The Paranoid Delusions of the Left and the RGI (Part MCXXVIII)(*)

The American left has a serious problem.

American leftists are woefully ignorant of the nature, character, disposition, thoughts, feelings and inclinations of their opponents, the American right. There’s a simple reason for this, I think: they never hang around with us, at least not outside of forced togetherness, such as at work. They certainly never bother to find out whether their preconceived notions about us have any basis in reality.

Here’s a case in point. The author of the linked screed is one Brittney Cooper, and if you were to say, “What’s wrong with it?” the only possible responses are “Where do I start?” and “How long do you have?” We’ll point out some of the obvious ones, then let you peruse the rest of it. As Jonah Goldberg once said: “Don’t spend too much time on it, it won’t get any less stupid.” (or something to that effect).

Here’s snippet number one from Cooper’s opus:

Snippet #1:

Just in time for Holy Week, the State of Indiana has passed a new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The law explicitly permits for-profit corporations from practicing the “free exercise of religion” and it allows them to use the “exercise of religion” as a defense against any lawsuits whether from the government or from private entities. The primary narrative against this law has been about the potential ways that small businesses owned by Christians could invoke it as a defense against having to, for instance, sell flowers to a gay couple for their wedding.

Some Reactions:

Wow! First of all, either the author is illiterate, or lets just anyone post anything there without the benefit of an editor. Presumably Cooper means “to practice” instead of “from practicing.” (better wording might be “to engage in”) but the point is you don’t “permit someone or something from doing something,” as Cooper says. So: Challenge #1: We realize that we’re probably going to have to slog through, and make educated guesses from, some pretty bad writing.

Next: It’s pretty obvious that no one is permitted to refuse, for example, to sell flowers to anyone who walks through a store’s doors. This was decided long ago when it became illegal to refuse to sell goods to black people. The actual design of the Indiana law provides the opportunity to anyone (not just Christian businesses) simply to have their day in court if a dispute arises: for example, if a Muslim deli owner refuses to provide pork products for a party.

That brings us to:

 Snippet #2 from Cooper:

Any time right-wing conservatives declare that they are trying to restore or reclaim something, we should all be very afraid. Usually, this means the country or, in this case, the state of Indiana is about to be treated to another round of backward time travel, to the supposedly idyllic environs of the 1950s, wherein women, and gays, and blacks knew their respective places and stayed in them. While the unspoken religious subtext of this law is rooted in conservative anxieties over the legalization of same-sex marriage in Indiana, Black people and women, and all the intersections thereof (for instance Black lesbians) should be very afraid of what this new law portends.

Some Reactions:

Here’s another serious failing of the left as it pertains to their ability to understand us on the right: They pretend that they can read our minds. This is the strategy of the intellectually lazy. Rather than find out what we’re thinking by, for example, asking us, the left bypass doing that obviously necessary work, and simply decide they already know. They then present these nonsensical fabricated notions as fact. Cooper says that we on the right want to remake America into a country “wherein women, and gays, and blacks knew their respective places and stayed in them.”

Do you know anyone on the right — anyone — who has ever said this openly to you? Because if we on the right are thinking it, then we surely need to communicate that thinking to someone if we’re going to make it actually happen. That’s kind of basic. And that’s another thing we need to be able to understand: Most of what the left says doesn’t stand up to even the most superficial scrutiny. We should never be afraid to say that. Over and over again. Then prove it.

Our problem, on the right, is that we take for granted that the left believe what they say; that they say what they mean and mean what they say… and we debate on that basis. The left on the other hand, ignores what we say, tells us that we’re lying and that we’re really saying something entirely different — and generally evil. Then the left argue against those points; points we never even tried to make, and are false.

We all need to understand that well, because it’s why there can never be an honest debate about important issues in America. The left makes an argument, then they immediately formulate some fake counterargument that they assign to us Conservatives. They then debate against the faked, nonexistent counterargument.

But, how do the left transform the debate into one on the terms they want to use? Well, the left is big on pretending we have all these “code words,” that we rightists use so that we can say nice-sounding things, all while plotting to slam dunk the entire country back into the Dark Ages of the ’50’s.

