Still MORE Fireworks Over at the RGI! (With a Surprise!) (Note: Rated “R”)

Holy mackerel! Redux!

In this blog post, here, we pointed out that the great fortress that is the Race Grievance Industry — the RGI — appears to have developed some cracks. If you follow the RGI, you realize that they are absolutely monolithic, maintaining an ideological purity that they make massive efforts to keep absolutely inviolable. Step off the reservation, and you are anathematized immediately. Once and forever.

All that remains true, but now it appears that the anathematized are coming back and arguing about what caused their own exiling. In other words, they’re not taking the RGI’s censorship quietly anymore.

Here’s how it works — or at least how it used to work: Go onto a “black web site” (self-labeled) like Brotha Wolf’s, or Abagond’s (I sometimes refer to “Brotha Wolf” as “BW” for brevity.), and offer some disagreement with the premise of a blog post. If that disagreement goes against the holy tenets of the RGI, the reaction is swift, indignant and aspires to be devastating. It tends to be merely stupid.

One can dissent on the RGI blog sites, but only within very narrow confines: To post a valid dissent, you must say, for example, that the post didn’t go far enough in its condemnation of something or someone, and that the post was too kind to the target of the post. The blog owner then ashamedly admits that, yes, the dissenter is correct, he was just too nice, darn it! and didn’t go far enough in excoriating whomever or whatever.(1)

However, if a dissenter dares to disagree with the actual premise of a post, look out! The reason for this is that the RGI’s blog posts are always some whining variation of RGI holy writ. If you contribute to an RGI blog, like BW’s, you must not deviate from RGI holy writ, in any way. Period.

What is RGI holy writ?

  1. White racism is everywhere, and it permeates everything, even inanimate objects. This is the so-called “institutional racism.”
  2. Whites are evil… all of them. If they’re not overtly evil, then they’re not stopping the overtly evil ones from doing evil things, making them just as bad as the perpetrators.
  3. Rampant black crime is really the fault of whites, because the criminals are forced by racism to commit crimes. No further discussion of this can be permitted.
  4. The horrific black-on-black murder rate is also the fault of racist whites who developed the system of “white supremacy” within which blacks are forced to act and react as they do. No further discussion of this can be permitted either.
  5. All other social pathologies and problems among black people — poverty, government dependence, unemployment, drug use and distribution, lower achievement levels, lower education levels — are the fault of white racism for the same reason as #’s 3 and 4, above.

Disagree with any aspect of holy writ and here’s what happens: First, the dissident immediately finds himself branded as a racist white man. Then, as it sometimes turns out, if the dissident reveals that he is not white, or not even a man, the accusations take a different turn: he is brainwashed, a house n***er, or so beaten down by the system of “white supremacy” that he has become part of it, a victim of a kind of “Stockholm Syndrome,” or, of course, that he’s a liar, and is really a white man(2). Usually, the dissident slinks away, or does some kind of self-abasement to appease the enraged herd. If he persists in his dissent, he finds himself banned from the site. No real black person, you see, could possibly dissent against RGI holy writ!

While to a man or woman, the RGI will insist that black people are not monolithic in any sense, they also insist that all black people understand and agree that the country is overflowing with white racism. Ergo, if a dissident does not agree with that premise, he must not be black. Even if he’s black. Got it? The many people in the RGI with whom I’ve debated in the past few years, have all — no exceptions — insisted that black people are not monolithic, and then have become apoplectic with rage at the first hint of disagreement. Not one black person with whom I’ve locked horns has thought differently. Not one person with whom I’ve locked horns has been able either even to recognize that glaring contradiction or, of course, to explain it.

Mind you, there are black people who believe differently, but they are not members of the RGI. The RGI is absolutely rigidly, almost militaristically, monolithic in its thinking and its beliefs. This is not really all that surprising. The RGI is a subset of America’s political left-wing, which is comprised principally of grievance groups. There’s the RGI itself, of course, but also the Gay Grievance Industry, the Feminist Grievance Industry, the Hispanic Grievance Industry, the Immigration Grievance Industry, the Poverty Grievance Industry, the newly-constituted Muslim Grievance Industry, and many more.

All these groups have recognized that there is much money, fame, prestige and power to be had in complaining about how horrible things are in America. So, while they complain, they cash in. Apparently, there are some in their midst, however, who are starting to recognize this scam for what it really is, and who think that a scam is a scam is a scam and that it can’t be good for the country no matter what your political predilection(3).

Which brings us back to the aforementioned “Brotha Wolf.” Back on the 23rd of this month, he published a plaintive, whiny post that he titled “A Right To Speak.” (here) He originally entitled it: “A Right To Be Mad” as the URL indicates,(4)  but apparently changed his mind.

Right from the get-go, the title is suspicious. Is BW trying to pretend that he is being denied his fundamental, constitutional right to free speech? That would be difficult to reconcile with his hundreds and hundreds of blog posts(5) — all available to the entire online world! — and his apparently busy presence on other social media. He is not, it seems, having any problems “speaking.”

He then goes on, ultimately, to say in a kind of pathetic, whimpering post, that those who disagree should just go away and leave him alone. His logic seems to center on the idea that his experiences give him the legitimacy to express his racist,(6) hatred-filled sentiments. He’s been hearing back lately that he has the right to say whatever he wants, but he doesn’t have any right to guarantee agreement from his readers, and this astonishes, stupefies, flummoxes, dumbfounds, perplexes and, especially, ticks BW off entirely.

