Finally! (Part III)


Finally, more people are starting to say about race relations what we’ve been saying for a very long time. Black people too!

I located this brilliant video this morning.

In the video, one Derryck Green, a serious, studious-looking, intelligent black man says some powerful things. Here are some:

  • To say that racism is foolish and stupid, not to mention evil, is to understate the case. But according to to many of their critics, Conservatives are that stupid and that evil. But with few exceptions, Conservatives are neither. So, why is the charge even made? The answer is primarily political: to maintain black support for liberals and liberal policies.(1)
  • (About Affirmative Action) “The Conservative position is that blacks have repeatedly proven that they can compete with anyone without the benefits, demeaning benefits, I might add, of lower standards. There are countless examples of black success in every field at every level.(2)
  • (Again about Affirmative Action) “… the Conservative argument goes further. Study after study shows that n the case of college admissions, Affirmative Action actually hurts many blacks. By lowering admissions standards for blacks and some other minority students, colleges set many of these students up for failure. They get placed in schools for which they’re not prepared and high black dropout rates confirm this view. So does common sense.”(3)
  • He does a great analysis of “Voter ID ” debate and turns it on its head with common sense. His bottom line for this “issue” are the incredulous questions: [1] “Can you get more condescending than that?”  and culminates with [2] “Tell me again, who are the racists?” The “Voter Id” segment  begins at 3:43 into the video and continues for 46 seconds to 4:29.
  • Why aren’t the people who compel black children to stay in terrible schools (liberals) the racists?”
  • At some point, maybe you’ll start asking yourself, like I did, who’s really obsessed with race, and whose policies really hurt blacks and minorities? Maybe it’s not who you think it is.”

Powerfully presented, by an eloquent and intelligent speaker. Also, I might add, we’ve been making these same points for some time now. It’s great to see other people picking up the commonsense banner too!

— xPraetorius


 (1) – Wow! Sound vaguely familiar? 🙂 Might you have seen this argument made in these pages from time to time?

 (2) – Another point that we’ve long made: Affirmative Action nowadays leads to a perception that a black person — in the absence of widespread white discrimination, and in the presence, of vast means of recourse in the rare eventuality of white discrimination — just might not deserve his or her place in the job, or in the university, or elsewhere. If I were black I’d find this demeaning too!

 (3) – This observation dovetails nicely with the previous note. Affirmative Action is a one-two sucker punch to the gut of a black person — all in the guise of “help.”

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