Credit Where Credit is Due!

President Obama authorized a raid by Delta Force on an ISIS stronghold in Syria. The raid resulted in the untimely (because long overdue) trip by one Abu Sayyaf on the express elevator down to join Osama bin Laden and many others in his own pool of burning lava. For that long overdue show of American muscle and competence, to Obama I say, “Good job!”

However, it’s an odd news phenomenon. Google “Abu Sayyaf” and you find all sorts of entries for the scumbag who got his ticket punched, as well as for one “Abu Sayyaf” group in the Philippines.

However, there is not one entry on the DrudgeReport for the icing of the ISIS dirtbag with the name. It’s a big story! It’s not “bin-Laden-Jumps-Into-Specially-Reserved-Pool-of-Lava” big, but it’s really big.

That’s just strange. Drudge is preternaturally fast in getting to stories.

Update: The story just got to Drudge, some three hours after I wrote the above. That’s still strange. Drudge links here.

Here’s the big deal. Ever since the bin Laden raid sent bin Laden down, down, down, tens of millions of Americans have been saying, “Why the heck can’t we do more of that?!?”

Well, now we have done it again, and by all accounts it was a smashing success, killing one of the world’s worst scumbags, without any Delta Force casualties. Hooray!!!

Now, I don’t revel in the death of anyone, but there are two — count ’em, two — tendencies in the history of the world that threaten to destroy the entire world: Those two tendencies are Islam and Socialism. Other than the religious component to Islam, there isn’t a lick of difference between them. They’re both obsessed with power and have one response to opposition: kill it.

Well, if they’re both trying to hasten our departure from this mortal coil, then I say: Send in Delta Force and let ’em know that there will be a price, and it won’t be cheap. The only reluctance I have with that is the fact that we might lose Delta Force personnel and that’s just an ineffably sad thought. Each Delta Force man is worth well more than a thousand ISIS ghouls.

Neither of the two belief systems mentioned above, Socialism or Islam, is concerned one jot with their stated goals; pretty words like equality and brotherhood and peace and paradise and helping the little guy. However, they both realize that they have to use the pretty words to sell their really stupid belief systems to people who generally don’t have the time to pay close enough attention.

Hence, we have things like the Qu’ran and the Communist Manifesto. If you read both of them, as I have, you realize that there’s essentially no difference, really, between them. More to the point: if you watch the behavior, of Islamists and Socialists, then you realize that they’re the same thing. I call Islam: Socialislam, or Fascislam, for that reason.

Furthermore, here’s a simple truth: if you help the little guy — really help the little guy — then he’s not little anymore, and he just might end up wanting to play in the big guys’ sandbox. The big guys — Islam and Socialism — can’t have that, so all the while they’re talking about lifting up the little guy, their efforts are really focused like a laser beam on keeping the little guy … little.

Islam and Socialism are not interested in “helping” anyone, except themselves — into the seat of power. That’s it.

The guy whose time came today — Abu Sayyaf — was the scummiest of the scummy. A man, and his wife (she’s alive and in custody), both of whom had their hands in financing the ISIS ghouls, and who were at the top of a human-crunching machine that continues to produce  stories and images of horrifyingly psychotic savagery. Good riddance. Enjoy the lava. Say, “Hi!” to bin Laden for me. Tell him, it’s nice up here, and that I wish he were here, so that I could kick his scrawny backside right back down there.

— xPraetorius


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