Commenter from The Race Grievance Industry Admits It! WE Were Right All Along!

Yep. She’s admitted that we here at our increasingly influential little think tank have been right all along, and “Lavern” over at Brotha Wolf’s blog has admitted it publicly. She wasn’t trying to, but she did. Here’s the post.

Lavern did a little rant that was, apparently, in response to some commentators who visited Brotha Wolf’s site and had the temerity to disagree politely with Brotha Wolf’s racism, and his apparent hatred of white people. Needless to say, after proving more than the good Brotha could handle, he banned these commentators from his site. The exiled pundits, black men all, had suggested that, just maybe, while America had been a racist country, it was a lot less so now, and that black people need to look closer to home to solve the pathologies afflicting black Americans.

We’ve consistently made the point that America has not been a racist country for quite a long time. It was, to its shame, a racist country, but America moved actively, aggressively and fast to declare white racism anathema, and to demand that white Americans expunge it from their thinking. And so they did… something like 50-60 years ago. It wasn’t easy, but it was quick, and it was thorough.

We further made the point that if a black person (really any person) (1) gets an education, (2) speaks well, (3) works hard, (4) gets along well with others, and (5) presents himself more or less normally, he can prosper. The real point was: There will be no more obstacles in the path of that hard-working black person than there are in front of anyone else.

In making that point, I encountered rather vociferous opposition. No, said the RGI’s foot soldiers at Brotha Wolf’s blog, America is too racist. America will do whatever she can to keep the black man down, to squash him under the iron fist of “White Supremacy.”

Then, without even trying to, they admit we were right all along!

In Lavern’s rant, she included this little paragraph:

Another popular myth among white people is that black people are sponging off of their hard work and labor with welfare. This lie is not only the most ridiculous, but considering the fact that it’s actually white folks who receive more welfare than anyone, it’s the easiest to disprove. Some white people also neglect to acknowledge, or maybe they just refuse to, that a huge number of those working hard to pay for welfare are black people. A lot of black people who work every day to make the mortgage, feed their kids and keep clothes on their back equally contribute money just like the white folk whiners. Believe it or not, some Negroes even hold important government jobs too such as heads of state departments. I can’t forget all the mayors, state senators, aldermen, a few governors and even the guy who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Looks a lot to my eye, as though Lavern is saying: when black folks (1) get an education, (2) speak well, (3) work hard… etc., etc… they prosper. Why, they even contribute to funding welfare and they also become, let’s see: heads of state departments, mayors, state senators, aldermen, governors and, gosh, the President of the United States!

Hard to imagine greater prospering than that!

For example, when Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House, Hillary famously said they were broke. Since that day in January, 2000, though they’ve averaged more than $10 million in personal income every year, having leveraged nothing more than their status as former President and First Lady.

We wholeheartedly accept this surprising new endorsement from the RGI, and express the sincere hope that their new agreement with the point that we’ve worked so hard to make, signals a new partnership in service to the mission of making life better for all Americans!

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Commenter from The Race Grievance Industry Admits It! WE Were Right All Along!

  1. Lol! You’re absolutely right, x! She’s agreeing with you completely! I don’t think she meant to, but that’s sometimes when you get the most sincere agreement. When the person doesn’t even KNOW she’s agreeing with you!

  2. I saw that too. I look forward to seeing you work with the RGI to dispel the silly notion that we live in a racist country.

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