Actually, no one — me included — begrudges him this. I’ve followed this blog in-depth for several years, and no one has ever suggested that BW should not have the right to say what he says, without repercussion. Not a single person, ever. So, what is BW’s beef? Simple: he wants to vent his spleen without ever encountering anyone who disagrees with him, because he is deeply emotionally invested in his irrational opinions.

No problem. He wouldn’t be the first person who got himself deeply invested in his own personal opinions. However, he is part of a vast tendency in America that truly has no interest in brooking any disagreement whatsoever with its beliefs. Brotha Wolf is just one of these, and he admits it in the post and in the comments that I’ve captured below.

Please note: I would have simply pointed you to the post, and to my dialogues with BW’s acolytes, but I was banned from his site long ago. I don’t blame BW for that. Even though I’m a white guy, I’m plainly much  more informed about black America than BW is. However, I did notice a remarkable thing: I’ve been banned from quite a few left-wing web sites, merely for expressing my sentiments. I’ve never seen anyone banned ever from any right-wing web site or blog. Ever. No matter how rude, condescending, obnoxious or rude the person.

Personally, I’ve followed a simple rule: state my beliefs, back them up with generally-agreed upon facts, be unfailingly polite and … be nice. On every single left-wing web site where I did that I was banned. Needless to say, I was banned from BW’s blog long ago. I never even used bad words.(7) Not a single one. The remarkable thing that I noticed was this: left-wing web sites and blogs ban people from participating in them frequently. I’ve never seen a right-wing blog or web site ban a commenter. And, the right-wing web sites have faced a whole lot more noxious, troll-ish visitors than the militantly monolithic left-wing sites.

This says a lot about the American right, and the left and, of course, the RGI: the left is most concerned with maintaining ideological purity — on the left, all intellectual exploration must first pass ideological muster before even being acknowledged; the right is concerned mostly with understanding something.

In BW’s post, he gives kind of a pitiful “no mas,” suggesting that visitors simple leave him alone to express his racist sentiments. I’m not at all unsympathetic to that idea, except for one thing: he uses his self-expression to make vast, broad, sweeping statements, and at that point, ropes in the rest of America. Simply put: in BW’s rantings, he accuses me — as well as my brothers and sisters, my son and daughter — of being evil racist scumbags, simply because they’re white. At that point, he makes his content fair game, which brings us to another important point. In the time I’ve been following BW — several years now — almost none of the dissenters visiting his site, have attacked BW personally. There have been rare exceptions, but most dissenters have disagreed respectfully, politely and … nicely.

Too bad.

They were all banned if they persisted in their disagreement, or were unpersuaded by BW’s, and his acolytes’, emotion-laden and generally irrelevant “arguments.”

In BW’s post below there is the usual “Amen chorus” suggesting that [fill in RGI sacred tenet here] … but there is alsoFreeThinker.”

FreeThinker is, apparently, a “brown girl.” At least she calls herself that. She dissents from the RGI holy tenets so, of course,  gets banned. However, BW is, apparently, weary, and simply doesn’t allow her posts to see the light of day. How do we know this? Here’s the big surprise — “FreeThinker” has contacted us here at the increasingly influential Praetorian Writers’ Group. She(7)  has indicated that she submitted several posts that didn’t even appear on BW’s blog. We have shown them here, where they would have appeared if BW hadn’t been afraid to display them. Now, please note that I’m taking FreeThinker’s word that she would have posted on BW’s blog, and that BW simply didn’t allow the posts to appear. I’m doing that because that certainly seems like BW’s modus operandi. FreeThinker’s claim is very credible. I’ve indicated where they would have appeared, and added my own comments.

In an additional note, I will meet with FreeThinker with the premise of the meeting to be: Might FeeThinker, be qualified/of a mind to join our small, but increasingly influential think tank. We are always on the lookout for new writers, and FreeThinker gives every indication that she is, indeed, a free thinker, with much of strong substance to say. And she says it well.

Now, BW used to be at least man enough to announce that he was banning someone. At which point, you could be confident that he’d submit a post indicating that he had banned someone and why, in his thinking, that person merited their fate. Not this time. Now, it appears, BW is simply not allowing blog replies to appear!

Holy Mackerel! Is the RGI so insecure in their thinking and beliefs that they can’t even allow dissenting voices to exist?

Bottom line: Brotha Wolf wants to be able to write scurrilous, defamatory, libelous, horrible things about an entire race of people — things that would cause him to turn purple with rage if directed at him or at black people — and for those on the receiving end just to shut up and let him vent. Furthermore, he doesn’t want any indication whatsoever that there might be — heaven forfend! — black  people who might disagree with his racist flapdoodle. I’ve noticed this same thing on all the RGI web sites and blogs I’ve visited.

I’ve spent a lot of time and “ink” introducing BW’s post. So, I should probably just show it to you. Remember: BW has censored me, or else I’d simply link to the post. I’ve added my own comments [in square brackets and red font], as is my wont.

So, without further ado, here’s Brotha Wolf’s post and the subsequent comments:


A Right To Speak

I’m not the best at debate. In fact, I’m not good at debating at all. I don’t use a lot of college-level words in my articles. [One wonders why not. He is a college graduate. It’s no secret. He claims it somewhere in social media. It’s a simple fact, however, that to be “good at debate” one needs at least to be familiar with one’s subject. BW expounds a lot on subjects with which, apparently, he has very little familiarity. If I didn’t know much about my subject, I’d be a pretty bad debater too.] I base my entries on events that are going on and use my own judgment based on a little research that doesn’t take a lot to do.  To be honest, I don’t have the time to do extensive research like I want to, nor do I have a scholarly mind. And lets be real, there are more important places for such writings to be than on a simple blog such as mine. [In other words, BW’s knowledge of what he writes about is superficial at best. When you see the charges that he levels, you will understand quite easily that he needs to do  one heckuva lot more research. The charges BW levels are very serious indeed — racism, violence, hatred, ongoing slavery and bias, continuing murders and other abuses, and more. Yet, then BW pretends that it is legitimate to make such damaging charges while admittedly doing only superficial research. This is at best highly irresponsible; at worst scurrilous and evil. These last two sentences of BW’s are really admissions that BW is a fraud. A man who is willing to draw terrible, vile conclusions about more than a billion people on admittedly superficial research, resulting in admittedly ignorant conclusions, as must all such “research.” BW surely didn’t want to confess to this, but he did.]

