George W. Bush’s REAL Mistake in Invading Iraq


President Bush made a serious mistake in ’03, when he invaded Iraq. But it’s not the mistake most people think it was.

All the Republican candidates are falling all over themselves to show how they would have done it better back in ’01, or how they wouldn’t have done it at all, or how they would have done only the Afghanistan thing, but I happen to think Bush did okay.

Oh, in retrospect, he did it all wrong, but with what he knew at the time, with what everyone knew at the time, he did just fine.


Except for one very big thing: He should have known that he might — in fact likely would be followed by a Democrat. A Democrat who, through the normal bone-headed stupidity of America’s left, would unravel any and all  progress made in the Middle East during Bush’s term.

He should have known that. That means that if he couldn’t be certain to complete the objectives he was aiming for, then he shouldn’t have taken them on in the first place. 

That means also that History would have judged him very harshly indeed for leaving a bloodthirsty lunatic like Saddam Hussein in power.

– * –

However, let’s not forget that we had won that war. It was as good as over and done … and won. With great difficulty, but decisively. Until, that is, the current President gratuitously threw away the victory, and simultaneously wasted the blood, toil, tears and sweat of all those who lost their lives in Iraq.

TheRealMistakeIf Obama had not thoroughly blown it, by pretending that withdrawing American military forces somehow might “end the war,” people would be talking about what a brilliant President George W. Bush had been(1).

This is part of the Democrats’ Big Lie; the same Big Lie that they foisted on an America public that, let’s face it, was not paying enough attention, and was not really thinking about it. That Big Lie: Withdrawing American military ends wars. It doesn’t, of course, it simply ends American involvement. You can bet your bottom dollar that when Democrats are pulling American forces out of conflict areas, that will only cause the conflict to heat up rapidly. (See, for example: Vietnam War, The.)

The “Anti-Iraq War” movement was by no means an “anti-war” movement. To the contrary, it was an “utterly-indifferent-to-war” movement whose only aim was to end American involvement in Iraq.

However, to do that, movement leaders had to call themselves an anti-war movement, because, after all, who in the world is not anti-war?  The “Anti-Iraq War” movement was really an “Anti-American Involvement in Iraq” movement that didn’t have a good rationale for its own existence except for The Big Lie.

Let’s not forget that in the beginning, the Iraq War was actually quite popular. However, relentless lies from the Left and in their lapdog press, about Bush’s intent, about the reasons for going in (there were many more than just “WMD’s”), about how the effort would prove to be a huge recruiting tool for islamic lunatics(2) and much more dishonest fog, relentlessly sapped support for American involvement until the voters were ready for a smooth-tongued, but substanceless, lying demagogue, the same one whom, as of this writing, we call “Mr. President.”

The only real mistake that Bush made in Iraq was in not calculating that he might be followed by a Democrat.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Yes, one is tempted to wonder whether Obama lost Iraq solely to make Bush look bad. That sounds paranoid, but understanding the Left’s callous indifference toward anything and anyone who doesn’t directly or indirectly contribute to their acquisition of power, and their deep hatred for anyone whom they perceive as an obstacle to their power, makes this suspicion nearly reasonable. Don’t forget, as Iraq tortuously degenerated into the hellhole it’s become, the press were still praising Obama for his great “genius.” They’re still doing it today.

(2) – Now a comparison can be made, between Bush’s muscular approach to islamic jihadis, and Obama’s timorousness. It’s painfully clear that Obama’s transparent weakness has proven to be the ultimate recruiting tool, as we pointed out would be the case. Neither ISIS, nor home-grown terrorist scumbags were even imagined during the Bush Presidency. These phenomena are all Obama’s


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