In a Weird Way, I Appreciate Bernie Sanders

Sanders, the extreme-leftist Senator from Vermont is running for the Democrat Party nomination for President of the United States. Sanders is no small-d democrat, but he is a Democrat. No, he’s not officially a member of the Democrat Party — he calls himself an “Independent” — but he’s running for the nomination of the Democrat Party. Sanders also calls himself a “Democratic Socialist,” and it is for that, that I accord him some grudging appreciation.

Oh, he’s a dirtbag alright… corrupt all the way through, as all dyed-in-the-wool socialists/statists are. But in this one respect — his admission that he’s a socialist — he’s an honest, corrupt dirtbag. When he calls himself a “Socialist,” he admits to your face that he adheres to an ideology that caused more death in the previous century than any other single cause — including war. And that was the century with both World Wars!

Socialists have a long, proud tradition of being the lying-est, most dishonest, most murderous, bloodthirsty, vicious, thuggish and cruel of all humans. However, they are scrupulously honest about one thing: their long-term goals. They make no bones about their goal to take power, to confiscate all personal property, to bring about what we all now know to be a general “equality” of poverty and squalor. But, equality, nonetheless.

We — normal, sane people — have been fortunate in that one respect with our enemies, the socialists. The infamous socialist, Adolf Hitler, announced openly that he was going to take over the world with his master race. The Soviets pointed to the works of Marx and Engels, and later Lenin and Stalin, all of which announced unambiguously that communism was on an inevitable trajectory to take over the world. The Communist Chinese said and did, and are doing, the same.

I said we were fortunate that our enemies telegraph their intentions. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have taken advantage of that knowledge. We’ve generally simply ignored the one thing they said that was actually honest. 

However, the notable exception was in our successful, if occasionally reluctant, prosecution of the Cold War, in which Ronald Reagan proved conclusively that socialism leads to penury, poverty, decay, deterioration, feebleness and ruin. Even an iron-fisted Soviet government was unable to bleed further a population, already bled white from seven decades of terror and death. So, we won that one, because socialism caused, as it inevitably does, the collapse of the country in which it was the politico-economic order.

We also won the previous conflict against the Nationalist strain of Socialism in Germany. But even then, our victory came only after we’d long ignored Hitler’s honest declarations that he was preparing to conquer the world.

This is the tradition of Bernie Sanders.

Oh, people will say, how can you say that — Sanders is Jewish?!? Sanders is a socialist before he’s Jewish. Militantly atheistic socialism doesn’t permit other belief systems — religions or philosophies — to occupy a higher place in a person’s hierarchy of priorities. Sanders’ ties with Judaism are only in his origins, not his beliefs. As a socialist, Sanders’ only disagreement with Stalin, Hitler, Lenin and others is their anti-semitism, but as a socialist, he’s said little or nothing about it.

All the pundits are saying that Sanders is running “to the left” of Hillary Clinton. But that’s only because Sanders is honest about his belief in socialism. He’s not to the left of Hillary at all. Or, more to the point, Hillary in her heart is not to Sanders’ right at all. Hillary, however, knows that she couldn’t ever be honest with the American people and win the Presidency. This pattern of cover-up and dishonesty appears with her over and over and over and over again over many, many years.

Barack Obama, also, had to lie about who and what he was, and continues to be. It was the same thing. If Obama had leveled with the American people and announced that he was a European-style “Democratic Socialist,” (we gave convincing evidence of Obama’s socialistic leanings here) then he never would have won any election. American electoral politics is, after all, about marketing. And Democrat Party marketing is about lying, and hiding, and covering up. It’s the only reason that the Democrat Party is a viable force in any election.(1)

Sanders is a dirtbag, alright — all socialists are dirtbags — but he’s an honest dirtbag. Hillary’s just a dirtbag.

If we somehow allow Sanders to become President, no one can say we weren’t warned. By Sanders himself!

— xPraetorius


(1) – That and media corruption. Democrat Party dishonesty and media corruption go hand-in-hand. Without media corruption, the Democrat Party would cease to be a viable electoral force in America overnight.



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