More Fireworks Over at the RGI!

A Commenter absoutely DISMANTLES the Race Grievance Industry’s arguments in several really well-written, no-holds-barred, knock-out posts. 

Holy Mackerel!

I’ve been watching with interest what turned out to be explosive fireworks over at a blog run by one of the pawns of the Race Grievance Industry! Over at Brotha Wolf‘s (BW) blog, an incredibly interesting commenter, a black man calling himself “FastForward,”(1) came in and absolutely tore to shreds Brotha Wolf’s nonsensical attempt to use a single incident — the killing of a black man, Walter Scott, by the white now ex-cop Michael Slager — to make the claim that all of America is awash in white racism against blacks.

Needless to say, after FastForward had demolished BW’s blustering,(2)  BW banned him. That is the way of the left in America. Their arguments can’t stand up to any real scrutiny, so they simply don’t permit any scrutiny. This’s why shouting down, name-calling, insults, slander and libel are all vital components of the leftist “debate” technique.

Interestingly, I’ve participated equally in left-wing and right-wing blogs and forums, and I’ve never once seen a right-wing blog ban anyone. I’ve seen left-wing blogs ban many. And I’ve been banned from many left-wing blogs. That’s not an accident, and it says a lot about the differences between the two intellectual tendencies.

In this exchange, FastForward was never anything but polite and civil. Heck, FastForward was … nice! He fell all over himself to point out areas where he and BW agreed, and even indicated that they might just agree overall, but be in disagreement over particulars. And all this, despite FastForward’s being called a liar, a white man, a “denialist,” and other silly names.

You’ll see that eventually BW bans FastForward in a terse post that says nothing more than “You’re banned.” It might as well read, “You win.” Or, “No mas,” Or, “I just don’t have any ammunition left.” Or, “This black man has confused me, and I want my mommy.”

BW’s post is tendentious and long on “just sayin'” while short on supporting evidence. However, the comments are what interested me the most. Most of them are short, but both BW and FastForward tend to go on at length. FastForward has an annoying habit of ignoring paragraphs, and that makes what he writes particularly difficult to follow. I have taken the liberty of adding paragraphs where I think they’re indicated, for greater readability. I’ll indicate that addition with the following symbol:

Needless to say, as those of you who follow this blog know, I’ve added inline commentary as well — [in square brackets and red font].


Another Black Man Down

I feel like I’m writing the same article over and over again whenever a black person’s life is cut down by a cop whose usual excuse is that he was protecting himself even though he was armed and his victim wasn’t. Such is certainly the case in my home state of South Carolina when another brotha left this word violently by a negrophobic-apparent cop. [Ex-cop: Michael Slager. Interesting coinage, “negrophobic.” Is this the next totemic word to enter the English language? Like “homophobic?” And “islamophobic?”  I guess that makes BW “blancophobic?” Note: there’s nothing whatsoever in the incident that indicates anything more than that Slager, the killer ex-cop, is anything but a corrupt cop, except that he’s white, while his victim is black. BW and company are completely oblivious to the possibility that Slager is merely a corrupt cop and a jerk, and not a racist at all. Or, that he’s neither, and something else entirely.]

In a neighborhood in North Charleston, Officer Michael Slager shot eight rounds [For accuracy’s sake, Slager missed with three rounds.] into Walter Scott, a black male who was running away at the time. He got shot in the back five times. He was apparently unarmed when he died at the scene. [The video is extremely difficult to watch. You are literally watching a man die before your eyes. And there seems to be nothing that could possibly justify what you are watching. I was struck by the contrast of the horror that Americans felt at watching this video, as they shrugged off the videos of islamic lunatics sawing off the heads of children. I have no explanation for this.]

Slager, like almost all cops in similar incidents, said that he feared for this life. If there’s one thing most cops, especially white cops fear and hate the most is a black man, including those of the unarmed variety. [Or, as seems apparent, Slager was simply lying, and didn’t fear for his life at all. The law, of course, allows a police officer to use deadly force if he reasonably fears for his life. It’s hard to see how Slager feared for his life. Hence, there is a huge temptation for any cop involved in a shooting incident to say that he feared for his life. Evidence indicated that Darren Wilson, in Ferguson, Missouri, did, indeed, reasonably fear for his life. Similar evidence has yet to surface in support of Slager’s contention.] Slager said that Scott tried to reach for his stun gun during a scuffle at a traffic stop. But a video has surfaced showing the murder from start to finish questioning the police report.

The New York Times reports:

“The shooting unfolded after Officer Slager stopped the driver of a Mercedes-Benz with a broken taillight, according to police reports. Mr. Scott ran away, and Officer Slager chased him into a grassy lot that abuts a muffler shop. He fired his Taser, an electronic stun gun, but it did not stop Mr. Scott, according to police reports.

Moments after the struggle, Officer Slager reported on his radio: “Shots fired and the subject is down. He took my Taser,” according to police reports.

But the video, which was taken by a bystander and provided to The New York Times by the Scott family’s lawyer, presents a different account. [This should immediately arouse suspicion. I’m no automatic supporter of policeman, but videos are incredibly easy to fabricate and manipulate.] The video begins in the vacant lot, apparently moments after Officer Slager fired his Taser. Wires, which carry the electrical current from the stun gun, appear to be extending from Mr. Scott’s body as the two men tussle and Mr. Scott turns to run.”

Slager has been fired and charged for the murder of Scott. [Oops. That’s not supposed to happen! The white cop is supposed to get away with it, even in the presence of a damning video! 🙂 Darn that RGI narrative anyway!]

Some say that the video is what led to the firing and charging of Michael Slager. [Uhhhh… ya think?!?!] They say that if the video didn’t exist, Slager would’ve gotten off lightly with probably a suspension or some other light sentence. [Now, this is mildly interesting. The cops are agents of the government. As you all know, this blog is not at all friendly to big, overweening, heavy-handed government. We are all in favor of limits on the ability of the government to control the behavior of its citizens. Period. FastForward appears to agree with this premise — as does BW — but then they both go their separate ways again.] Given the history of white cops [Checking the actual evidence, (1) there is no indication that white cops kill black men more than the black male violent crime rate, and (2) that white cops kill black men more than black cops do. Admittedly, these are not the only questions that need to be answered, but they are a few of the obvious ones that must be answered before painting America with the “racist” brush. Can you tell me when you have seen anyone from the RGI address these questions?] killing black men and have gotten nothing more than a tap on the wrist, I’d say that this case will likely go in favor of Slager. [Frankly, absent evidence at least as convincing as that which exonerated Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO, Slager’s goose is cooked.] It’s sad to assume it will happen, but remember where we live. [Oh? Where do you live? Surely it’s a place you’re trying desperately to leave, right? Surely you are trying your level best to get on the next boat outta here, right? If not, you’re a fraud, and a charlatan.] We stay in America where the killing of a black person means nothing to society and even less to cops who hate and fear black folks. [See previous note. I mean, c’mon! There are literally millions trying desperately to come here and none of them have the same skin color as the so-called “dominant race”  in America. There must be a reason for this, and it sure as heck is not because America is a racist country! Duh!]

Recently, I’ve been getting a heavy influx of people, some claiming to be black, [This is a snide accusation that some visitors to his blog who claim to be black are, actually, not black, ie: white. Let’s be honest here. BW is calling them liars. Pure and simple] that deny that racism is a significant problem in this nation. [Is BW pretending that this is just not debatable?] I can only guess that they would likely blame Walter Scott for his own death. [A simple truth: if he had not run, he’d be alive today. Some people make poor choices. Apparently, Scott had a history of making poor choices. He had a record a mile long. Now, let’s examine more poor choices. A man chooses to take the highway instead of back roads to his destination. In a freak accident, a large truck falls off an overpass and crushes the man in his car. True story. One second either way, and the man would have been watching the newscasts about the terrible truck accident from the comfort of his home, in the warm embrace of his family. Of what was he guilty? Of being in the wrong place at the wrong time] If he had been more of a “respectable” man, he would’ve been alive today. [Or: if he hadn’t fled — as neither you or I would have — he’d be alive today. Or, if he hadn’t encountered Micahel Slager he’d be alive today. Or, or, or… a millon “or’s.” One thing is certain, he freakin’s shouldn’t have tried to run away! Duh!]

The main argument I seem to get are that black people are “too wild”. [A certain “reality_check” tried to make this argument, but BW and his disciples were having none of it. He immediately declared off-topic anything having to do with black culture itself.] We seem to be entrenched in this killer criminality plague that is responsible for half the murders in this nation, or so the argument goes. [This is incoherent, but I think I know what BW means. A simple statistic: over half the murders committed in America each year, are perpetrated by black men. ] Yet, no one has been able to come up with an explanation as to why that’s so, but one logical cause they won’t accept is white supremacy. [Agreed. No none has come up with that explanation. However, that’s probably because the western legal idea of responsibility for a crime is pretty simple to summarize: You did it? You’re responsible for it. As a rule, there are only additional parties peripherally responsible. For example, if you shoot someone at the orders of someone else, yes, you are mostly responsible, but you can usually dodge the maximum sentence if you give up the name of the dude who paid you to do it. Still, you’re gonna do time.]

