Interesting Debate Over at the RGI

As you all know, I follow a certain “Brotha Wolf‘s” blog. He’s a pawn of the Race Grievance Industry and a dyed-in-the-wool racist. He’s convinced that white people are nothing more than racists, or closeted racists. Furthermore, according to Brotha Wolf, America is a country awash in racism directed at him and other black people. Brotha Wolf is, all-in-all, nothing more than a typical blind follower of his leftist masters. He’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

However, in the exchange that I’m going to show you, he has conceded there are are some decent white people.

Maybe BW can grow, after all! It has not looked good up ’til now.

I had a back-and-forth with him a while ago, that was typified by the following pattern: (1) I’d throw out a concept for discussion, and (2) Brotha Wolf’s readers, and BW himself, would simply accuse me of racism and ignore the challenge. After a while, Brotha Wolf banned me which, as I’ve noticed, is a habit of the left. They silence those whom they cannot best in debate.

Well, apparently someone else has gotten under BW’s pelt now! A certain “flyonthewall” has engaged BW and his readers and posited a simple challenge to them: flyonthewall, a black man, asked Brotha Wolf and his readers to explain how it is that in a supposedly racist country, economic differences between the races disappear completely if a family’s parents were married and stayed married. In other words, there is no meaningful difference whatsoever in the economic achievement of any race if the people being observed had parents who were married and stayed married.

Needless to say, Brotha Wolf has not liked this one bit, and has come at flyonthewall with all rhetorical guns blazing. He’s called fly a liar, a white man, and worst of all — horrors! — a “Conservative!”

For those of you who followed my colleagues’ and my various run-ins with the RGI, you’ll recall that I catalogued all the ways in which the RGI dodges, evades or ignores invitations to engage in substantive discussion. I called it: “CoMIRSUS(LiMiR)MOMOPE”(1) and Brotha Wolf broke it all out in his interaction with “flyonthewall.”

But he hasn’t addressed flyonthewall’s challenge. Nor has anyone of his readers. The juvenile Herneith weighed in and did her usual: all insults all the time, and no substance. Another reader, MzNikita did the same thing. I’ve reproduced the exchange below, because I don’t know whether BW will keep it up. Of course, BW has realized that he’s not intellectually up to the fly’s challenge, so is threatening to ban him. What a shame. You know, I’ve never once seen a Conservative blog ban anyone. Not once.

Without further ado, here is BW’s blog post, and the subsequent comments. I’ve added some additional comments in [square brackets and in red font] in line with the post and the comments.


Denying Experiences of Racism

 Lately, more and more people continue to tell me that racism against blacks, or people of color, doesn’t exist. [Editor’s Note: This is Brotha Wolf’s (sometimes I refer to him as “BW”) obsession, and is a profound weakness of his thinking. No one pretends that racism against blacks doesn’t exist. I must have said that phrase more than a hundred times to BW, but he just droned gamely on as if I’d never said it. You’ll see that theme repeating itself in the exchange below in BW’s interaction with flyonthewall. It implies a question: how can you take seriously the arguments of someone who plainly can’t understand a basic point of the discussion,a nd who argues passionately against a point that no one’s trying to make?] Most of the time, their reasons seem unsubstantial or nonexistent altogether. Whatever explanations that are given, however, seem to hark back on everything from the Civil Rights Movement to the election of the nation’s first half-black President. [Editor’s Note: What does this mean?] Somehow, those and other certain events signify that racism is a thing of the past [Editor’s note: See? No one has ever said this, that I’ve ever heard or seen, and I’ve been paying attention for a very long time] and that any accusations of racism today are not only bogus but racist in itself. [Editor’s Note: and no one said that accusations of racism are racist themselves either. This is another problem with the left and the RGI: they make things up. It’s a serious problem, because even if they have points, which surely they do, they’re buried in a dense fog of paranoid, over-the-top, ridiculous fabrications and falsehoods. How can you identify a germ of truth in a pile of muck like that?]