So, where am I going with this? Well, this is in response to certain commenters who, in literally so many words, have taken the time to express how wrong I am whenever an issue dealing that reflects who I am as a black person takes center stage and I write about it. I express my thoughts and emotions, but there are those who will not approve and will find something wrong with that. And I strongly believe that it’s because I’m a person of color who dares to talk about racism. [In all the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of blog posts and comments that I’ve followed, never once has a single commenter suggested that, somehow, BW’s experiences are invalid, or worthless, or unimportant. There have been people — myself included — who have suggested that BW’s personal experiences are just that personal. They can’t legitimately be used to draw conclusions about an entire people in an entire country. Personal experiences are valid. They can help to add real understanding of the real effects of nationwide phenomena. It should be noted also, that BW is an admittedly racist “person of color” talking about racism. That’s a bit like a Nazi “daring” to talk about anti-semitism. Let’s face it, it takes no courage to be a black person accusing whites of racism. That is about the most gutless decision anyone — black or white — can possibly do.]

I don’t mind being told I’m wrong, but it gets on my nerves when the reasons why are mundane and weightless. And when I explain myself, it’s like talking to a broken record that repeats the same responses over and over. It’s like being told that my thoughts are worthless compared to the other person’s and that is the core of these isms and phobias against certain people that we have to deal with all the time. [And, again, no one ever suggested — that I saw — over hundreds and hundreds of posts, ever once suggested that BW’s thoughts were worthless. People did make the point that BW’s could not use his experiences to make any conclusions about the country as a whole. For that you do need things like BW’s obscure anecdotes, but you need global statistics as well. Whenever the contributors to BW’s blog did try to use statistics, they tended to be made up and transparently false. For example: one commenter said that white police were shooting and killing “millions of black people and then falsifying the police reports” every year. Of course, if that were true, then blacks would be wiped out in less than a generation. I’m not sure what BW means by “these isms and phobias,” but if he’s referring to a phobia against white people, then he should understand what phobia is: “a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.” The key word here is: “irrational.” If it’s irrational, then you need to deal with it , and you need to cut it out. Everyone points out that one should not fear, for example, the number 13, or flying. Why? Because these fears are irrational and, read it well, go against the facts. The number 13 causes no problems; flying is still the safest way to travel, and, it seems pretty obvious, white racism ceased to be a big problem more than half a century ago. As for “mundane and weightless” reasons, BW has faced all manner of excellent observations and simply decreed them “mundane and weightless.” You’ll notice that BW provides no example of a “mundane and weightless” reason. If there were so many, it should be easy for him to provide one so that everyone can judge for himself.]

I’ve dealt with people, some claiming to be people of color, who told me that my focus is on a subject they felt was not important enough to mention. [An amazing phenomenon in the RGI! They are, it seems, constitutionally incapable of dealing with the ideas of someone who disagrees. For some reason, they can’t resist the temptation to engage in all sorts of irrelevant speculation about who the dissenter is. His skin color, education, background, location, knowledge level, trustworthiness, honesty, deep thoughts he may or may not be harboring. Things you might not even know about a close friend! There is an easy explanation for this, of course: the RGI can’t counter ideas, so they attack the holder. Resort to this smoke screen means further that the RGI is incapable of participating in an honest debate. When they call for an “honest debate” about race relations, they mean a “debate” in which anyone who might disagree with them, comes around to their viewpiont, admits his racism, and how wrong he was, and promises that he will support the RGI’s further efforts to keep racial tensions alive and hot.] I was told that racism wasn’t a big deal in this country, at least today. I was told that black-on-black crime was the real issue. I was told that black people were “out of control”. I was told this and that from those who seemed to can’t stand the subject of racism enough to want to virtually troll around and even derail topics.

Being told how wrong you are when you are a person of color discussing racism helps to kill the topic for seemingly personal and immoral reasons. Racism is a realistic subject that is just as important today as it was 40 years ago. When you have unarmed black people getting killed left and right by (mostly) white police, [Another example of RGI holy writ that is, simply, wrong. Unarmed black people are killed, in the vast, overwhelming majority, by other black people. However, this simple truth is something that BW cannot and will not face. ] for instance, racism becomes a possibility when it’s happening by the hundreds each year. [Again, BW’s assertion is easy to contradict with just a moment’s thought. “Hundreds” of incidents of racism — in a country of more than 300 million people is a frequency proving that America is the least racist country on earth — by very, very far. In a country of more than 300 million people, real racism would produce millions of incidents of racism each year.]  I’ve yet to hear about unarmed white citizens murdered by black cops at the exact same frequency. Until that happens, it’s quite understandable, like it or not, that racism is a factor. [Do you know the incidence of white deaths at the hands of the police? Without that knowledge, there’s no way of knowing whether it’s racism, or, for example, a cover-up. The fact that we do hear about black deaths, in excruciating detail, is concrete evidence that the country is not racist. What is the thing that all supporters of a cause want the most? Easy: awareness of their cause. Is anyone in America really unaware of the RGI’s various causes? Seriously?]

