One Answer to a Very Deep, Very Troubling Question (Part II)

As if to underscore what I said here, we find the publication of this opinion piece in National Review online.

People are asking:

  • What should happen to “Jackie.” Simple: she should go to jail.
  • What should happen to the Rolling Stone “reporter?” Simple: she should go to jail.

These people — including the vile scumbags at the University of Virginia who are not falling all over themselves to make it right for the fraternity — should be publicly shamed and removed from their positions of responsibility, because they are unworthy.

I take exception with a term that the author of the above-linked commentary uses. He calls “Jackie” a “fabulist,” or one who tells fables.

A more accurate term might be “liar.” It would be a fine term, also, for the “reporter,” and for the zealots who insist that “Jackie” should bear no responsibility for the lie she told that continues to hold the potential to ruin the lives of innocent young men.

How about some other terms: Criminal. Evil. Cold, cruel, inhuman, rotten, dirtbag… How about those terms? They’re probably more accurate. A “fabulist” might be just a good story-teller. Like “Dr. Seuss” or something.

It bears noting that the fraternity — that did nothing wrong — is still banned on the campus of the University of Virginia. It also bears noting that the fraternity — that did nothing wrong — continues to be punished … and for what? For nothing.

There is a simple truth: You can’t find stupider, more evil, people than you will find in leadership positions in American Universities. Though, they’re probably tied with the media and with feminists.

Read this piece here, to understand that a complete, evil, corrupt, blithering idiot — Teresa Sullivan — runs the University of Virginia.

How else could you describe someone who participates willingly in the ruination of the lives of innocent people then, when caught, continues to abuse the innocent people, then continues to justify her abuse?

It’s been announced that the fraternity will sue Rolling Stone. I think they should sue the University of Virginia too. This cr*p about a “rape culture on campus” — which simply doesn’t exist — makes it possible for liars and frauds like “Jackie” and the “reporter” for Rolling Stone to do the evil they do, convinced that they’ll get away with it.

Talk about a hostile environment?!?

The American university is a wall-to-wall hostile environment for innocent young men who walk onto campus immediately branded as rapists or rapists-in-waiting.

— xPraetorius


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