Basically, the experiences of African Americans in this country continue to get discounted over and over by those who strongly claim that racism no longer exists. [Editor’s Note: See?] Yet, some of the same naysayers believe that racism against whites is on the rise. [Editor’s Note: It’s easy to make that point. The racism of black people is rewarded with talk shows (Al Sharpton) and high posts in government (Eric Holder)] If racism is no longer here, then shouldn’t that mean that there is no racism against whites by that line of reasoning? [Editor’s Note: And again, BW tries to argue against a point that no one has made.]

The objectors that refute the existence of racism [Editor’s Note: who don’t exist 🙂 ] will go out of their way to tell you so even if and when you’ve gone through a racial experience no matter the magnitude. They will let you know how race was never a factor. It was anything else but racial. And to assume that it is racial is, of course, racist. [Editor’s Note: In all my interactions with BW, I’ve never seen anyone try to make this point. BW spends his time and effort trying to swat away arguments that no one’s ever made to him.]

The real deal is that denying the existence of racism helps to continue to cycle of racism. [Editors’ Note: Then I guess BW has nothing to worry about, thank goodness! 🙂 ] It doesn’t make things better. Just the opposite. Refuting the experiences, including the emotions of those who’ve been through a racist situation, is to deny the humanity of those who have had theirs harmed in some way. [Editor’s Note: Thank goodness, then, that no one’s trying to do this. 🙂 Flyonthewall never does this in the interaction below either.] Refusing to listen or learn is a sign of shallow arrogance, especially when that person turns around and starts explaining why you are wrong even though they, themselves, have no idea what’s being discussed. [Editor’s note: This is actually kind of funny, coming from BW who apparently spends all his time tilting at imaginary windmills. ]

My suggestion is simple; shut up, listen and learn. It’s that simple. You are not remotely aware of what it’s like being a person of color in this nation. [Editor’s Note: He said this to a black man. I guess BW’s none too bright.] So, to talk as if you do know makes yourself look like a total asswipe. Why not try to humble yourselves, open your minds and then, you may learn something. You may even start to realize how denying a disease like racism will only lead to terminal damage. [Editor’s Note: And this sounds vaguely like a threat to do some kind of deadly violence to fly. BW is nothing if not a constant confirmation of all the negative stereotypes that racist white people have of blacks. Thank goodness, he’s only one person! ]


  1. ” Refuting the experiences, including the emotions of those who’ve been through a racist situation, is to deny the humanity of those who have had theirs harmed in some way.” ..And, that is the crux of what these blithering half-wits Knowingly refuse to acknowledge because in short they do not ever want to admit that POC are Humans with all the full rights, honor and respect that come with it-to do so would be to finally face and own uP to all the demonic acts and atrocities [Editor’s Note: “Demonic acts and atrocities?” Seriously? Is this supposed to pass for deep thinking? Is this supposed to be something that someone who read it would contemplate and feel the need to react to? ] that their folks have committed against to all people of “color”, and still continue to do so to this very day! [Editor’s Note: Yep. We white folds are all out here commiting “demonic acts and atrocities” against black people. I’d like to hear what this nitwit considers “demonic acts and atrocities.” Disgusting things like welfare? The atrocity of SNAP? How about the unconscionable horror of Affirmative Action?]

  2. Denying racism is the new racism. [Editor’s Note: Huh?] The dominant can go about their business of discriminating and harassing POC and Black folk, then deny it because it would confront them of their racism/white supremacy and they can’t take it. Their egos are so fragile. [Editor’s Note: Actually, we’re probably spending our time working so that we can pay the taxes that pay for this.] So they come up with new ways of practicing racism while they deny it at the same time. [Editor’s Note: Yuh. Because we white folks all have so much time on our hands just to sit around and think of “new ways of practicing racism.” It is funny when people violate xPraetorius’s First Law: You are not as big on others’ radar screen as you think you are. It might surprise black folks to realize that the vast majority of us white folks spend very little, if no time at all, thinking about black people in general, white people in general, yellow, purple, green or mauve people in general. We simply don’t have the time. And, xPraetorius’s First Law says that even if we did have the time, we wouldn’t have the inclination.]