The subject of racism is so heavy and complex that it tires a soul out, a soul who’s aware that it exists. [I’ll go along with that, but nothing tires the soul more than struggling against imaginary enemies.] But it’s even more exhausting trying to convince naysayers that it’s still going on, and they don’t believe you no matter how hard to try to prove it. [Note: in all the back-and-forths, no one ever said it’s not still going on. They did, however, make the point, pretty convincingly, that it’s not that big a problem anymore.] The truth is you can’t ‘prove’ racism to them, because they are stuck in denial. [See the previous note. This is a serious problem of the RGI: trying desperately to argue against points no one else is even trying to make.] It’s as if they are willingly blind and ignorant to the obvious. Nothing can make them consider otherwise. [Kind of interesting, coming from someone who has repeatedly said that nothing ever, forever, not ever, will change his mind about anything.]

However, the other truth is that there is no argument when it’s open and plain for anyone to see. There is no “other side” to consider when certain groups of people are being demonized and dehumanized daily. [There are always other points of view. As many as there are people in the world. But, there is a simple truth: black people are not being demonized or dehumanized daily anywhere. Quite the contrary, people in America are agonizing about what can be done to improve the prospects and lives of all black Americans. Period.] But they exhaust themselves trying to convince me and others that the issue of racism is a minor topic compared to whatever they think is considered more important.

That is why I end up banning them from my den. In the end, they’re trying to tell me that my thoughts don’t matter, and that my feelings are insignificant. [Again, no one ever said this.]  In other words, I’m not supposed to get upset or scared whenever another black person is killed by a crazed cop. I’m not supposed to get angry that more and more young black folks are streaming to prison in record numbers for the most minor offenses. [Context needed: (1) Are whites streaming to jail also for minor offenses? (2) Are the blacks going to jail committing crimes? No one is suggesting that the America criminal justice system is perfect, but if it’s true that, as BW says, “young black folks are streaming to prison in record numbers for the most minor offenses” without understanding the context, that is perfectly meaningless.] I’m supposed to keep quiet when my people are constantly misrepresented in the media 24 hours a day. And I’m supposed to shut up when people bring up stupid reasons why people shouldn’t stand up against that and other forms of racism. [No one ever says this either. Everyone who has ever locked horns with people on BW’s blog has insisted that racism should be opposed wherever it appears. However, when BW admits he is a racist, he suggests that’s just okay, because it’s white people’s fault anyway. How is anyone supposed to counter racism, if there is some racism that’s okay, and other racism that’s not?]

We can not agree on the same thing. But when people start seeing that racism is not only real but terrible, maybe, just maybe there will be some progress. [More RGI strawmen. No one with any influence whatsoever has ever, at least in the past century, suggested that racism is not real or terrible.] Then again, not everyone is down with progress, and that is part of the problem.


  1. I feel your frustration and I live it as well. This current climate seems to be one long endless snuff film. I’ve seen Black people killed in real time more than I have ever at any point in my life. And yet, we are still blamed for being “wild” or “deserving” of such treatment. I have lost the ability to argue the point because if you can’t see what I’m saying then nothing I could say will make you see it. But let’s not be fooled into believing this is anything less than an agenda being put forward. And yet we have hashtags to label our pain and outrage as if they are revelations only we of the highly melaninated peoples knew existed.

    This summer is gonna be a hot one and methinks the powers that be are looking forward to the show.

    Excellent commentary Brotha. [Here’s an incoherent comment, from a generally incoherent commenter.]

  2. “Then again, not everyone is down with progress.” Preach. [Here’s another incoherent comment, from a generally incoherent commenter.]

  3. I express my thoughts and emotions, but there are those who will not approve and will find something wrong with that. And I strongly believe that it’s because I’m a person of color who dares to talk about racism.

    I don’t mind being told I’m wrong, but it gets on my nerves when the reasons why are mundane and weightless. And when I explain myself, it’s like talking to a broken record that repeats the same responses over and over. It’s like being told that my thoughts are worthless compared to the other person’s and that is the core of these isms and phobias against certain people that we have to deal with all the time.

    I’ve dealt with people, some claiming to be people of color, who told me that my focus is on a subject they felt was not important enough to mention. I was told that racism wasn’t a big deal in this country, at least today. I was told that black-on-black crime was the real issue. I was told that black people were “out of control”. I was told this and that from those who seemed to can’t stand the subject of racism enough to want to virtually troll around and even derail topics.

    Those trolls are of the worst kind – the ‘concern’ trolls pretending to be PoC, [More mystical, magical thinking of the RGI. Pretending to know — just by reading a few words on a web page — the race, thinking, feelings, and a lot more, about the writer. ] yet repeating, verbatim, the racist BS statistics and insane, inane rhetoric that has been spouted from any and every racist, separatist, supremacist and / or conservative “source.” [Oops! Giving away the game here! These people are not against racism at all. In fact, they like their own racism. “Sepultra13” gives away the real truth here: the RGI is nothing more than a collection of stooges of the American left. The reference to “conservative” sources gives it away. A source is a source is a source. If the information is correct, then the source is a good one, whether it be a leftist, rightist or centrist source. In decreeing that any source is illegitimate merely for its political predilections, the RGI does the usual illegitimate leftist tactic of trying to disprove the point by demonizing the source. ] Responding to them is an exercise in futility – you will only drive yourself mad as they suck you into their vortex of willful ignorance.