Some people can’t or won’t fathom that this is still a racist society. [Sorry, no hard evidence seems to support this conclusion. Period. I asked for, and numerous others asked for, some kind of hard evidence to indicate this. There was never any such evidence forthcoming. A “racist society” should produce some hard evidence that it is a racist society. That’s not a difficult understanding to swallow.]  They don’t seem to comprehend that racism has taken on the form of a complex monster that is still out for colored blood. [Okay: hard evidence, please. Just an eentsie, weentsie, teenie, weenie, morsel of such evidence, please? Just one? Please?] Why are so many black people getting killed by cops? [Ahh! Hard evidence! Right? Nope. A few dozen each year. Each one is an infinite loss, but read this well, none of them is even remotely close to “proof” that we live in a racist society. Duh.] Is it because black people are out of control and deserve what they get? [No one ever suggested that shooting victims “deserved what they got.” Typical leftist or RGI tactic of arguing against a point that no one ever tried to make.] Or is it due to the police’s psychological fear and disdain for black life that can not be explain in a few words?

As we witness another black man dying at the hands of a white cop as we watch the gruesome video, some people will not accept this as probable proof that racism exists. [Another RGI strawman. No one ever tried to make the point that “racism doesn’t exist.” BW harped on this fraudulent objection so much that one was forced to wonder whether he had some mental impediment. Nope. He’s just bull-headed. Which is a particularly stupid way to choose to be. (<– read that last well.)] They will boil this down to an isolated incident, even though it’s part of a long chain of “isolated incidents”, each strikingly so similar. [A “long chain” of dozens of such incidents. In a country of more than 300 million, that’s — sorry — no big deal. Not, that is, if you’re trying to understand the actual truth, and not some truth you’d like to fabricate for whatever reason.] When people continue to deny racism of this caliber, you can best believe that the slaughter of black folks by white cops will continue.  [Slaughter? Really? Should we examine that word? I’m perfectly open to the word, if it’s true. Look: a few dead people — of any race whatsoever — doesn’t constitute a “slaughter.” I’m second to no one in decrying the loss of even one innocent life (I’m pro-life). Heck, I’m second to no one in decrying the loss of one guilty life. All life is infinitely precious. But, let’s be blunt, Brotha Wolf is perfectly fine with thousands of black people dying violent deaths each year at the hands of black men in American cities, as long as he gets out the word that whitey — who didn’t actually do it … somehow did it. What an idiot. The blood of dead black men, women and children is all over the hands of the Race Grievance Industry, and of people like “Brotha Wolf.” ]

  1. Very well said!

  2. The cop in the video was pretty calm about the whole thing. Like it wasn’t his first time shooting someone in the back.

    All his supporters on the internet don’t have to worry. He’ll most likely be acquitted. [Oh? Not paying attention, are you?]

  3. FastForward said:

    April 10, 2015 at 1:48 am

    @Brothawolf, when are you going to stop arguing against points that no one’s ever tried to make? You keep saying over and over again that “some people will not accept this as probable proof that racism exists.” No one is denying that racism exists. I’ve never seen anyone deny on your blog that white racism exists. [Bingo!] And it sure looks like this cop is in BIG trouble. But, why did he do it? Who knows? If it was racism, you can be pretty sure that he’s going to death row. If he would have done that to ANYONE then he won’t go to death row, but he’ll go to jail for the rest of his life. Either way he’s going to pay for it. [Bingo again!] Whether he’s a racist or not. Not EVERY interaction between a white person and a black person is all about race. [Oops! We can’t let that simple, obvious truth out!] Everyone knows there was no reason to shoot Walter Scott as he ran away. [No, FastForward, everyone saw the video. That’s rather hugely different! In America, we still have the presumption of innocence for all crime suspects.] That just makes the cop a jerk. But if Walter Scott had been white and the cop had shot him down, he’d be just as dead and no one would have heard a thing about it, because the media don’t give a damn if a white cop kills a white man. [Good point!] And the cop would STILL be just as much of a jerk. Unless you’re going to tell me now that black lives are worth more than white lives. [Another good point!]

    What the cop in South Carolina did sure LOOKED like murder, but it was right here on this blog that I read that cop killings are down by a HUGE percentage from just a few years ago. I think it was that guy you banned who said it. [Probably “flyonthewall,” a blog commenter who wiped out BW’s arguments, and was, of course, banned. 🙂 ] So I went and looked it up, which you could have done too. I’m not sure what the guy was reading, but in the past 15 years or so the statistics show about two ARREST-RELATED deaths per day across the country. [Oops! There’s a wrinkle! This guy is arguing for BW!] Most of the ones killed are white, and blacks are disproportionately more than their percentage in the population. What would you expect? We commit disproportionately more crime. [Oops again. FastFroward exposes BW’s intellectual bankruptcy. Double oops… as you will see, you are not supposed to mention black crime statistics!] But still more whites die in arrest-related incidents every year than blacks. [Whoa! I didn’t know that! Focus only on shootings, and you apparently lose the larger picture!]  They apparently didn’t give the numbers of blacks or whites SHOT and killed each year by the police because those numbers are hard to determine and not all that large anyway. By the way, my source is Mother Jones magazine, a completely left-wing publication. Here’s the link: [Ummmm…Pow! FastForward scores a huge point! A huge card-carrying member of the Race Grievance Industry — Mother Jones Magazine — finds a significant statistic that refutes all that BW is trying to say. I’m assumig that this is what FastForward means when he says that BW ought to provide some support for what he says. 🙂 ]

    So it’s obvious that there’s just no epidemic of black people dying because of their involvement with law enforcement. Even Mother Jones denies it! It’s just that the media have decided to focus on that now. They’ll focus on some other fake thing tomorrow. [Yep. That’s stating the obvious!]

    I already told you about what I think of your silly ideas on white supremacy. It’s old, feeble, and dying. It’s not a problem anymore, but it was once decades ago. [Okay… FastForward throws BW a bone] And before you go arguing against something I never said, there ARE white people who believe in it still. But they have no power over anyone or anything. [Good point.] You and I both know this. Also, to say “White Supremacy” says a whole bunch and it says nothing. It’s such a vague thing that how could you argue for it or against it? What does it mean? There’s certainly no white supremacy in the law. That’s all in OUR court, baby! Where else? Politics? Two words: Barack Obama. The cities? We OWN the cities! We’ve owned them for more than 60 years. [Another good point.] Everyone knows that the future of ANY country is in the cities. WE hold the cities. WE hold the future. How about sports? No white supremacy there. Where else? Where do white people REALLY prevent us from doing any damn thing we want to do in America? [And FF finishes off a withering demolition of BW’s White Supremacy silliness.]

    • I’m just curious to know what makes you think there is no system of white supremacy? Describe it point by point if possible. [Just a sentence or two above, FF indicated that “White Supremacy” really doesn’t mean anything. He makes a try at answering this later, though. It’s funny…the previous paragraph could be used as a summation as to why there’s no “system of white supremacy” in America. That can be summed up in FF’s last rhetorical question: “Where do white people REALLY prevent us from doing any d**n thing we want to do in America?”]

    • reality_check said:

      April 11, 2015 at 4:45 am

      Welcome back.

  4. FastForward said:

    April 10, 2015 at 1:54 am

    It may surprise you, brothawolf that I’ve been in favor of uniform cameras and dashboard cameras for years. The reason is simple. The cops are agents of the government. I don’t trust the government. The more checks we have on the power of the government the better. You say the cops are racist, then you’re saying the government’s racist. Might as well start cutting back the government. But anytime anyone ever suggests that, WE accuse them of, you guessed it, racism! [Well. FF is a small-government black man! That’s good to see! We need more of them!]

    • We almost agree here. In fact, we are so close to agreeing on this one point.

      • FastForward said:

        April 11, 2015 at 7:38 pm

        I’m not sure what you mean by point by point, but I think it’s simple. There’s absolutely nothing stopping black people today from succeeding in America today. [FF almost could have stopped here. This sums it up nicely. However, FF is not like BW. FF apparently feels honor-bound to support what he says with evidence and argumentation. A responsibility that BW never seems to think he needs to live up to. 🙂 ] I take it back. [I don’t know what FF means here by “I take it back.” Except for that one sentence, the rest of the post gives FF’s reasoning for concluding that there’s no “system of white supremacy” in America. I wonder if this is an artifact from something that FF was going to say, but then changed his mind, and never got around to deleting it? I haven’t figured it out though.] You couldn’t say that in a country being run by anything called “White Supremacy.” There’s a massive overbloated government that is making it hard for ANYONE to get ahead, but not harder for us than for anyone else. [Well, that’s a good point! No on addresses this. Black success or failure in America can be understood only in the context of how other people are doing.]

        I presume you’ve been reading what I’ve been posting. White people are not supremacist oppressors, they’re wimps. [That’s an interesting take! I’d have to think about this for a bit.] Don’t get me wrong, there WAS a system of white oppression in place in America, but they and we were busy dismantling it when the Civil Rights movement began. Do you know what was the fastest growing economic group in America before 1950? Us black folks. Do you know when that stopped? When Lyndon Johnson put in place the f***ing “Great Society,” with massive welfare and cr*p like that. [And another great point!]

