We Were Never Quite This Blunt…

…but we’ve been saying pretty much these same things for some time.

This time, though, it’s a Facebook post from the fiery, super-intelligent, high-energy Vanessa Anderson.

Anderson is a black woman who has a very clear-eyed view of America and of race relations in America. Even better, she pulls no punches while unburdening herself of her opinions using some very colorful language. It’s so colorful, for that matter, that I have to give you a seriously edited view, below, while encouraging you to view the link — though don’t show it to your young children.

A couple of quick comments, before I reveal Vanessa’s post. If you click on the link above, you will find yourself in the land of Black Conservatives. It’s a bracing, refreshing land, filled with intelligent, articulate people. I spend a lot of time in Black Conservative America, because it’s bright, sunny, smart, intelligent, deeply reality-based, optimistic and full of great, good humor and fun. It’s the place we white Conservative Americans go to restore our hope for our beleaguered country.

Black Conservative America is nothing less than the real extension of the Abraham Lincoln-to-Martin Luther King, Jr. trajectory. Black Conservatives are the authentic inheritors of the ideas and ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr. King was a man of many flaws, and of surpassing greateness too. However, one thing is absolutely certain: it was never, ever his vision to turn Black Americans into African-Americans, or into the wards of the state that so many have become.

With King’s assassination the Civil Rights movement took a sharp left turn, having been hijacked by charlatans like Jesse Jackson, who transformed the movement into a money-making machine whose goal was not to achieve equality of opportunity, but rather to keep racial animosity alive and burning in order to enrich the movement’s leaders, who have profited mightily from King’s death.

Now I’ll be as blunt as Vanessa Anderson: each night before he drops off to sleep, Jesse Jackson breathes a short, simple prayer that says only, “Thank you, James Earl Ray.”

Without further ado, here’s Vanessa Anderson’s Facebook post; with salty language strategically edited:

Why the f**k would any black American… born and raised in the US for generation after generation, have any love for Africa. LOL… all this embracing my african heritage bull***t really makes you look stupid.
If your parents were immigrants ….. I can somewhat understand, .. if you are a few generations in, I can get it….. you may have been raised with some of the culture because of your parents or grandparents connection. But if you are calling yourself African anything because of ancestors brought here by slavery….. you’re a joke. If you love it so much… planes are flying all over the world… hitch a ride.
But MOST of you stupid mo*os calling yourselves African American must not have a clue that your ancestors were shipped here BECAUSE many countries in Africa were PARTNERS in the slave trade. They sold their own folks. EFF Africa. I don’t see your black a**es trying to get back there.
most of you have no clue which country you would have stemmed from. Yet, you run around talking about African pride. If you have pride for the country that sold your ancestors, then you should have pride for the country that bought your ancestors. [Editor’s Note: Pow! Well! I told you she pulls no punches!]
I am really getting sick and tired of ignorant black folk. So fu***n gullible and you’re get made a fool of left and right. smh.


— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “We Were Never Quite This Blunt…

  1. Wow! Amazing!

    In addition to the above, I recently watched a black man on FOX talking about that soon-to-be “professor” at Boston University who went off on the racist, anti-white rant. HE said in no uncertain terms that she, the soon-to-be professor, is nothing but a racist, and he was absolutely uncompromising about it. Good to see black observers pushing back against the bigoted propaganda of the Race Grievance Industry!


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