There’s a problem with that idea. If it were true, then someone would have had to get together somewhere and decide on what all this coded talk would consist of. Then, we would all have to keep it a biiiiiiig secret from all our intended victims.

Yes, yes, yes, I know. The left will tell you it’s simply an organic process with us rightists. We know what words to avoid, so we simply use different ones. Etc., etc… the problem with that is: we then deny that they’re code words for anything. In other words, we conveniently tell them what we’re thinking, so they don’t have to use their mind-reading super power.

As mentioned above, they then decide that they know what we’re really thinking, rendering a real dialogue impossible. Challenge #2: We on the right don’t do that. If you watch debates between Conservatives and leftists, it is always (with very few exceptions; Ann Coulter being a notable one) the leftist accusing the Conservative of racism, or homophobia, or sexism or islamophobia or whatever in the long, tired litany of leftist flapdoodle. The left understands a simple thing: it’s nearly impossible to prove or disprove a negative. Go ahead, prove you’re not thinking racist thoughts!

Think of the accusations. When was the last time you heard a leftist accused of racism, or any of the other epithets? Even though, as you readers know, we have pretty well documented how racism’s real home is on the left. Here’s someone else who has documented it. Tammy Bruce is a former leftist who became fed up with the dishonesty and the totalitarian inclination of the American left. She didn’t them become a rightist, she’ll tell you, but rather an “independent.” However, hers is an eloquent voice in blowing the lid off leftist fraud, corruption, megalomania and dishonesty.

I debate a lot with the pawns of the Race Grievance Industry. I tell them what I’m thinking, and they then tell me that, no, I’m not thinking what I say I’m thinking, but rather I’m thinking something else entirely. Something really bad, of course. Then they tell me my motives, my feelings, my education level, where I’ve lived or how much I’ve traveled. Things they couldn’t possibly know about me, they tell me as fact.

Have you ever tried to tell someone what he or she was really thinking? How’d that go over? Did he or she appreciate being called either a liar or stupid?

Again, this is just the lazy way out. Impugn the message-bringer’s motives –> impugn the message. The problem is that they really can’t read minds, so are reduced to asserting that these ridiculous notions are well-established facts, proven by this source or that source, and that everyone knows it. In some of my debates with the RGI, my interlocutors have even pointed to this guy as a source of great knowledge and wisdom pertaining to who, how and what, for example, white people are. It would be hard to find a better example of the word “charlatan,” or “fraud,” or “snake oil salesman,” or “con man” than “Dr. Llaila Afrika.” In the above-linked video, you will hear the execrable “Dr. Afrika” say just a bunch of really stupid things that even the most superficial examination would cause to blow away like dust in a strong wind.

If you examine the excerpted paragraph above by Brittney Cooper, she does exactly the same thing. You’ll notice that there’s nothing in that paragraph, or in the rest of Cooper’s post, that goes anything like: “Here’s what the right is planning, and here’s the effect it will have on the country, and here’s why I’ve concluded that.” She simply makes the accusation that we’re all bigoted scoundrels and that she’s, by extension, better, so her thinking must be better. That brings us to Challenge #3: This is the entire thinking of the left and of the RGI: “I’m better than you, therefore my thinking and motives are better than yours.”

We should be able to bat that kind of lazy, disjointed, whack-a-doodle “thinking” out of the ballpark quite easily. One thing to do: Call it lazy, disjointed, whack-a-doodle thinking! You’ll rock the leftists back on their heels. They’re not used to having their actual thinking challenged.

We first have to recognize it for what it is, then call it what it is, then we can bat it out of the ballpark. Can you imagine how great it would be if we stopped the “debate” each time the left or the RGI trotted out one of these fraudulent accusations, called them on it, and called it what it was: intellectually lazy and fraudulent? What fun that would be! And it just might force the left actually to debate. At which point their tired, flabby, flaccid, fat, wheezing old ideas would fall apart like dead leaves.(1)

Snippet #3 from Cooper’s piece:

This is why I identify with the story of Jesus. And frankly, it is the only story there really is. This white, blond-haired, blue-eyed, gun-toting, Bible-quoting Jesus of the religious right is a god of their own making. I call this god, the god of white supremacy and patriarchy. There is nothing about their god that speaks to me as a Black woman of working-class background living in a country where police routinely murder black men and beat the hell out of black women, where the rich get richer while politicians find ever more reasons to extract from the poor, and where the lives the church imagines for women still center around marriage and motherhood, and no sex if you’re single.