    I think the saddest thing is that some of these trolls are liberal saviours, who can’t be trusted any more than conservative, tea-bagging bigots…all political labels are anathema to me. [Yep. All political labels are anathema to this person. That’s why his previous sentence is groaning with … political labels. And a slur or two tossed in, just for fun.]

    Good article – we need to keep pointing out racism wherever it exists, even if others try to shout us down and drown us out. Save energy for that…not for engaging trolls in endless, rhetorical arguments that go nowhere.

    Just my $0.02…

  4. See that knowledge! [Wow! See that knowledge! To quote BW:  “I base my entries on events that are going on and use my own judgment based on a little research that doesn’t take a lot to do.  To be honest, I don’t have the time to do extensive research like I want to, nor do I have a scholarly mind.”] It’s your blog, your views, your opinions and your facts. [ If they don’t like it, then they need to start their own blog and not try to discredit yours. [This would be a valid point except for the nature of BW’s blog. In it he libels billions of people who look like me, and he puts it out there for the entire world to see. He shouldn’t expect (1) that no one would disagree with him, or (2) that no one among the libeled billions would take offense, or that (3) no one among the libeled billions would just quietly take it without defending themselves. If he does indeed have those expectations, then he’s an idiot.]

  5. Well, this is in response to certain commenters who, in literally so many words, have taken the time to express how wrong I am whenever an issue dealing that reflects who I am as a black person takes center stage and I write about it. – Brothawolf

    Bothawolf, you must remember, … Amerika has an ugly history of denying black folks some of the basics of life. How to read and write, denied the right for a black husband and wife to cohabitate by sending them to different plantations. In short, the objective of unprogressive and feeble minded whites is to deny you and the black man in general the right for you to see yourself as an autonomous (self-determining) human being. Generally, they want you to view yourself either as mere property or as a little boy and not having the right to fully express yourself. The ultimate goal of WHITEY is to deny you your humanity!

    The reason why whites are terrified of any black man that’s FREE not only as a thinker but physically as well, is because they know that if your imagination as a free thinker is arrested, well then, you are already defeated. On the other hand, any black man who’s firm about their position and who they are as a person, they then see you as a threat because you’re falling for their bullshit. Do not allow yourself to conform to the thinking of someone else. Never allow anyone to take away or deny that what you saw with your own two eyes (the shooting of black men) was in fact a lie. Also, if some former cave dweller does attempt this stunt, well then, they simply don’t deserve or qualify for a response from you. In other words, hurt their feelings with silence!

    Keep up the good work Brothawolf! [I’m leaving this overheated silliness uncommented upon, because “FreeThinker” responds below.]

  6. TeddyBearSniffer said:

    April 24, 2015 at 10:08 am

    I’m going to state something that might be hard for some or even you to believe. I think the mannerisms that CNN shows these reports of brutality alone against black persons might be just a way to perpetuate strong world wide stereotypes. It’s important to show the injustices committed but step back…. Step back and let’s really re-examine the country (US of A) because that’s what we are focused on. They won’t highlight or regurgitate any of the police brutality against several white people for a reason… It puts scale and highlights on white people in both urban and rural settings and shatters stereo type myths. CNN is literally exploiting and manipulating these facts… The media knows many folks will see the news and say that’s just another unruly dead ” ” and move on and further add to their stereotypical subconsciousness… [As incoherent and paranoid as this is, FreeThinker responds effectively to it as well, below.]

  7. FreeThinker said:

    April 24, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    Hogwash! If you put your ideas out there, you should expect that there just might be people who might disagree with you. [Bang!] If you’re telling them to shutup, then you’re no different from what you’re trying to condemn. [Double Bang!] And, no Katina, you DON’T get to have your own facts. The facts are the facts are the facts… no one owns them. [Triple Bang!] By saying that Brotha Wolf has his own facts you’re just saying that he gets to make crap up. [Yep. No one owns the facts.] And blakksage, you’re bringing up stuff that hasn’t been seen in 150 years and talking like it’s today. I’m calling BS on you. If you continue to put out garbage like this, it’s no wonder there are people calling you on it. They’re not trolls, theyre free thinkers. [Wow! In a few lines, FreeThinker demolishes a large chunk of BW’s post and subsequent comments.]

  8. Those arguments you listed in regards to posters nay-saying racism, [What does this mean? No one has denied racism. In fact, because of this constant brainless accusation of “racism denial,” literally all commenters have gone way out of their way to assert — over and over and over and over again — that they understand that white racism (the type Herneith is referring to) exists.] are nothing but deflective retorts to the topic of racism. I say mock em! Since they try to trivialize Black folks feelings, I say do the same thing! Nothing pisses them off more that a thankless ‘cullud’ ain’t ‘listening to them. Besides, they really can’t be taken seriously, but that’s their point isn’t it? [Herneith’s posts are typically pointless, stupid and illiterate.]

  9. ColonialistThinker said: “And blakksage, you’re bringing up stuff that hasn’t been seen in 150 years and talking like it’s today. I’m calling BS on you. They’re not trolls, theyre free thinkers.”

    Let me tell you something BOY. [Lol! No problem here! As it turns out, FreeThinker is a girl, and a “brown girl” at that! “blakksage,” like the rest of the RGI is absolutely uninterested in understanding things on which he expounds volubly.] You don’t get the right to tell me how to respond to a blog post. [So true! If you wish to respond like complete half-wit, you’re well within your rights!] You may have a better chance to succeed at sitting your little wrinkle ass on a chair filled with needles, but not here with me. [Huh?] And you incorrect again to say that trolls are something other than those who attempt to derail the posted topic, just like you’re trying to do here. You are an EFFing troll! [Ooooohhh… well, that does it! “blakksage” says FreeThinker is a troll. Now it’s on the internet, so it must be true.]