        I know, poor, single, white single mothers are the largest group of welfare recipients. But, guess what, poor, white single mothers are the OTHER group that have stopped their economic growth in its tracks too. If you count poor, white, single mothers and black folks, you cover almost everyone who gets government “benefits.” Some benefits. [FF keeps pouring it on. I was aware that the socio-economic status of poor, single white mothers stopped in its tracks as a result of “Great Society” legislation, and FF’s use of it in this debate is powerful.]

        You’re fixating on the odd moment when white people or cops shoot a black person. That happens a few times per year, but you have a contributor to this same thread (TeddyBearSniffer) saying that there are “millions of white cops out there shooting black folks and falsifying reports that we were armed.” If that were the case, this would constitute an actual war of genocide against us that would wipe us out as a people inside of ten years. He apparently believes this seriously. [This is a pretty withering reply to “TeddyBearSniffer’s” mindless post. The thing by “TeddyBearSniffer” is, indeed, so ridiculous that it needs to be pointed out. TBS’s post is, however, instructive: There are apparently people who believe this transparently false twaddle.]

        More to the point, the REALITY of the situation is that whites are terrified to deal with us, so they let us own entire districts of the major cities of America and they ignore us. [Oof! Withering indictment of white people. They are, according to FF, unwilling to do proper policing in black neighborhoods. I don’t know about that, but I guess I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a sure bet that white cops don’t feel welcome in many black neighborhoods.] Yes, that’s criminal, but it’s not from any thought of supremacy, it’s out of fear. Look around you. The white man we all seem to hate so much is giving up everything he once valued. Marriage, power, fame, education, money, prestige. e’d better be really careful because the world he leaves behind may not be one anyone wants to live in.[The first letter appears to be missing from this last sentence. Not sure what it should be, but I’m figuring it’s either a “W” or an “H.” Either one makes the sentence make sense.]

        You may think that the cops have something against us, but the LAW is all on our side. There’s no way there can be hate crimes against white people, but you have black folks in this same blog saying they’d like it if something came along and wiped out all white people. [Yep. That’s true. There are people regularly and openly pining for the violent deaths of all white people in this blog. ] If a prominent white person ever said that about us his career would be over and his life would be ruined. We have the law, the White House, the cities, the universities, and we’ve intimidated nearly all white people into watching every word they say around us. Sure, once in a while some bonehead says something that sure seems bigoted, and their lives get ruined. We say bigoted cr*p about them all the time and people cheer for us or they say nothing. [This is refreshingly honest by FF. And it’s true.]

        Sure there are racists all around, but they almost all know better than to act on their racism. When they do we ruin them. We have access to the courts who usually rule in our favor. If we keep out of trouble, then everything favors us. White people are wimps.

        Wimps can’t be supremacists.

        Ok I answered your question, now you answer ME what YOU mean by white supremacy. Point by point please.

      • I have an important question to ask first, why are you so sure white supremacy doesn’t exist here in the U.S. when you’re all the way over there in the U.K.? I’m sure there is racism over there, even though I’ve never been there. [This may be an important question to BW, but it’s also an irrelevant question.]

        White supremacy is simply the notion that white people are superior and implementing a SYSTEM that maintains that notion. [Then, if you follow BW’s blog as I do, you can conclude only that it is a fine example of a thriving system of black supremacy.] Examples include, but are not limited to:

        -The prison industrial complex.
        -The media.
        -Economic displacement.
        -Medical treatment.

        There are numerous examples that white supremacy still exists not so much in a form of hoods and torches, but in the form of suits in high offices. I don’t know why people like you, Reality, and Flyonthewall want to object that racism still exists when there’s mounds of proof that suggest otherwise. [And, of course, neither of these people ever said that racism doesn’t exist. This is the great RGI strawman.] You are in complete denial for some reason or another and frankly, it’s not only old but annoying and just plain ignorant to dispel proof when it’s in front of your faces. [Presumably, BW means to “provide proof.” However, he definitely gets something very wrong here: a black man insisting that there’s no “system of white supremacy” is, indeed, quite new. There are other black Americans out there suggesting that black people stop looking for excuses and instead look to obtain marketable skills. But, they are never allowed to say that in public on the reactionary — and quite monolithic! —  legacy media.]

      • FastForward said:

        April 13, 2015 at 12:51 am

        Thanks for your answer, BW. I live in the U.S. I have for a long time, and I typically use my U.K. e-mail address. I’m spending a bunch of time in the U.K. now though, for business reasons. I have also Chinese, Russian, French, American, Vietnamese, Japanese, Australian, Indonesian, Philippine, Spanish, Italian, Montenegrin and Greek e-mail addresses. I have to. I do business in all those countries. I’m working on setting up businesses in Africa, but that continent is the hardest to crack of them all so far. And when I go to all those countries, I pay very close attention to the culture in each of those countries. [Okay. FF answers the irrelevant question. I wonder what he does for a living. Seems as though he spends a lot of time in odd places.]

        As to the rest of your response, just saying something like “Gentrification” doesn’t mean anything. [Gentrification has been tagged as harming poor people. Of course, that would mean that it disproportionately affects black people (there’s that word again: disproportionately). The reality of gentrification, like just about everything, is more complicated than that.] Are you saying that gentrification somehow harms us black folks? And, if so, does it harm us more than it harms others? [FF begins to pose the questions that need to be posed. You can be sure that BW will ignore them.] As far as the “Prison industrial complex” is concerned, that doesn’t say anything either. Are you saying that we are imprisoned more than other races? If so, can you say that we commit less crime than the rate at which we are incarcerated? Because you have to answer THAT question convincingly, or else “Prison industrial complex” means nothing. [You can tell that FF is not all about superficial arguments.]

        Again, you and I are very close to agreement here, but you still have to answer that question. As regards the media, I don’t know what you mean. I’m going to guess: You think that the most popular cable news outlet, Fox News, is racist. But, the rest of the media, the dominant media, are obviously prejudiced against white people. [Hmmm… good point. After all the vast media majority of the media tried and convicted both Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman long before there had been anything resembling an investigation. They did that to the Duke LaCrosse team as well, and also to the fraternity that Rolling Stone had defamed. This is a long-standing, dreary, evil behavior of theirs.] The media are doing everything they possibly can to support even the silliest claims we make against white people (like the guy who said that America is worse than apartheid South Africa). They also convicted Daren Wilson, a man who it turns out, was obviously guilty of nothing, in the media. And I don’t know what you mean by “medical treatment.” However, let’s just pretend all those items are biased against us. I’m willing to make believe they are, even though I can’t see that it’s true. Even then, I can STILL bring out ten thousand statistics that say that ALL AMERICANS are better off than nearly ALL other citizens of ALL other countries in the world.

        The U.K. has it worse than the U.S. Both countries are entering a death spiral in terms of letting the whiney little groups nip at their heels and bring them down. [Pow!] Complain about England and America all you want, but there is no mass movement trying to get out, and there are very good reasons for that. [Pow, again!] As much as we complain about how we get treated in the west, no other culture in HISTORY has EVER examined its own relationship with every other identifiable group in the world. [And this is a point we’ve made! I wonder whether FF reads this blog. Of course, it’s hardly an obscure fact. It’s pretty easy to figure out.] Let’s face it, we have it pretty d***ed good here over all. When I say “here,” I mean in the west. As I might have said already, they’re not oppressors in the west, they’re wimps. [Okay… I’m starting to warm to this theme. Especially with the performance of the west in the face of obviously aggressive islam. Mind, you this is a culture — the western culture, that is — that heaps scorn and derision on Christianity and Christians, but fawns all over islam (a religion of peace!) and muslims. Do you think they just might be worrying about some gibbering Middle Eastern baboon declaring a “fatwa” against them? Yep. Me too.]

  5. Verveina said:

    April 10, 2015 at 2:22 am

    RIP Walter Scott…
    May his family find comfort and solace during this dreadful time.

    And people who keep denying that this is structural racism are willfully ignorant IMO.

    James Holmes (the cinema shooter) killed twelve people and wounded 70 others and got apprehended ALIVE- so why couldn’t happen the same to people who were doing far less harmful things? And these cases aren’t really isolated. [Not sure what this means. It’s incoherent.]

  6. TeddyBearSniffer said:

    April 10, 2015 at 2:35 pm


    How long have you actually been reading this blog. I say the last 2 weeks? There are many that try to argue that it doesn’t exist and failed in every possible way. The fact that you bring up crime statistics that fail also doesn’t help your case….

  7. TeddyBearSniffer said:

    April 10, 2015 at 2:39 pm


    If I shoot you and make up a false report that you were armed or whatever and there are millions of me doing this what does the statistic of unarmed shootings grasp? You tell me this. [Here’s the infamous “millions of blacks being killed by white people each year” thing … that this idiot apparently believes!]

