Finally! (Part II)


Finally, more people are starting to say about race relations what we’ve been saying for a very long time. Black people too!

I located this brilliant video yesterday evening.

In it, the beautiful young black woman narrator, Chloé Valdary says what we’ve been saying for a very long time. What she says is so close to what we’ve been saying, that it’s as if she’s been reading our blog! Hmmmmm… 🙂

Here are a few quotes from this remarkable video:

  • Many (white) people feel that they have to treat black people with kid gloves. They think this is noble, enlightened, progressive. It’s not. It’s demeaning and condescending. In fact, it’s racist.”(1)
  • Telling of her professor on the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri: “The facts ultimately don’t matter.(2) All that matters is that a black boy was killed by a white cop. Another example of racism in a racist society, pure and simple.”
  • Rioting and looting are acceptable forms of behavior? Why? Because the rioters and looters have no other options? Really? In free, democratic America, you have no other options? Does this apply to all ethnic groups? Hispanics? Southeast Asians? Pacific Islanders? Of course not! But we, the enlightened ones, are ready with a pre-packaged list of excuses when blacks riot and loot.”(3)
  • Anyone, whether white or any other color, who excuses blacks for bad behavior, just because they are black, obviously doesn’t consider blacks their equal! Rather they view blacks, in effect, as children who are unable to adhere to the standards to which every other group is held.(4)
  • The only difference between this view (the condescending view) and that of white supremacists is that the white supremacists are honest and open. In their view blacks are inferior to whites, period. But those who condescend to blacks cloak themselves in self-righteousness, so somehow that makes it okay. Bad behavior happens, a riot in Ferguson, and they nod knowingly, (quoting liberals) ‘They couldn’t take it anymore, who could blame them?’ 
  • I’ll take the white supremacists any day. First there are very few of them, and they have no power. Second, I can easily prove them wrong. But, how do I shake off the condescenders? The patronizers? There are a lot of them, they have a lot of power, and they think they mean well.
  • How do I convince them (the condescenders) that as a black human being, I want to be, I must be, judged by the same standards as everybody else?

It’s an eye-opening video, by a brilliant young woman. I heartily recommend it!

— xPraetorius


(1) – In fact, this liberal condescension towards blacks is the white racism that pervades America today. We’ve often noted that the traditionally understood racism — whites believing they are superior to blacks — is nearly non-existent. It is, at best, a non-factor in American life today. However, the idea on the left that blacks are inferior has never died. I used that word, “died,” on purpose. White racism always did live on the American left. Segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK — all were products of the Democrat Party, the political wing of the American left. The eugenics movement, that envisioned the gradual elimination of the black and brown races because of their supposed genetic inferiority, was a product of the American left. Some of the most prominent believers in eugenics: Adolf Hitler, Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger. The odd rightist (Winston Churchill) exception proved the rule. Racism’s home in America, and the world, is, and always was, on the political left.

(2) – “The facts don’t matter.” Boy! How often did we encounter that phenomenon in our recent jousting with the Race Grievance Industry? In fact, that phrase, “the facts don’t matter,” just about perfectly sums up the RGI’s entire worldview.

Remember: Margaret Thatcher said, “The facts of life are Conservative,” to which we appended: “but society’s white noise is leftist.” The RGI doesn’t have to deal in actual facts, the white noise drowns them out. As a leftist, you can go your whole life feeling completely validated, and never feel the need to question whether the “facts” you have accepted all your life are actually facts, and not fabrications. A Conservative can’t do that. He lives surrounded by contradictory, and often violently hostile, white noise 24/7/365.

(3) – Very powerful stuff! And we have been pointing this out for some time. This particular formulation of Valdary’s is, though, a wonderfully concise summary.

(4) – Some more powerful stuff! Yes, we’ve been talking about the infantilizing of blacks for a long time too. Needless to say, I consider this video to be just brilliant.

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