    However, you are correct when you state than I speak of things that took place over 150 years ago as if they’re still taking place today. Practically the same shit is still happening today as they did for more than 150 years ago. [Big claim!  Does “blakksage” back it up with something? With anything? Nope. He just says it.]

    Even further, I take personal offense to that because black people was on this continent even prior to Christopher Columbus’ bitch ass brought slaves for a personal fee against their will. [Oh? What black people were in America before the arrival of Christopher Columbus? Serious question. If there were such people, I’d love to know better that aspect of pre-European American history. However, I looked around — only cursorily, I admit — and found nothing that indicates that there were black Africans here in America before Columbus.] In fact, I take offense again because my ancestors were brought here within the hull of an EFFing slave ship over 400 years ago, not a mere 150 years ago. [Okay. That was, of course, the best thing that ever happened to “blakksage,” if not to his unfortunate ancient ancestors. Without that tragic event some 400 years ago, bs (1) either wouldn’t exist, or (2) would be living today somewhere in Africa, where he’d have considerably worse prospects than here in America.] Give credit where credit is due, … nincompoop! Get your facts together before making a darn fool of yourself BOY! Isn’t Amerikkka still grappling with the following?

    Discrimination and racism against blacks
    Thuggification of blacks
    Marginalization of blacks
    Extrajudicial killing of blacks
    Criminalization of blacks
    Ghettoization of blacks
    Murdering of unarmed black men
    Economic, social political disenfranchisement of blacks

    ColonialistThinker, are we not still dealing with the same bullshit TODAY, as we did with stupid ass white folks over 400 years ago?? Aren’t we BOY! [Despite, bs’s paroxysm of dyspepsia, FreeThinker responds devastatingly, below.]

    Sick ass white boys like you make me EFFing sick. I will never conform my thinking and behavior to be consistent with yours or any other former cave dweller. You and other trolls will never pull this conformity thinking on me or to make me feel as if what I’m saying is wrong. Therefore, you may as well do what a lot of white folks are notorious for doing when they want to feel as if they’re still in control, either go and ph**k your sister or ask your mother to get down on her knees at the threshold of your zipper for a little comfort. [I left in this gratuitous, obscene nitwittery, because FreeThinker responds to it, and in typically effective fashion.]

    Now, go ahead and post your second weak ass post which I’m certain will amount to saying nothing!

  10. Brothawolf, thanks for banning these trolls. Keep speaking the truth!

  11. FreeThinker said:

    April 25, 2015 at 3:49 am

    @Blakksage, that has to have been one of the funniest posts I think I’ve ever read. It was so full of paranoid, brain-dead, nonsensical hoo-hah that for a moment I figured you MUST be joking. No one REALLY believes all that stupid garbage! But, apparently, YOU do. By the way, I like that your initials are bs, because it’s so fitting. So, since I think you’re actually telling the truth, and that you DO believe all that dimwitted tripe you posted, I’ll answer you as if you WERE serious. [Now do you see why I’m growing to like this FreeThinker person? She sees things a bit as I do and writes a bit like me!]

    Go ahead, show me where slavery is STILL taking place. Show me where you don’t have the right to express yourself. Were you somehow censored in THIS blog (like I will be, and a bunch of others who disagreed with Brotha Wolf)? Where the WHOLE “EFFing” WORLD can see your luminescent thinking? [Pow!] Whites are so terrified of a free black man that they voted overwhelmingly to put one in the most powerful office in the world, to have quite a lot of power over ALL white men in America. Yeah. Ok. [Double… okay, you know what I mean.]

    Serious question: Are you an idiot? Or are YOU a troll? Maybe you’re PURPOSELY putting out this kind of demented slop to make BLACK people look stupid. Because, if I were a black person (I’m not, nor am I white), I’d be embarrassed to have you agree with me. [Wow! I didn’t see this angle! This is a good point. I never thought that there just might be RGI commenters saying such amazingly stupid things, in order to discredit the RGI! If so, I’m not sure how one would (1) determine that, or (2) do anything about it. The truth is that on a blog, anyone can say they are anything at all, and there’s no real way to disprove it. That’s why I’m adamant about attacking only ideas, never the holder of those ideas. If someone says something ridiculous, then call him on it. Simple as that. Don’t however, attack the one expressing the thought, because you simply can never know who it is.  I could say I’m President Obama, and  there’s nothing under the sun you could do to confirm or disprove my claim.] 

    And you talk about the few dozens of black men who are killed by cops each year, while your friend “TeddyBearSniffer” is telling about all the WHITE guys being shot that the media just aren’t telling us about! You guys are so full of schizoid, irrational rantings, you wouldn’t know it when one of your other personalities bit you full on the a**!  [Slight edit of offensive word. I do try to run a clean blog here.]