    • FastForward said:

      April 11, 2015 at 8:15 pm

      @Teddy, there are something like a few hundred police involved shootings every year. The numbers are unreliable, but that’s no excuse for pretending that there are “millions” each year. If there were “millions of such shootings each year,” with white cops getting away with it, then we black folks would have been wiped out a long, long time ago. [This is a very good point. Sometimes, you actually have to check out your beliefs against reality. If you don’t you risk being as ignorant and misinformed as “TeddyBearSniffer.”] My information for that is right here.:

      So, I figured I’d do a little more research. The total number of black people dead because of the ENTIRE institution of slavery, covering about 400 years, was about 4 million. Yes, that’s horrible and an atrocity and a crime against humanity and like what the Nazis did. But YOU just said that American cops do that every two years!

      Slavery was horrible, but your trying to pretend that things are worse now is just dumb. [Pow!] Even worse you diminish what the dead suffered by trying to pretend that things are worse today, and that is shameful. [Another very good point. We tried to make that same point here.]

      I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years. No one has ever tried to make the case that racism doesn’t exist. The real argument has been about how big a problem it is. Brothawolf and a bunch of his readers are constantly trying to argue against something that no one is saying. Brothawolf even did full posts called “Racism Exists,” and “Denying Rasicm.” which are also arguing against something no one is saying. Everyone knows racism exists and no one denies it. Every word you write trying to argue that racism exists is a wasted word because no one disagrees with it. [Lol! FF is finding out that even when he says, “racism exists,” BW will accuse him of denying that racism exists. I banged my head against that dumb wall a number of times!]

  8. Yup, … my pathetic hometown of Charleston, S.C. has done it again. Thanks for showing the world that racism is alive and well; [One incident proves that? I don’t think so.] thanks for revealing that every police shooting is in fact a re-reading of a tired police officer’s script; thanks for letting us all know that all black witnesses truly are liars,. ..that’s unless you have a video; thanks for confirming that black men only morph into either a monster or the black Hulk with super strength only when video cameras are not within the immediate area; thanks for corroborating the contention that most white police officers lack the required amount of empathy to be certified as policemen; thanks for authenticating once again that those within the status quo only respond to an unarmed person being murdered when their own status is threatened; thanks Mayor Summey, Police Chief Driggers and Governor Haley for showing the world that you believe that black lives truly DOESN’T MATTER [Again, nothing allows anyone to extrapolate to these conclusions, or to read others’ minds as “blakksage” does.] when you’re considered a lifelong reprobate; absent self redeeming qualities; thanks for revealing the true attitudes of officials when an attempted cover-up is caught on tape; because only at that time will so-called officials respond quickly as REAL OFFICIALS; thanks for allowing us a glimpse into the feeble mindset of some white folks until irrefutable evidence to the contrary surface; … up to that point, white folks in general put on a mask to pretend as if they’re benevolent caring folks. In summary, THANKS FOR NOTHING!

    R.I.P. Mr. Walter Scott

    • FastForward said:

      April 11, 2015 at 10:01 pm

      @bs: I’d credit what you say, if this happened more than a few times a year. And I agree that without a camera it’s possible that this cop would get away with it. But you can’t possibly conclude that the country as a whole has a problem with black people, or that Governor Haley, a brown person herself, has a problem with black people. It appears that Mr. Scott was actually a lifelong reprobate, but that was no reason to kill him. The truth is that you don’t know that the cop shot him because of race. It’s possible. But it’s also possible that he would have shot a WHITE guy who had the same record as Walter Scott. [Yep. Good point.] That makes the cop a jerk, but not necessarily a racist. And a jerk murderer will go to jail or to death row, just the same as a racist murderer. The point is that not every interaction between a white person and a black person is all about race. Some of them are just between people. [Very good point. The RGI is convinced that every interaction between white and black people is all about race, primarily, then possibly about something else.] You can’t possibly conclude from this or from anything that most white police officers lack the required empathy to be certified as a police officer. By the way, a police officer doesn’t have any need to have any empathy whatsoever. He just needs to enforce the law impartially. That’s all. He’s not there to be our buddy or our best friend, or to empathize with us, but if he enforces the law impartially, then the RESULT is that WE will be grateful for his efforts. [Aaaaaand, I guess, that’s a good point. A cop entirely lacking in empathy, who just does his job, will be a very fine cop.] Both Brotha Wolf and I agree that as agents of the GOVERNMENT, the police need to be controlled, so we both support the idea of uniform cameras. As for the rest of your exaggerated screed, I agree that this kind of thing is frustrating and painful to see, but in the big picture it’s not an incident that tells us anything except about the cop and Walter Scott. [Yep.]

      • FastForward in REVERSE: said: “By the way, a police officer doesn’t have any need to have any empathy whatsoever.”

        You are more of a cretin than I originally thought. Judging from your post, it appears that you want squads of Robocops as opposed to blood, flesh and breathing human beings; you want units of armed Darth Vaders without the capability of showing emotions while shooting unarmed people in the back. Empathy is the ability to place yourself in another person’s position and being able to sense what they’re going through and being able to exude some sort of compassion. Perhaps this is why Officer Slager stood over Mr. Scott as he laid there dying instead of giving CPR because obviously, officer SLAYER lacks the human qualities that would’ve prevented him from murdering Mr. Scott, which was totally unnecessary. Human qualities would’ve prevented him from shooting him in the first instance.

        Even further, by no means was Mr. Scott a world class sprinter either. Officer SLAYER was able to chase him down after his first attempt to get away. There is nothing that kept him from chasing him down again. Also, officer SLAYER could’ve easily immobilized him by using his baton on his ankles instead of murdering this man as if he was an animal.

        Is this the type of robotic cops you want patrolling your neighborhood? You may have these feeble minded types if you want cruising down your streets, just don’t think for one second that I’m going to agree with you that robotic cops should be patrolling my neighborhood.

      • FastForward said:

        April 13, 2015 at 1:14 am

        @bs, I’ll try to answer your unnecessarily hostile post point by point, but I’m not very good at figuring out how to format this stuff.

        You said: “By the way, a police officer doesn’t have any need to have any empathy whatsoever.”

        My response: That’s correct. They just need to enforce the law impartially. If Slager had done that it’s hard to see how he would have shot Scott in the first place, whether or not Slager was a jerk, or empathetic, or a racist, or whatever.

        You said: “You are more of a cretin than I originally thought. Judging from your post, it appears that you want squads of Robocops as opposed to blood, flesh and breathing human beings; you want units of armed Darth Vaders without the capability of showing emotions while shooting unarmed people in the back. Empathy is the ability to place yourself in another person’s position and being able to sense what they’re going through and being able to exude some sort of compassion. Perhaps this is why Officer Slager stood over Mr. Scott as he laid there dying instead of giving CPR because obviously, officer SLAYER lacks the human qualities that would’ve prevented him from murdering Mr. Scott, which was totally unnecessary. Human qualities would’ve prevented him from shooting him in the first instance.”

        My response: Wow! Is that all you have? Weak name-calling? Pretty pathetic. Why is the only OTHER alternative to your silly “empathetic cops” a bunch of “Robocops,” as you say? That is NOT the only alternative. How about cops that enforce the law impartially? Why would you think that the only OTHER alternative to YOUR vision is a bunch of armed Darth Vaders? How stupid! The alternative to cops who don’t enforce the law impartially SHOULD be cops who enforce the law impartially. I don’t give one tiny damn whether they have any empathy. If they do their job as they’re supposed to, there won’t be any shootings like that of Walter Scott, and it will have nothing at all to do with whether or not the cops are empathetic. [Ummmm… BAM!]

        It appears that Slager stood over Scott’s body and didn’t offer assistance because he had ALREADY broken the law, and had ALREADY shown that he was corrupt, and needed to find some way to try to get out of what he did. Like any criminal. What you say is incorrect. If Slager was, as I suggested he should be, enforcing the law impartially, he would NOT have shot Scott in the first place, and he would not be in trouble now.

        You say that Slager “could’ve easily immobilized him by using his baton on his ankles instead of murdering this man as if he was an animal.” I agree. Or, even better, he could simply have allowed Scott to run away. It was just a traffic stop, after all.

        You said, “Is this the type of robotic cops you want patrolling your neighborhood?”

        My response: Again, don’t try to put words in my mouth. I never suggested that I wanted “robotic cops patrolling my neighbourhood,” nor did I ever even suggest it. [Oops. A bit of redundancy here from FF. Looks like the heat of the moment in responding to blog posts.] Again, a cop needs to be able to enforce the law impartially. He’s not my buddy, or my pal or my friend, he’s the guy who is supposed to keep my family safe at night.

        You said “just don’t think for one second that I’m going to agree with you that robotic cops should be patrolling my neighborhood.”

        My response: Since I never suggested that, you shouldn’t try to argue against it. This is a problem that you and Brotha Wolaf have: arguing against points that no one has ever tried to make. [Yep. FF got that right!]

