Window of Opportunity for Evil: Now To Jan. 20, 2017


Drudge Headlines:

Yep. The “JV”(1) is at it again.

They’ve recognized what all the world knows: the weakest, most gullible patsy Americans ever called “Mr. President” goes to a well-deserved retirement on 1/20/2017. That’s a mere 643 days away.

Since a Presidential term is, either 1,461 or 2,922 total days — 2,922, unfortunately, in the case of the current buffoonish occupant of the White House — that means that there remains only a smidge more than 22% of his term left.

For those of us who pay attention to things around the world, this will be an excruciatingly long time. A bit like wondering whether the surgery that Obamacare has forced you to schedule six months from now will happen before the cancer kills you.

For those, however, who want to bring about the Caliphate, or institute an American-supported nuclear arms program in Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Egypt, or East Wherever-istan, it’s a dauntingly short time, and they understand that they will have only that much time to deflect Obama’s attention over to their crisis, in which they can dupe him and get him to agree to their nuclear arms program.

You see it’s not only about duping Obama — any old Tom, Dick and Ali screeching Death to America can do that — it’s about duping Obama, so that the rest of the world will leave you alone too. No one’s worried about Obama — the fondest wish of every penny ante little Jaun-nie(2) Jihadi out there is that Obama will declare that he’s drawn a “red line” against — aka a “green light” in front of — some future evil deed you’ve planned.

So, as Drudge has helpfully pointed out, ISIS has ratcheted things up a bit. Fresh from being declared the JV squad, they knew they had carte blanche in the Middle East, and they took advantage of it. A few short months later, and their goal of having the American President come visit their capital to bow down to their Chief Executive Yowling Lunatic is both tantalizingly within reach, but also close to being snatched from their grasp in 643 short days.

In the upcoming short one year, eight months, four weeks and five days, ISIS has to establish a capital, obtain world recognition of it (so they probably have to launch some kind of military attack against Israel) and set up the rest of their “country,” their “Caliphate.” With Obama in office, they know there will be no meaningful American obstacles in their path, but that may not be the case after the beginning of 2017.

What naïve Republicans never realized is that Obama prostrates himself before the powerful, and those he perceives as powerful. ISIS read Obama better than the Republicans ever did. ISIS’ understanding of Obama is better because it’s uncluttered by silly notions that the American President is hampered by such trifles as Judicial / Congressional / Media oversight, or the American Constitution, or Laws, or considerations of basic human decency. Obama never allows such paltry obstacles to stand in his way; neither does ISIS.

If Republicans would simply ignore the media and bully Obama into doing what they want him to do, they’d get their way every time. Of course, that would be very un-Republican of them, so they won’t do it. I guess, though, that’s a good thing, because then you’d have both political parties acting like corrupt, goonish thugs instead of just the Democrats.

In some respects, Obama and ISIS are birds of a feather. Doubt me? Think back to 2008 and 2012, when little Shahil Sheepscourge was threatening his mommy with decapitation if she didn’t allow him conjugal visits in the barn. For whom do you think they were pulling in the upcoming American Presidential elections? McCain? Romney? Obama? Don’t think too long about it; it’s not a trick question.

But, ISIS isn’t the only group of international bloodthirsty, howling, psychotic thugs who understand that their window of opportunity might soon close, the entire worldwide League of International Bloodthirsty Howling, Psychotic Thugs knows it.

Expect things to get a lot more “interesting” around the world in upcoming days.

Who was it who said that it was a whole lot more important to elect a good President than to elect a black one? Oh, yeah… we said that. Here, for instance. And all the way back here at the founding of this blog almost four years ago. And a whole lot of other places.

We should consider that as we prepare ourselves to hear a whole bunch of meaningless, steaming flapdoodle about our upcoming “opportunity” to “make history by electing the first woman President.(3)

I’ll say it here first in the whole world: “It’s a whole heckuva lot more important to elect a good President than to elect a female one.”

If, that is, our country survives ’til that day. After all, World Evil, Inc. sees its window of opportunity closing…

— xPraetorius


(1) – Junior Varsity – What Obama called ISIS when they first started to make their presence known in the Middle East.
(2) – “Jaun” – Male Arabic name meaning: “a kind of plant.”
(3) – Germany “made history,” too, when they elected their first Socialist Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, in the early 1930’s. You can make good history and you can make really bad history. Call me zany and offbeat, but I think we should try to make good history.


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