Some Reactions:

Are you aware of any Christians who think of Jesus as a “white, blond-haired, blue-eyed, gun-toting, Bible-quoting” guy? Well, maybe “bible-quoting,” though the New Testament hadn’t yet been written. Most Christians practically grant that Jesus isn’t even one of them! The founder and foundation of Christianity is almost always described as a Jewish carpenter from Galilee, which sometimes torques off Jews, who consider Jesus an effective teacher and a blasphemer.

But, all that aside, first of all, there are no images of Jesus “toting” any weapons whatsoever.

Second, Christianity’s principal text doesn’t describe Jesus physically at all. I suspect there’s a good reason for this, namely that Jesus was here for all mankind. While, Jesus was all in favor of the Second Commandment’s injunction against graven images and false idols, He was not opposed to imagery or art. Hence, the lack of physical descriptions of Jesus means that you and I are free to imagine his physical appearance any way we choose. Jesus was not all about the importance of the flesh; He was all about the primal importance of a person’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual relationship with Him. This means simply that the idea of a “white, blond-haired, blue-eyed, not gun-toting, Bible-quoting” Jesus is just as valid as any other idea of what He looked like.

Jesus was a carpenter from Galilee. His appearance was therefore most probably not European for the most part. That doesn’t diminish by one teeny, tiny iota the devotion that we Christians of European origin have for Him.

Third: are you aware of any Christians at all who think that White Supremacy or some kind of imaginary, oppressive patriarchy is any part of what Jesus taught? I’m not. Oh, I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. All identifiable groups have their flakes.

Brittney Cooper wouldn’t be able to know all this, because she simply doesn’t bother to find it out. That’s just sad. These delusions don’t the result only  from leaving preconceived notions unexamined. They are also the results of plain, old, tired racism. Brittney Cooper is a black woman who calls herself a Christian, but who has, apparently, missed a very large point in Christianity: Jesus isn’t white, black, brown, asian, Hispanic, gray, green, purple or polka-dotted; He’s human, just like all of us. Not some of us. Not just a few of us. All of us. So his physical representation is nearly perfectly irrelevant(2).

Challenge #4: Cooper’s columns is a bigoted, stupid, sneering easily debunkable piece of twaddle, that most of the left would consider an insightful, intelligent, nuanced, trenchant piece of analysis.

Brittney Cooper is guilty of the very thing she tries so stridently to condemn: She claims Jesus for herself, and not for anyone else. You see, Jesus just can’t  be white, He must be black or brown or just anything other than white. This is just as racist and bigoted as what she accuses white Christians of doing.

Even if you were to stipulate to all of Cooper’s ignorant screed about just how awful we white people are and always have been, then that means that Jesus is really here for all us white reprobates. Jesus’ mission was one of redemption. He most certainly did not come here to bring all the good people to His Father’s Kingdom, and leave all the bad ones to their well-deserved hellish fate. He came to teach the bad ones [1] that they need to be good (among other things 🙂 ), and [2] how to be good. He came to show all of us bad ones a way not to have a hellish fate. He did not come here to demand that we all be perfect; He knew we couldn’t be, and besides only He was perfect, but He did come to show us the way to follow Him, to be Christian, and to be forgiven.

With His at-first-glance outlandish teachings about loving our neighbor as ourselves, and loving our enemies, He was history’s One True Radical.

There’s no black, white, asian, green, purple of other color in all that. There’s only Jesus and us the people. All the people on earth. Just about all Christians know this except, apparently, Brittney Cooper.

Brittney Cooper is a card-carrying member of the deeply bigoted American left, and of the racist Race Grievance Industry. Her column is transparently stupid, irrational, and easy to expose for the nitwittery that it is. In other words, it’s a perfectly representative piece of leftist thinking.

Bringing this rather long post full circle, it seems obvious (I’m open to other interpretations) that either [1] Cooper never spends any time with any Conservatives, or [2] she’s flat-out lying. However, I am a card-carrying member of the Christian right, and therefore I take her at her word: that she believes the poppycock she’s written. That can mean only one thing: she never spends any time with any of us white, Christian Conservatives(3).