    So, no as a country we don’t struggle with thuggification of blacks. No, we don’t marginalize blacks, we make them the President. [Oof! Wow! Is there any counter to this? Not from this crowd!] No we don’t criminalize blacks. Black criminals criminalize black criminals. Duh! [FreeThinker just keeps coming and coming!] No, as a country, we don’t ghettoize black people, black people separate themselves. No we don’t murder unarmed black men, BLACK MEN murder unarmed black men, women and children, you moron. [Here, FreeThinker steps close to the line that I don’t permit, in unburdening herself of a gratuitous insult. However, her point that mostly “black men murder other black men” is highly relevant.] And, no, there is no economic disenfranchisement of black people. Here’s where you will drop the ball again: give me HARD EVIDENCE of ANY of what you say. [Oooof! This is where the RGI fails miserably. They are very long on emotionalism and the irrational, very short on actual evidence to support what they say. I mentioned Abagond, above. Abagond tries to be calm and intellectual, but ends up doing the same as BW — banning dissenters and other thinkers. The only evidence worth considering is evidence that stands up to scrutiny and well-thought out challenges. FreeThinker’s next paragraph is very hard-hitting, if a bit over-the-line. However, if you see how bs referred to her above, then it makes it difficult for me to chastise here. She wouldn’t be allowed to post like that here, though. 🙂 ]

    Go ahead. Offer some HARD EVIDENCE of ANYTHING you say, because if you don’t then you’re just a low-IQ blowhard, following the Man like all the other sheep. Only this time, “the Man” is a racist sleazeball with dark skin. I gave you HARD EVIDENCE: The President of the United States. Want some more? Here you go. Why, it’s on this very blog! Right here: . Read Lavern’s Fourth Paragraph where she tells about all the black governors, mayors, aldermen, state senators all across the land. Oh, and she even mentions the President of the United States? Marginalized? I don’t think so! Ghettoized? Is the White House in a ghetto? Discrimination? Is being elected President, or governor or senator or alderman or mayor discrimination? You have some WEIRD thoughts about discrimination! [Youch! How does the RGI counter this?!? Simple answer: they don’t, but they do demonize, and ultimately censor, FreeThinker… and anyone else who’s a free thinker.]

    Don’t worry, Broth Wolf won’t have the ba**s to publish this, so you can just stay in your own p***pot of hatred, ignorance, bigotry, and fake anger, and all the while pretend you’re all righteous and noble, when you’re really just pathetic. [That is my editing of some crude language that FreeThinker has used here.]

    As for your penultimate (use a dictionary) paragraph. Yep. YOU’RE a real man, YOU are, with that kind of thinking going on in your head. Ooooooohhhh… crazy black man is all proud of himself that he can talk like poor white trash to a brown girl, and feel all big and strong. [And here FreeThinker reveals that she’s a “brown girl.” “blakksage” was derisively calling her “Boy” as a way to use a racial slur against her, and she bats it back into his face and routs his arguments at the same time.]

    You’re an embarrassment. But then so is Brotha Wolf’s ignorant, whiny pile of s**t original post that started this whole whine fest in the first place.
    🙂 [And with a final, dismissive parting shot, FreeThinker completes a thorough dismantling of a good chunk of RGI argumentation.]

    • I thought I said goodbye. [Read: Haven’t I censored you yet? ]

      • FreeThinker said:

      @bs, you said: “Even further, I take personal offense to that because black people was on this continent even prior to Christopher Columbus’ bitch ass brought slaves for a personal fee against their will.”

      You take personal offense because you have no HARD EVIDENCE to support what you say, while I’ve given you a PILE of HARD EVIDENCE that supports what I say. Go ahead, prove THAT wrong.

      Whether or not you want to admit it, that long ago incident where black Africans sold your ancestors to slavers was the best thing that ever happened to YOU. Not to them. To you. Without that, you either wouldn’t even exist, or you’d be living in some godforsaken hellhole in Africa. Go ahead, prove THAT wrong.

      In that african hellhole, if you tried to talk like you do here, you’d die immediately. Go ahead prove THAT wrong.
      If you can’t prove those things, or at least show some HARD EVIDENCE, rather than incoherent, illiterate blustering, then you prove only that you’re just an ignorant blowhard.

      • This asshole ‘Free Thinker’ can go [foul language deleted] himself as can others of his ilk. He writes of your ‘anger’, but he sounds angrier than anyone here. Even if he/she isn’t ‘white’, so what? Folks look to your own because many other racialized people are just as racist if not more so than their white counterparts when it comes to people of African descent. [Got that? Lots of black and brown people hate black and brown people too! The RGI is nothing if not thoroughly paranoid!]

        In essence, this piece or [foul language deleted] wouldn’t dare speak or carry on in person to a black person. [Oh, how does Herneith know this? More of those RGI superpowers, I guess. More to the point, though, is Herneith saying that a black person would harm someone who disagrees with them? Doesn’t speak well of black people!] Hell, they may even spout what whites call ‘politically’ corrects sound bites and slogans. They reserve their vitriol for blogs such as this under the guise of ‘debate’. [foul language deleted], he is under no obligation to ‘debate’ you or your fellow fucking agony aunties. This guy has the patience of Job when it comes to [foul language deleted] like you. Anyhow, [foul language deleted] off and good riddance to [foul language deleted] such as yourself! I curse because, unlike long drawn out bloviations, cussing is concise and to the point. Oh and you don’t debate lunatics. [Not that this is unusual, but Hernieth hasn’t been paying attention. FreeThinker is a girl. Her “cussing” just makes her sound stupid and uneducated. The stupid and uneducated can be concise too. But, they’re still stupid and uneducated.]

  1. ColonialistThinker said: “Ooooooohhhh… crazy black man is all proud of himself that he can talk like poor white trash to a brown girl, and feel all big and strong.”

    You’re so darn funny ColonialistThinker,! Just like I thought, you’d respond with a post that’s either off topic; literally saying nothing or another childish rant! In fact, you just barely qualify for a response. Move on free thinking TROLL! [And with the very lame reply, “blakksage” gives up. This is the last anyone hears from anyone on this thread for a while. This is because BW has censored anyone who disagrees with him. That means, of course, that anyone who has anything interesting at all is forbidden from this site.]

  2. Mary Burrell said:

    April 25, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    Keep speaking the truth Wolf, screw these butt hurt racist blood clots. [I have to applaud the efforts of the RGI to come up with new and creative insults. “Racist blood clots?” Lol!]