  9. Mary Burrell said:

    April 11, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    Smartphone camera’s are such a vital necessity in this age of police brutality and the murdering of black men and young boys. With the last incident and tragedy of Walter Scott will the law enforcement especially the ones who are racist think twice before gunning someone down or using brute force to subdue someone. Just like Darren Wilson [Note the first mention of the name of Darren Wilson, the exonerated ex-cop in Ferguson, Missouri.] i feel Michael Slager hated black people and let his hatred and rage fuel him to kill Walter Scott. Also many city officials are in attendance at Mr. Scott’s funeral. Is this apart of the damage control and the Police Chief of that city doesn’t want another Ferguson to happen in his city. RIP to Walter Scott.

  10. FastForward said:

    April 11, 2015 at 10:13 pm

    @Mary, yes this is an era of the murdering of black men and young boys. By other black men and black young boys. Not by cops or white people. Sorry. That’s just the way it is. If you live in the cities you know that you have a MUCH greater chance of being killed by another black person than by a cop. I happen to be in the know about a bunch of these things, and I support the use of cell phone cameras and helmet cams and dashboard cams. But, guess what. There’s a very quiet, behind the scenes effort to prevent them. Guess where that’s coming from. From our beloved black “leaders” who realize that GENERALLY they are NOT going to show the cops in a bad light. And they are GENERALLY not going to make US look very good. Sorry, but I know a lot of cops, and I know a lot of people at the top of the FBI, and they ALL support all these cameras.[Wow! Who is this FastForward guy? Sounds pretty well-connected!] So do most of the cops. Because the cameras don’t lie. People do. You call this an era of murdering black men and boys, and you imply that it’s by white cops, but it just isn’t that. And cameras will prove that. There’s a bunch of our people who don’t want cameras anywhere near the police. They know that a camera would have shown things like that Darren Wilson was innocent, which he obviously was, and other things that would not allow the professional protesters, who are not at all interested in the truth, to do their thing. That’s why I want cameras because it will separate truth from lies. But if that happens, we just may not like the truth because it just might contradict all our notions. [That is a very good point. The people demanding uniform cameras just might not like what those cameras show. I know, I know… the idea is that the cameras might prevent racist white cops from killing black men, and that’s entirely possible. But that means that a few dozen incidents per year might be prevented. Many thousands  of incidents of black people behaving criminally might also be documented. No, this is not a racist declaration. Black Americans do commit crime at a disproportionately higher rate than any other race in America.]

    • FastForward,

      @Mary, yes this is an era of the murdering of black men and young boys. By other black men and black young boys. Not by cops or white people. Sorry. That’s just the way it is.

      Black-on-black violence is off-topic. I don’t know why those like you want to bring it up everytime there’s a topic of a cop killing a black man other than derail the conversation.

      They know that a camera would have shown things like that Darren Wilson was innocent, which he obviously was, and other things that would not allow the professional protesters, who are not at all interested in the truth, to do their thing.

      How in the hell was Darren Wilson innocent??? Please explain that to me. [Now, BW asks me about ex-cop Wilson from Ferguson, and his innocence. It’s not as though this is obscure knowledge. Even the hard-core leftist press reported Wilson’s exoneration.]

      • FastForward said: [And here FF answers BW about Darren Wilson. BW doesn’t like the answer, even though it all appears completely factual based on what was reported about the whole Ferguson story.]

        April 12, 2015 at 4:10 am

        The evidence showed overwhelmingly that what Darren Wilson said was true, and that the “whole hands up don’t shoot” thing was fake. Even Eric Holder said it. Surely you have been paying attention! Here’s one link – (It’s CNN, so it’s left-wing). Here’s another one – Here’s another one –

        All the links are CNN, which is pretty friendly to the “all white people are guilty” idea. It was kind of famous when it was announced.

        All the forensic evidence in Ferguson was AGAINST the people that said that Michael Brown was murdered, and FOR what Darren Wilson said. The facts don’t lie. There were no wounds in Michael Brown’s back, which means that the idea that he was running away was false, unless he was running backward. All of Brown’s wounds show conclusively that he was running TOWARD Wilson, and not away.

        That’s why the cop in South Carolina is in serious trouble. Walter Scott’s wounds will be shown to be in his BACK. In confirmation of the video. The cop in South Carolina will fry, while Darren Wilson won’t be prosecuted. That part at least represents justice because it’s obvious that Darren Wilson was innocent.

        What DOES NOT represent justice is that Wilson’s life is ruined, while he was completely innocent. Ex-cop Slager in South Carolina will probably fry, and that might be justice. But at least we should know one thing before he does. That is that he is guilty. It certainly LOOKS as though he was, but you know? I can fake a video easily. But I can’t fake bullet wounds in the back. If there are such wounds in Walter Scott’s body, then there’s not much Slager can do. He’s cooked.

        But Wilson was, pretty obviously, innocent. Everyone knows that now.

      • If CNN is the best you can come up with, you have to do better than that. [Pretty weak reply from BW. It’s obvious that he was taken aback, and was completely unaware that Wilson had been exonerated. This kind of shows how the RGI and the American left operate. They are not interested in the facts, or the truth, especially if said truth doesn’t support their preconceived notions. This is, of course, the perfect recipe for ignorance and bigotry. The RGI is nothing if not full to overflowing with ignorant racists. BW is one of them.]

      • FastForward said:

        April 13, 2015 at 1:18 am

        You’re kidding, right? What’s wrong with CNN? They’re as left-wing as they can be.You get all upset at what you consider right-wing media, and there’s no way you can pretend that CNN is right-wing.

      • If you think for one moment that I should simply agree with CNN just because it’s considered a left-wing news channel, according to you, you must really think I’m stupid.

      • FastForward said:

        April 14, 2015 at 1:50 am

        I just didn’t want you to accuse me of finding some right-wing source somewhere. [BW is, indeed, prone to that kind of spurious accusation.] You don’t have to be so defensive, brotha wolf. If you want I can find another source. All the media reported it. The local police and FBI found no reason to charge Wilson with a crime and the Justice Department came in and found no reason to charge Wilson with a crime. That’s a matter of public record.

  11. reality_check said:

    April 12, 2015 at 8:59 am

    now, now @brothawolf. Show me where I said racism doesn’t currently exist. I’ll wait……….. [reality_check checks in, with a good point. BW’s constant refrain that people are denying the existence of racism. reality_check never did say that racism doesn’t exist. ]

    • You want to reject that racism is a significant problem in this nation. Therefore, it would stand to reason that you won’t think racism of the systemic and institutional variety doesn’t exist. [BW, like the rest of the RGI, is reduced to claiming that there are various strains of anti-black racism that, again, only those with the secret decoder ring and the super-secret password can discern.]

      • FastForward said:

        April 13, 2015 at 1:29 am

        To say that racism is not a significant problem in America, if that’s actually what reality_check said, is NOT to say that racism doesn’t exist.

        Systemic racism and Institutional racism are such abstract, nebulous terms that they don’t mean anything. Or worse, they mean whatever the hearer wants them to mean. They can also pass for excuses for failure if someone wants them to.

        If you can’t say something concrete that pertains to the entire country, then you aren’t saying anything at all.

      • reality_check said:

        April 15, 2015 at 5:52 pm


        Follow this link and re-read the very FIRST comment I made in that post on April 4, 2015 at 6:50 pm:

        In that post I said, and I quote: ” Racism does and will always exist. But we need to get ourselves together first before we can even begin to fight white supremacy.”

        Now, having said that, do you still want to go with your line of “reason” that somehow I don’t think racism exits? That would be pretty hard to do when I directly acknowledged the existence of both racism AND white supremacy. Can I be any more direct than that?

      • But then you reject that white supremacy is the reason why blacks are killing other. [Here’s where BW goes off the rails. White people are somehow fully responsible when they kill someone, but also when black people kill others. BW’s opinion of other black people is pretty dismal.]

  12. Mary Burrell said:

    April 12, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    Another black man in Tulsa shot and killed captured on camera as the so called he law enforcement officer subdues the black man and curses him when the black man says he can’t breathe. The white officer curses this man as he is taking his dying breathe. [Yep. It sure was. And it appears as though the guy who did it — apparently some guy who was just going along with the cops for the ride — is in big trouble. As he probably should be. As is the cursing cop.]

  13. Mary Burrell said:

    April 12, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    The murdered black man in Tulsa overlaps Walter Scott in South Carolina. Good this murder was captured on phone camera as well

    • FastForward said:

      April 14, 2015 at 1:46 am

      This one looks real bad for the cops. It looks like an accident, but it still looks bad for the cops.

  14. TeddyBearSniffer said:

    April 13, 2015 at 8:31 am


    I stopped reading @ “Courts usually rule in our favor”

    This is a troll @ its finest. When have the courts ruled in “Our” favor usually? [Here’s another of the RGI’s favorite accusations. The only people who ever disagree with them are either white or trolls. The RGI really has a very poor opinion of black people! FF answers this question pretty conclusively next.]

