Serious Question: Why Hasn’t Hillary Been Laughed Out of the Race?

If you or I were out there as Secretary of State, using our own e-mail servers to correspond with people like Putin, and the leaders of China, South Korea, North Korea, Egypt, Syria, France, England, and more, and then we had the unmitigated gall to look the authorities in the eyes and say, “Well, I deleted what I figured I should delete — including personal e-mails — and I turned in what I figured I should turn in” — heck, we’d probably be arrested and indicted in a heartbeat!

We’d certainly never be a viable Presidential candidate.

Think of it. Hillary thinks she’s in the clear because, as she says, she deleted all her e-mails, and we should just trust her that she deleted the right e-mails.(1) However, the recipients of her e-mails all still have those e-mails. Rush Limbaugh made that point this afternoon.

Okay, that’s fine, but here’s the indisputable fact: whether or not the bad actors of the world have e-mails from Hillary, they can all — every last one of ’em — claim they have e-mails from her. They can then claim, through back channels, that the contents of the e-mails are very, very damaging — impeachment-level damaging — and that if President Hillary doesn’t do certain things, they will divulge the contents of said e-mails. Guess what: Hillary has already said that she has no proof whatsoever that the claims are false. Remember? She deleted them all! It would be her word against whoever is the extortionist. Sorry, she loses that scenario.

At that point, she’d be completely boxed in. She’d have either to admit that she lied when she said that she’d deleted all the e-mail evidence and produce the exculpatory e-mails, or simply give in to the extortion. She could, I guess, just deny that the e-mails that someone might claim to possess were fake but, again, she has no proof. And the Clintons lie like they breathe or eat.

Does anyone in the world think that Hillary has the character to stand up to such extortion? I doubt it. If she becomes President, then her behavior with the private e-mail server will expose her, and therefore the country, to the risk of very high-stakes extortion.

Seriously: Why haven’t the media laughed Hillary right out of the Presidential campaign? They’d have done it to you or me. They’d do it to any Republican candidate without the slightest hesitation.

— xPraetorius


(1) – It goes without saying that any Republican who ever even thought of trying to do something this sleazy would have been laughed out of the race by the media long ago.


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