Ridiculously Good (Part IV)

Okay, this is just wrong. There is no reasonable excuse under the sun that these guitarists should be this good… and on the same stage at the same time.

Edited: Apparently, WordPress doesn’t like displaying Youtube videos embedded into the page, or something.

Here: Spectacular video.
This is kind of like the President and his Cabinet, isn’t it? We’re not supposed to let them all be in the same room at the same time or something?

In this case it’s Joscho Stephan, Frank Vignola and Vinnie Rainolo all on the same stage at the same time.

They are all insanely good guitarists.

However, if we’re breaking all the rules and letting these astonishingly good guitarists be in the same place at the same time, then I’m sure as heck going to enjoy it!

— xPraetorius


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