    • FastForward said:

      April 14, 2015 at 1:42 am

      @TeddyBearSniffer, there are hundreds of thousands of pages of laws, rules and regulations in the legal system, all written to protect us, and all of them have been tested in the courts, and the vast majority of them have been decided in favor of the idea that you can’t discriminate against someone else because of the color of their skin. I wasn’t talking about high-profile cases that don’t necessarily get decided in the way that you might like it. The REST of the law obviously favors black people a lot. There’s nothing wrong with that, by the way. [Pretty good response. ]

    • FastForward said:

      April 14, 2015 at 1:44 am

      Oh, and yes, @TBS, you DID stop reading. That’s why you seem as ignorant as you do. I never stop reading. ESPECIALLY if it’s someone I disagree with. [FF gets an effective dig in.]

  15. FastForward,

    It didn’t occur to me until just now that you’re trying to derail the forum by bringing up Darren Wilson’s case. It seems that you tried it once before with the topic of black-on-black crime. This is not the place to discuss either. If you try to derail this forum again, I’ll have no choice but to have you banned. [Aaaaannd, out comes the threat of banning. The left is all about preventing others from surfacing contrarian points-of-view. They do not want to hear disagreement. If you look throiugh history, you see that the left has always been all about ideological purity. Study the Soviet Union, or Mao’s China, or North Korea, Vietnam, and any other communist country, and that always jumps out.]

    • It looks like that fool flyonthewall is trying to post under a new moniker. Sorry fool it won’t work anymore than your lamebrained rhetoric which most of was hard to read or decipher. I sure hope to hell that with your attitude you don’t have to someday bury YOUR black son. [Pretty macabre thought from “Lavern.” Lavern is a “guest blogger” at BW’s blog, and she is a virulent racist.]

      • FastForward said:

        April 14, 2015 at 10:56 am

        Why don’t you stop trying to figure out who I am and address what I say? WHO I am has no bearing at all on whether WHAT I say is true or not. Simple as that. And I’ll never be able to prove to YOU who I am to your satisfaction, just as YOU can’t prove to ME who YOU are. And no matter what, it’s irrelevant anyway. Talk about derailing the topic!

      • I know exactly who you are: a completely clueless idiot and fool

      • FastForward said:

        April 18, 2015 at 4:33 am

        I don’t really expect an intelligent reply from you, Lavern. Why don’t you surprise everyone and try to say something substantive instead of lame insults?

    • FastForward said:

      April 14, 2015 at 1:38 am

      If you look above, you will see that Mary brought up Darren Wilson first. I simply responded to her. [This is FF’s response to BW’s accusation that FF brought up the topic of Darren Wilson in order to derail the topic. I’m not sure how the topic of a cop shooting would be off-topic in a blog post about a cop shooting.] She brought him up at 6:59 on April 11, and I didn’t respond until nearly four hours later. Come on, Brotha Wolf. It was YOUR side that brought up Darren Wilson, not me. And I brought up the case to AGREE with Mary that cameras are necessary.

  16. Everyone, check this out, an give some feedback:

    • Thank you for the link, Brothawolf. I checked out the article and feel that the massacre and slaughtering of black people will continue unabated, unfortunately. Also, I’m suspecting this is a way to make us feel even more upset pushing some like FastForward and Flyonthewall (if they are even black) into willful denial about this whole situation. I really feel like white people are trying to set us up so that if we try to defend ourselves they will manipulate everything to make it seem like it was okay for us to get shot. [Pretty inflammatory accusation but, of course, absurd. Because it’s more mystical, magical mind-reading.]

      • FastForward said:

        April 15, 2015 at 12:02 am

        @kowaba, why would you try to tell me I’m lying? Are you always that rude to people. Are you REALLY saying that all black people think alike, or else they must be white? I couldn’t say a more horrible thing about us if I were a total white racist a**hole! Then you try to tell everyone what ALL white people are thinking! Are you magic? How is that possible? If you’re in on all their plotting, why don’t you bring a movie camera along to their next meeting so that we can ALL see what you see? You accuse me of being in denial, so I guess it’s okay to accuse YOU of being in denial about what I say. Great. Fat lot of good trading accusations does. Why [don’t] you instead concentrate on ACTUALLY debunking what I SAID, instead of trying to prove I’m not who I say I am. If it’s so obvious that I’m wrong, then bring something out, something meaningful, to prove me WRONG. It should be easy. Really if you think about it, you could only know what they’re thinking if YOU’RE ONE OF THEM. I hereby accuse kowaba of being a white racist spy among us.

      • FastForward said:

        April 15, 2015 at 12:15 am

        That SHOULD say “Why DON’T you instead concentrate on ACTUALLY debunking what I SAID”

      • @FastForward, I never said that you were lying. [Ummm… yes, he did.] I said you were in denial. To me, denial and lying are two separate things. Denial is lying to yourself and lying is knowing the truth and telling another person false information. What I don’t understand is why are you so readily defending white people’s position? You say white people are cowards. From what I observe, they are individually, but they tend to do their dirty work in groups. Either sitting there not getting involved while someone is being abused or mistreated or verbally ganging up on another person. [They do their best to slip out of actually addressing the topic. Now, white people are bullies to black people in groups, but not individually. In other words, these members of the RGI just say things. Things they don’t really believe, because when challenged to back them up, they never do.]

        I never said that I know what all white people are thinking, but I think most of the readers here know for sure “the good whites” are not stopping the “bad whites”. [This could be valid. If it were true. When challenged to provide some evidence or detail, “kowaba” doesn’t.] I don’t know exactly what someone is thinking when they are charging towards me with a knife, but I know they are trying to kill me. We don’t know for sure what white people are thinking but I know from their actions they are setting me up. Unless, I want to disregard all of the facts that are in front of me. When have they ever done anything to help black people? Everything that they are spending money on and energy on is to harm black people (physically, emotionally, etc.)

        Your accusation of me being a white racist spy is ridiculous, especially since I’m not white. [Yet, if I recall correctly, “kowabe” figured it was legitimate to accuse FastForward of not being black.]

      • FastForward said:

        April 18, 2015 at 5:01 am

        @kowabe, you did call me a liar by questioning whether I’m black. I said I’m black, and that’s the end of that. I called you a white spy to show you how ridiculous it is to attack the person instead of what he says.

        Now, okay kowaba, I’ll bite. WHAT dirty work have white people done to us in groups in the past 60 years? Please give me real statistics and figures. If they’ve been doing such horrible stuff to us for so long, there HAVE to be lots of things like that around. Heck, if you don’t feel up to it, I’ll even answer your question for you below.

        You said, “I really feel like white people are trying to set us up so that if we try to defend ourselves they will manipulate everything to make it seem like it was okay for us to get shot.” That’s pretending to know what white people are thinking or planning behind everyone’s backs. When was the last time that a white person charged at you with a knife? You raised the topic not me. Almost the only ones coming at us with knives or guns are others like us. Go ahead and look it up. You and I might agree that whites haven’t done that much to help us but God knows they’ve tried. Of the 20 trillion dollars in welfare they’ve handed out, about 40% has gone to us. That’s eight trillion dollars. I don’t think that has helped us but we sure didn’t refuse it. How are white people setting you up? Seriously, I want to know. I read what the other guy who got banned said. He said they gave him a free education. I guess they set him up too? Yes. They set him up to be rich. [Bam!] How are they harming us physically and emotionally? I’d tell you who’s REALLY harming us physically, but Brotha Wolf has made it off-topic. And no one can harm you emotionally without you letting him do it. [Bam!] So don’t let anyone harm you emotionally. I’m NOT defending white people’s position. They HAVE done real harm to us by putting in place the situation that WE allowed to destroy our families. [Bam!] THAT is our BIGGEST problem by far. Our families are practically nonexistent and more than 80% of black babies are born to single mothers. THAT is the single biggest predictor of failure for ANYONE of ANY race. [Bam!] The guy who got banned brought it up and he got banned. Of course. Because WE’RE the only ones who can fix that, and everyone here seems to be looking for someone else to blame. Yes, whitey was wrong to put out there the situation that tempted us to replace black fathers with a government check, but WE were wrong to accept it. [Bam!] And only WE can fix that. It may not be a popular opinion here, but at least I’m telling you that WE can fix it. THAT means there’s hope instead of the hopeless sh*t I read here that says it’s all someone else’s fault, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Why would you EVER believe such hopeless sh*t like that? What are we, sheep? Do we have no control at all over what we do and say and feel and think? We’re MEN and WOMEN, we need to act like it instead of like whiney little children always looking for someone else to blame for our own actions. [And…Bam! Bam!]

      • You are banned. [Of course! The completely overmatched BW whimpers, “No mas!” The principal debating “tool” of the left is silencing the opposition.]

    • Courtney H.said:

      April 14, 2015 at 8:32 pm

      @ Brothawolf:

      Thank you for posting this! People need to know about this!

  17. FastForward said:

    April 14, 2015 at 1:33 am

    It would be deeply disturbing if it is true. At the same time, if the FBI’s numbers are suspect, what makes this web site’s numbers more trustworthy? It’s plainly a web site with an agenda. I looked at a bunch of them. Just did a spot check and they all have complicated back stories. Mental illness, domestic violence, lots of whites. It would take a long time to find out the details of all of these. It looks as if this is public information. If this is REALLY public knowledge, then I’m in complete agreement that seems very wrong that the actual number of police-involved killings is not known to the exact number. [This appears to be in response to BW’s posted link, above.]

