a high-profile pitchman for the George W and Jeb Bush Foundation.

And, when he interviews some guy who’s written a book on all the dodgy donations to the Jeb Bush Foundation, he doesn’t mention that he’s a member of it.

The only interesting question is whether ABC knew about all this, and colluded with Stephanopoulos in perpetrating a fraud on their audience.

As for Stephanopoulos’ regret that he didn’t go “the extra mile” in disclosure, the loyal Clinton flunkey didn’t go the initial inch-and-a-half. At the very least, he should be dropped from all election coverage between now and November 2016. There’s plenty of other stuff he could do – Kim’n’ Kanye, Bruce transitioning – where his faithful service to his longtime benefactors is of less obvious advantage.

As usual, once Mark Steyn’s said it, or written it, the only point of someone else’s saying it or writing it, including us, is to assist in hammering home Steyn’s point.

— xPraetorius


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