Impossible to Overstate How Scary THIS Is!

First some background: As you all know, I’ve been duking it out recently with the Race Grievance Industry. I’ve made the point that, overall at least, the cops aren’t racist, and the incidents that have recently taken place — the Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other incidents — do not support the case that the cops are racist.

Some surely are, but there is no indication that there are more racists in the police force than there are in the general public, where racism — at least among white Americans — is increasingly rare.

I should clarify a bit. I’m no automatic fan of the police. Yes, I’m grateful for the efforts of the very many great cops out there, but it has to be admitted that there are some bad ones. And these bad ones will sometimes just “follow orders,” as, apparently, they did in Wisconsin.

I’m referring to this.

Typically, when people mention both the United States and, say, “The Gestapo,” in the same breath, I’m the first to deride the ridiculous, over-the-top exaggeration.

And yet…

Read David French’s column in National Review.

— xPraetorius





7 thoughts on “Impossible to Overstate How Scary THIS Is!

  1. It is scary, isn’t it? Our rights always hang in a very delicate balance and it’s disheartening to see such abuses of authority. That’s a really powerless feeling because you are at their mercy.

    I’m always looking for a silver lining, so in a way I think some of these incidents are a good thing. Maybe they’ll increase awareness of what’s been going on and maybe they’ll dispel some myths about the racial nature of these incidents.

    1. I share both your concern and your hope, IB! Here in an era of the least actual racial friction in the history of the country (of the world?) the RGI is doing its level best to keep racism alive.

      However, the real threat to all of us — no matter our race or any other characteristic — is government abuse run amok.

      The longer the race smokescreen is around, the less attention we will pay, as a people, to serious menaces such as what is still going on in Wisconsin.


      — x

    1. It’s certainly one way to kill our freedom, DakWolf55! We can’t ever take for granted that our freedoms are perpetual; written into the fabric of America. They’re not, and the “John Doe” abuses in Wisconsin offer stark proof of that.

      Much, of vast importance, hangs in the balance, depending on the results of these truly fascistic abuses of power by the petty Wisconsin tyrant named John Chisholm.


      — x

  2. Wow! This IS scary! I haven’t seen ANYTHING about this in the media! Is anyone covering it at all?

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