  18. Look FastForward, I’m going to have to be honest. I really don’t have the time or patience to argue with you over this. [Actually, BW doesn’t have the knowledge to argue with FF, but I know BW pretty well, and he’s not man enough to admit it.] It seems your only reason for showing up here is to try to dismantle, diminish and derail this serious topic. Let me explain something to you. Nothing you or Reality_check said was anything new. [Actually, there was quite a lot in what both of them said that was quite new!] We are familiar with that kind of thinking and frankly, speaking on behalf of myself and my readers, we do not agree. Why? Because when it comes to the murders of black people at the hands of police, one life is one life too many and there is no “other side” to this nonsense, especially since it’s been going on for years. There is nothing to argue about when the facts and emotions are presented. People are angry and tired and there’s no excuse why anyone should tell them not to feel that way no matter who they are. Police killing unarmed black people is a form of oppression…nay…extermination when the numbers are in the hundreds. Sure, to you that’s only a few compared to the general population, but like I said, one life gone is one life too many. No other subject matters right now. That’s why I didn’t approve of you bringing up black-on-black crime or Darren Wilson’s supposed innocence. [FF swats this away pretty easily below.]

    • FastForward said:

      April 15, 2015 at 1:00 am

      If you don’t believe me, try this:

      A very thoughtful, common sense, reasonable column by a nationally-known and respected (and, yes, Conservative) columnist, who says exactly the same things I’ve been saying. And he sees OUR side of things too. Just like I do. Yes, it’s a white guy, but you know what, I READ white guys! If only for the fact that I want to KNOW what they’re thinking, not just guess as the people here seem to do. You can read them too. After all, they WILL TELL you what they’re thinking, so you don’t have to pretend to be able to read minds or do other magic tricks. [Interesting post! FastForward reads National Review! It’s entirely possible that he’s an authentic, genuine black Conservative! There are a whole bunch of such wonderful people, but they are probably unwilling to reveal themselves publicly.]

  19. FastForward said:

    April 14, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    Just so the record is clear. I did NOT bring up Darren Wilson. Mary Burrell did. It’s right in the text. Just do a “CTRL+F” to find it and type in “Darren Wilson.” You’ll find the first mention of his name by Mary on April 11 at 6:59pm. I responded to her a LOT later to agree with her point that cameras on the cops are a great idea. YOU then asked ME why I thought Darren Wilson was not guilty. Did you want me to ignore you? You’re the BOSS of this blog!

    My reason for coming here was that I hoped to have some intelligent conversation. Period. Do me the courtesy of not trying to read my mind. Again, why don’t you and the rest stop trying to figure ME out and deal with what I say? That’s the favor I’ve been granting to you. The only mildly insulting thing I’ve done is to call blakksage by his initials. Other than that I’ve accused no one of anything, and I haven’t tried to read their minds or put words in their mouths. I told you why I came here, to engage in intelligent online conversation and that should put all THAT to rest.

    Some of the rest of what you say is true, but mostly meaningless. Very heartfelt, and I agree with and applaud your passion. But you still get some things just wrong. For example: You said: “Nothing reality_check or I said was anything new.” Ok. So what? No one believed that the earth was round until someone pointed it out enough times.

    Yes, If the police murder ANYONE, that’s one too many. So, yes, it IS true, the loss of any life is infinitely tragic. But, people are angry and tired, as you say, only because the media are focusing on it now. Guess what. The media will go away soon enough, and no one will think of it anymore, in a general way and we’ll still be stuck with the same awful reality. That’s just the way of the media. When was the last time you heard them mention nukes in North Korea? Ukraine? Crimea? Isis? Ebola? That’s what they do. They obsess about something until bunches of people are all in a lather, then they move on. That’s why the statistics that you so disrespect ARE important, because without them we can’t KNOW what’s ACTUALLY happening. We can only be puppets of the ridiculous media. Thank you, but no. I’d prefer to think for myself.

    You said, “when it comes to the murders of black people at the hands of police, one life is one life too many.” I agree completely. But, one life does not tell the WHOLE story, and you keep trying to do the impossible, by presenting one horrible story after another and pretending that it proves that the WHOLE country is filled with racism. It’s not, and I proved it. Or at least I presented evidence. You just can’t get where you’re trying to go from the few deaths by cops that there are each year.

    I’m VERY much willing to discuss incarceration rates (that YOU brought up, by the way), and the so-called Prison Industrial Complex. You and I will probably have a lot of agreement there. But it still is not evidence that the country is racist. Because the back incarceration rate is about the same in the population as the black CRIME rate. We’ll still find a lot to agree with there. Why don’t you try an in-depth post on that? I’d be interested to read it.

    Brotha wolf, you play way too fast and loose with language. It is NOT “extermination” if hundreds of lives are lost each year to ANYTHING. “Extermination” means killing everyone, all 42 million of us. But, if we could cut the death rate among us black folks from HEART DISEASE down to hundreds, we’d save THOUSANDS more lives every year than if no cop ever shot another person ever again. [Good point. Potentially a bit off-topic, but FF brought it back on by using it for comparison purposes with on-topic stuff.]

    You say that “Police killing unarmed black people is a form of oppression.” I agree. If it’s REALLY murder, and not just the cops enforcing the law.

    Brotha wolf, the LAW says that a cop can use deadly force if he reasonably thinks his life is in danger. The law says that it is NOT murder if the cop REASONABLY thinks he’s in danger of losing his life. THAT’S why Darren Wilson (a subject I did NOT bring up) was not charged with a crime. Simple as that.

    Cops usually don’t know whether or not someone is armed. They find out only after it’s too late. If you don’t like that law, then try to change it. But if you disarm the cops, don’t expect them to help anyone out in a bad section of town. Brotha wolf, we agree on a lot of things. I don’t have a great impression of the cops either, because they’re agents of the U.S. government, so I think their powers ought to be limited. But as I said before that’s a two-way street. If you limit their powers to harm you, then you also limit their powers to help you when they’re needed. How is any of what I just said unreasonable? [FF is constantly coming at this from surprising and unexpected ways. It’s very refreshing. Much of what he says is a lot like Chesterton’s fence.]

    • I know Mary brought up Darren Wilson. It was YOU who made the case about his “innocence”. [FF did. But, when Mary brought up the subject, it was implied that Darren Wilson was just another white cop who had killed a perfectly innocent, unarmed black kid. That was not the case, and FF reminded BW of that. BW apparently was not paying attention when all the new media covered it, even the reactionary leftist media who had immediately tried and convicted Wilson before even a hint of an investigation. All that is kind of irrelevant, though, because BW accused FastForward of “bringing up the subject of Darren Wilson.” This idea that, BW objects to the idea that well, FF said that Wilson was innocent, is hogwash. Again, BW didn’t want to admit that he was simply wrong. And in a way that was important to BW. Simple as that. ]

      I don’t think you came to have an “intelligent conversation”. [Again, BW reads minds. FF said he was here for an intelligent conversation, and he has held up his end of that bargain. The left and the RGI can’t prevent themselves from this blatantly fraudulent “argument.”] Like I said, I’ve seen this before. You come in here trying to tell me and others who feel the same way how wrong we are and belittle our thoughts and opinions with your condescending comments siding with the typical conservative mindset that holds very little.

      When black people are being murdered left and right by cops, black people have the RIGHT to be upset, angry and fearful, especially if the victim did nothing wrong or if what he did was nothing that would warrant his or her execution. I don’t see why you can’t grasp or understand that simple concept. [FF seems frustrated by the growing realization in his own mind that BW can’t grasp that every time a black person dies at the hands of the police it’s not necessarily murder. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, but BW can’t get his mind around it.] How others think or feel is not up to you to decide based on how you think or feel. That is why I don’t see this as an intelligent conversation but rather an attempt to troll around.

      I could engage in every single point you made, but honestly, what’s the use? I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve seen it hundreds of times. You will refute any evidence I would present, but you expect me to accept yours as the objective without question. I can’t prove racism to someone who doesn’t think it’s a big problem. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just means that there are those who want to stick with their opinions firmly and finally that nothing can convince them otherwise, even if it’s right in front of their faces. [BW is accidentally right in that last sentence. He’s just apparently not aware that he was talking about himself and his supporters.] This isn’t to say that I’m trying to change your mind, but everything you’ve said has been condescending, offensive and downright full of right wing rhetoric that most of my readers and I do not subscribe to. Period. [Hmmmm… hard to say that FF is at all “right-wing.”]

      • FastForward said:

        April 18, 2015 at 4:17 am

        I didn’t make the case for his [Darren Wilson’s] innocence, Eric Holder did. And YOU asked me to show you why, so I did. I gave you links to news stories that told you that Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, had found him innocent.

        Also, I already told you why I came here, and you called me a liar again. You can say “I’ve seen it all before” all you want, but so have I. Refusal to address any points, name-calling, deflection, then accusations of deflections, I’ve seen it all before. The thing I haven’t seen is grace. I’ve made good points, and I’ve made them calmly and politely. YOU show ME how that contradicts my desire for an intelligent conversation.