– * –

A wonderful pundit called InsanityBytes (I call her IB), reveals a different perspective on Brittney Cooper’s column (here), and I agree with her 100%. At first glance, IB disagrees with what I’ve said above. However, in fact, IB’s piece buttresses what I’ve said above. We Christians are, we must never forget it, fallen people — real, authentic, genuine, no-foolin’ sinners, in constant need of the perfect redemption that only Jesus can bring. We never stop being in need of that redemption.

Just because the left is full to overflowing with fraud, dishonesty and corruption — the non-Christian and the Christian left(4) — doesn’t mean that we on the Christian right (or non-Christian right) are immune from those things. We frequently demonstrate in (yes, I’m guilty too) no uncertain terms that we’re not immune from them!

IB calls out a number of Christians who have posted some definitely non-Christian responses to Cooper’s admittedly bigoted and truly moronic post. She indicates, quite reasonably, that we Christians need to respond in Christian fashion to that with which we disagree. That means that we need to respond with Christian love to everyone who is — each one of them — a child of God(5), and that we need to figure out a way to respond in such a way as there is a chance that the person to whom we are responding turns his or her heart to Jesus Christ. Nothing is more important. Each soul lost is an infinite loss.

IB writes one of the most insightful, readable, intelligent, well-written blogs you will ever find on the web.

— xPraetorius


(*) I don’t know what that roman numeral is in our numbers, or even whether it is a real number. it’s meant to convey the idea that the “Paranoid Delusions of the American Left and the American Race Grievance Industry” represent a rich vein in which to mine for material. 🙂

(1) – We have made the point that one important evil the left does to America is in their unwillingness to allow honest debate. Who knows, they might have some good ideas, or at least the germs of some good ideas, but we can never know, because they don’t allow them to be tested against opposing ideas. Hence, since they own the dominant media, we never see real counterarguments to their generally lousy ideas, which frequently then become official policy.

(2) – Before you get all over my case, He’s not a giraffe, or a golden calf, or a tree. I figure that if you make a good faith effort (He‘ll know whether it’s a good faith effort or not, heh, heh… 🙂 ) to depict Him as you think makes sense, then He won’t mind. Just stay away from graven images and golden calves and the like. I mean, He was a real human man, walking around in the Middle East, and all. You should be able to come up with something close.

(3) – This is not outlandish to consider. Once when I was speaking with a black woman who was a colleague of mine, she mentioned that she drew a great deal of strength and happiness from her church. I asked her if I could attend church with her, and she just laughed. “No,” she said, “you wouldn’t be welcomed in my church.” I was astounded. I knew it was — or at least it called itself — a Christian church, but she made it plain that I wasn’t welcome in her church because I was white. Nothing more than that.

(4) – Yes, there is a “Christian left” in America. I think they’re wrong in their beliefs concerning American politics, but they draw their inspiration from the same Savior whom all of us Christians revere.

(5) – I once told a group of Christians that we needed to find a way to love  Osama bin Laden. After all, Jesus told us to love our enemy. It’s difficult to imagine someone who might qualify more as “our enemy” than bin Laden. The group to which I spoke sat there in silence, and I was too dumb and timid to ask the group to enlarge on my topic. Now, mind you, these were men (the local Knights of Columbus) to whom I would have entrusted the lives of my children. These were really good men. It’s just interesting to note that the gulf between us and perfection (or Jesus) is massive.

3 thoughts on “The Paranoid Delusions of the Left and the RGI (Part MCXXVIII)(*)

  1. Thank you for your kind words, they are most appreciated.

    You nailed it in this post! That is exactly how you dismantle somebody’s nonsense. That poor woman is nothing but hyperbole and hysteria and the substance of her argument is non existent. It really requires some patience, but people like that should not be elevated to a status they are not worthy of, by being responded to with panic and hysteria. When the truth is on your side, you just know it, and you can trust that it will defend itself.

    LOL, speaking from some experience here, but when you are shrieking rather hysterically, a few calm voices have great power. You are simply compelled to listen to them. I’ve seen some real nutcases come around and let go of their ideology, simply because somebody calmly spoke the truth to them.

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