Update: There have been a few new posts on this thread, none of them very intelligent. It’s worth noting, however, that “Lavern” jumped in and tried, weakly, to debunk what FreeThinker said above (Reminder: When FT pointed out how Lavern had pointed out all the successful black people in America.) Here is Lavern’s post, with, of course, our red, bracketed comments:

Lavern said:

You forget that the White House has been LILY-WHITE for years and please don’t use my point about black people overcoming the many obstacles placed before them to aide (sic) your stupidity. Those people what there are of them got where they are in SPITE of discrimination that’s what I was saying. I’m pretty sure if you ask the people I was talking about they will tell many horror stories about the racism they faced on there path to a better life. Or do I have to remind you of all the blatant and subtle racism President Obama dealt with before and after his election? You are missing the forest for the trees my friend.

[Despite Lavern’s obvious illiteracy, it seems evident that what she says above bolsters FreeThinker’s point even more! Talk about progress! the White House is the home of a black man! To find the abuses and crimes to which the RGI constantly refers, you have to go farther and farther into the past. I’ve noticed a remarkable thing in all the debates with the RGI: They spend the vast majority of their time bringing up the past. There’s a simple reason for this, of course: the evidence of white racism today is scanty at best. Read Barack Obama’s autobiographical writings, and it’s difficult to conclude anything but that his life has been filled with the exact opposite of discrimination from whites. It’s impossible, of course, to find examples of racism against Obama from the moment he came to widespread public attention. Quite the contrary. Talk about kid glove treatment! Especially by the very people who are supposed to be skeptical of the people in power: the media.]

— xPraetorius


(1) – Does anyone else see the parallels with left-wing totalitarianism around the world? If you look at Stalinism, Maoism, Nazism, Castroism, Titoism (the former Yugoslavia), Kim-ism (North Korea), Ho-ism (Vietnam) and on and on and on, the pattern never varies. The left takes power carrying the banner of ever greater “freedom,” then clamps down on anything resembling freedom, punishing generally with death, or with torture and incapacitation, any dissent. However, the dissent I described above — the authorities were too gentle on the enemy — is not only allowed, but encouraged.

(2) – Because it is still perfectly safe — and socially acceptable — to say the most disgusting things about white men. Therefore, if someone with whom you disagree becomes a bit difficult to bring down, just accuse him or her of being a “white man” (therefore a racist, sexist, etc…) and you have no further need to develop an actual argument to counter his. Yes, it’s the lazy way out, but there is nothing more characteristic of the RGI, and the American left, than intellectual laziness.

(3) – There are honest leftists, as we pointed out here, but we consider them “Conservatives-To-Be.” Honesty and leftism are incompatible characteristics. One will always destroy the other. Always. Either the honest person will sacrifice his honesty and become a leftist (generally for social acceptance purposes), or the leftist will recognize that he cannot be a leftist and continue to be an honest person, and therefore becomes a Conservative. Important Note: there is another vitally important component of leftism: intellectual laziness. That characteristic can allow the honest — but ignorant — leftist to remain ignorant, and in so doing, continue to be honest. He can continue to believe what is patently stupid, or dishonest, or wrong, or long-disproven, and remain an “honest leftist,” because he is too intellectually lazy to examine his own beliefs. These people are known as: “Professor,” and “Distinguished Professor,” and we outlined that process here. It’s a bit like the person who in 1491 believed — perfectly honestly — that the earth was flat. He was wrong, but he was honest. Today’s leftist is really today’s flat-earther.

(4) – WordPress automatically generates the URL based on the Headline that you give your blog post. The original title is reflected in the URL that WordPress gave BW’s first draft. Here’s the original URL in HTML:

(5) – He’s been blogging since April of 2011, and his blog boasts of more than 310,000 views. He’s obviously “speaking.” It may be more accurate to say that he shows no indication that he’ll ever shut up! 🙂 And, in fact, we encourage his volubility. He, and others, are rich sources of insight into the ovine herds of the Race Grievance Industry. Also, he advertises his presence on twitter (here) where he announces that: “I howl for truth, justice and love. Visit my blog to see what’s on the mind of a black wolf. In a wolf’s den.” Follow BW’s blog, as I do, and you soon find out that “love” has very little to do with it, and that by love, BW means white-hot hatred. Needless to say, my understanding of BW’s blog’s content is that he really has very little interest in truth or justice either. We described the “justice” that interests BW here. It’s not justice at all, but rather revenge, free stuff, validation and excuses. However, it’s plain that BW is under no restraint as far as speaking is concerned.

(6) – Brotha Wolf freely admits that he’s a racist. He then justifies his evil by saying that he has no choice in white racism-riddled America. Some commentators on his blog have suggested that, just maybe, people who do bad things are responsible themselves for the evil they do, but that is, as shown in the RGI’s holy writ, against the narrative, and must be denied with high dudgeon, indignation, and rage.

(7)That was easy. I don’t use bad words in my personal life either.

(8) – “FreeThinker” says she is a “brown girl.” I have no proof that she is, or is not, exactly what she says she is. However, in this hyper-sensitive environment, I don’t even know what “brown girl” means. Is she Hispanic, Indian, American Indian, Hawaiian, Polynesian, Micronesian, Indonesian, Filipina? Is she even a “she?” I have no idea, and I can prove absolutely nothing but, frankly, I don’t care. She’s a person. All that’s important is what she says, and what she thinks. If either of these things is objectionable in any way, then all that needs to happen is for someone to point that out, and back it up. Period.

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