        YOU said that “When black people are being murdered left and right by cops, black people have the RIGHT to be upset, angry and fearful.” I agree 1,000%. But if they’re REALLY being murdered mostly by someone other than cops, then that is a different story, and you have done everything you can to see that THAT stays our dirty little secret because of who knows what.

        I can’t think of any good reason to sweep THAT under the rug. If I were you, instead of calling it off-limits, I’d be shouting it from the rooftops and demanding action. Why? Because we’re the only ones who can fix it.

        Contrary to what you say, I don’t consider what I say objective, but I DO suggest that you at least TRY to refute SOMETHING of what I’ve said, instead of just saying you can. Anyone can SAY they can do something. Go ahead and prove it now. Or at least offer something that contradicts it.

        And for the 100th time, I never said racism doesn’t exist. I know it exists, and I know it’s not a big problem against our community, and that we DO have big problems. No racist country could ever allow all the black success we’ve seen in the past 60 years. Simple as that. Prove THAT’S wrong. [Pow!] Or at least say something that convincingly contradicts it.

        Nothing I’ve said has been condescending or offensive. Opinions can’t be offensive. They’re either right, in which case the truth can’t ever be offensive. Or else an opinion is wrong in which case if people are offended, they’re way too sensitive. Everyone’s always getting offended, these days and it’s just stupid. [I very much agree with these last few sentences!] I haven’t been offended by anything anyone’s said in I don’t know HOW long. And I’ve NEVER been offended by someone who said something to me that I knew was wrong, or that I simply disagreed with. Why be offended by something that’s not true? I’m black. If someone came up to me and called me white, should I be offended? Of course not. He’s just wrong. Oh, well. His problem.

        You see this as an attempt to troll around. You’re wrong. I see you as seeing anyone who convincingly disagrees with you as an “attempt to troll around,” probably because you don’t seem to have anything to say that contradicts what they say.

        The truth isn’t right-wing, or left-wing, or rhetoric. It’s just the truth. And everyone here has done a bunch of bloviating and speculating about me, and no one has even TRIED to refute the TRUTH of what I’ve said. You would think that if you had seen it all before, then you’d have SOME things to say. You keep saying you could engage every point I’ve made, but I’d be happy if you’d ACTUALLY engage at least just ONE [Pow!], instead of pretending that simply calling me wrong is an argument. [Bam!]

        And you should quit with all the faux anger. If you get all p*ssed off every time someone disagrees with you, you must lead a pretty ignorant life. It’s out of disagreement that learning happens. People only learned the earth wasn’t flat because they listened to other people who disagreed. [Good point!]

        You say that “How others think or feel is not up to you to decide based on how you think or feel.” That’s 1,000% correct. But when they feel the way they do based on wrong or faked information, then it is okay to point out that their feelings might be misplaced.

        Once I thought someone had stolen something very valuable from me, and I became very angry at him. Then, I found out that a good friend had borrowed the thing, and had even left me a note that I just hadn’t seen. Well, I guess my anger was wrong, wasn’t it?

        More to the point, the plain truth is that people like us are getting killed or injured by the thousands every year by Johnny, and they’re blaming Eddie because, well because they don’t like it that Johnny’s black. [Wow! BW doesn’t address any of this either, because everything that FF says in that long stream-of-consciousness diatribe (to which I’ve added paragraphs, as promised) above, is obviously true.]

    • Yes, If the police murder ANYONE, that’s one too many. So, yes, it IS true, the loss of any life is infinitely tragic. But, people are angry and tired, as you say, only because the media are focusing on it now.

      You really think so??? You think people are more tired that the media’s focused on police killings than the actual killings?

      You see, this is why people are offended by your kind of thinking. This is why people are so hostile to you. You are trying to make it seem like the killings of black folks by police don’t mean as much as the media’s focus on it. People are outraged that this kind of crap goes on not because it’s on the airwaves but because ACTUAL LIVES ARE BEING TAKEN by those who are supposed to PROTECT THEM. It is foolish to believe otherwise. [Hmmmm… let’s see how FF responds to this.]

      • FastForward said:

        April 18, 2015 at 3:16 am

        Let’s be clear: people are hostile to me because they’re hostile to me. They’re offended because they choose to be offended. Hostility and taking offense are personal choices. Period. [Very good point!] They don’t like people disagreeing with them. You disagree with me, yet I’m not hostile to you or to them. And nothing you have said has offended me. That’s because I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. But, if I see them as wrong, I will do them the courtesy of being honest with them. I’m not going to tell them I think they’re right. There’s enough lying around here.

        Good. Now that’s out of the way, yes, I do believe that the people are more ticked off because the media are focused on police killings. Most Americans are dependent on the media for their worldview. When the media move on, as they always do, the people will not care about police killings anymore. Oh, a few will be who are directly affected by it, but that’s it. Let’s face it, the American people, black, white or other, are not all rushing out to get informed about things in great depth. I don’t fault them for it, but it’s simply true.

        Yes, actual lives are being taken by the police. A couple here and a couple there, but you have decreed as off limits, for some reason, the REAL KILLER of thousands of black men every year. So I won’t talk about it. Because, as you said, you don’t want to hear it, you just want to be ticked off. That’s a shame, because when the media move on, the real killer will still be there, killing us. And it ain’t the cops.

        I agree that it is outrageous when people’s lives are being taken by people who are supposed to protect them, but it is just as outrageous, and REALLY stupid, to expect the people who are supposed to protect us NOT to protect themselves. And they all have guns.

        More often than you want to admit, when a confrontation with the police ends up in the death of someone it is NOT the fault of the police. The problem is that when people focus on incidents that are smaller problems, it means that people WON’T pay attention to the BIGGER problems. It’s like the boy who cried brotha wolf. [Lol! Very clever, by FF!] This was the case with that place that you declared off-topic. We have a serious problem that is NOT the cops, and you declared THAT problem off-topic.

        Here’s why that off-topic problem is relevant. You are using the police incident to condemn an entire people, who are NOT our main problem. And YOU are NOT the holder of absolute truth in this. Nor am I. There IS room for disagreement. Let’s agree on one thing. It is a tragedy ANY time a cop kills anyone. And it IS important to see if you can find ways to prevent that from ever happening. Where we will disagree though is about wasting huge efforts to focus on that problem when we have much bigger problems in our community.

        You said I can’t talk about black-on-black crime and violence. Okay, how about the destroyed black family that’s causing it. That IS where whites did violence to us. They waved their money in front of our women, and our women overwhelmingly took it and told our men to get lost. Everyone’s heard about how the welfare check replaced the father in poor black families (and poor white families). Then these same women raised our children and did a cr*ppy job. Everyone in the world has now figured out that EVERY kid needs a father AND a mother. Great. Thanks a lot! But they spent three generations saying that no one ever needed a father, and that’s three generations they did serious harm to. That IS on the white man’s shoulders. [Oof! Hard words for a white men like me to hear. But I can find no fault with them. One thing we should always ask ourselves: Will the thing we’re planning to do actually help the people it’s supposed to help? If we had actually tried to answer that question for many of America’s vast social initiatives, there’s a good chance, we’d never have enacted them. If, that is, these programs were actually intended to help people. That question is an open question.]

        The number one cause of ANYONE being in prison is being raised by a single mother. See if you can guess which race has the highest rate of single motherhood. That’s on us, brotha wolf. The white man’s free cr*p tempted us, but we didn’t have to take it, and only we can fix it. [It can’t be denied: white Americans and black Americans are all in this together. They should do whatever they can to make things better for everyone.]

  20. It would be nice to show everything for what it really is. Instead of learning about white gangs and thugs that deal in crystal meth from a Ben Affleck (The Town) or Christian Bale (The Furnace) movie why doesn’t CNN do the world a favor and report these types of crimes on a consistent basis and show video footage? In sheer numbers they out number all gangs/thugs of minority status combined. Oh that’s right, there’s a racial quota they have to keep up as part of the World White Media…..


Aaaaand, the commenting peters out with a weak irrelevancy.

— xPraetorius


(1) – In the exchange, you will see that Brotha Wolf, and his supporters all suggest, of course, that FastFroward is lying when he says he’s black. This is yet another of the many laughable contradictions and intellectual preposterousnesses (preposterosities? I like that one! 🙂 ) of the Race Grievance Industry. They become absolutely apoplectic with rage if you were to suggest that there is great commonality of thinking among black people (as this blog has never suggested, by the way), but as soon as you demonstrate the slightest difference in thinking from the Race Grievance Industry itself, you just must not be black. In fact, you must be white — as if you could never be Asian or Hispanic or something else.

(2) – Brotha Wolf never did get around to making any real arguments. He just said things. He spent all his time asserting things, then refusing to back them up when FastForward challenged him to do so. This is a typical characteristic of the RGI: to assert things as fact, then be unable, or at least unwilling, to support them. They understand at least one aspect of the “Big Lie Theory”: If you just say something over and over and over and over again, pretty soon people will simply believe it… whether or not it’s true. For this to work, it is essential that the one expressing the Big Lie not permit any counter-arguments to get in the way of the Lie.

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