    • flyonthewall said:

      March 27, 2015 at 12:46 pm

      Stephanie: this is nonsense. What REAL discrimination have you experienced? And when you tell me that, you’d better tell me that you’ve NEVER accepted any government services like welfare, SNAP, WIC or any other things like that. Because those are REAL discrimination in FAVOR of black folks. [Editor’s note: Ouch! Pow!] Yes, I know that the majority of welfare goes to poor white women, but we black folks get DISPROPORTIONATELY more than any other race. Learn the concept of “DISPROPORTIONATE.” Brotha Wolf doesn’t understand it, so he can’t ever understand our real situation in America. We commit DISPROPORTIONATELY more crime than any other race, we commit more VIOLENT crime, in real terms, than any other race, and we GET more free money and other free stuff — DISPROPORTIONATELY — than any other race. If you can’t understand that, then you will never understand what our REAL situation in America is all about. And you certainly can’t ever understand racism. I posted a challenge to the readers here to tell me why the differences in success between races disappear completely based only on whether or not kids’ parents are married. What do YOU say about that? Please try to post a serious reply, not just a personal attack. [Editor’s note: I fear that fly’s hope for a serious reply will be frustrated. 🙂 ]

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    Denying racism is the new racism. The dominant can go about their business of discriminating and harassing POC and Black folk, then deny it because it would confront them of their racism/white supremacy and they can’t take it. Their egos are so fragile. So they come up with new ways of practicing racism while they deny it at the same time.

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  5. flyonthewall said:

    March 25, 2015 at 12:35 am

    Dude! I’ve been watching your blog for a while, and you keep saying some things that are just completely wrong. You said “If racism is no longer here, then shouldn’t that mean that there is no racism against whites by that line of reasoning?” [Editor’s note: This is actually flyonthewall’s first post in response to the original blog post. He responded to others that happened before this post. ]

    No one is saying that there’s no white racism. [Editor’s Note: Remember when I said that you would see this theme? Here it is.] You got into it with a guy who must have said a hundred times that there was still white racism but that it just wasn’t a big problem anymore. [Editor’s note: I suspect that this “guy” to whom fly refers was really our extremely erudite colleague here at the Praetorian Writers’ Group, a petite black woman who chewed BW up and spit him out in a lengthy debate, before BW banned her.] He never said racism was all gone, and you kept trying to tell him he had! How can you get anything right if you’re not even arguing against what the other guy is saying?

    You have a bunch of the same BS in this post itself. I’ve never heard anyone deny white racism. Who denies white racism? Who’s ever denied it? No one I’VE ever heard and I’ve been keeping up with things for a long time. [Editor’s Note: well, that states it pretty clearly.]

    And if white racism’s not a big problem anymore, that doesn’t mean that BLACK racism ISN’T on the rise against whites. Frankly it is. You and I both know it. Look, Brotha, I’m a black dude, and I’ve seen white racism but I see them falling all over themselves to be REALLY nice to me a whole lot more.

    And you know what? White racism has never had a negative effect on my life. But I DID get a free education, and so did my two brothers and three sisters, and my mother. All from colleges that fell all over themselves to give my family an education so that I could have skills that I could use to get a good job. And I DID get a good job. Guess what, those free educations all came from the white people who put affirmative action in place. [Editor’s Note: Here, flyonthewall echoes what we said: (1) if you get a good education, (2) learn to speak well, (3) work hard, (4) get along well with other, and (5) present yourself well in public, you should have no problem prospering in America, regardless of your race.]

    But I hear black people say REALLY racist things about white people all the time. Like it’s nothing! And no one calls them on it. In YOUR blog too you have people saying things about all white people, and you never correct them. That’s racist! If you say evil things about white people ONLY BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, then that’s just as racist as if white people do it! How do you not see that? And I never see white people doing it. Sure, they used to do it, but not anymore, and black people do it all the time!

    • The guy I engaged with kept saying racism was no big deal. I disagreed and explained why that’s so from a perspective of a person of color, someone who went through it, witnessed it, and researched about it. To that end, I see that racism is still a major problem through many examples that are documented. [Editor’s Note: BW’s sources are always publications known for wild exaggeration or fabrications. He never cites any credible sources. ]

      There have been people who deny the experiences of POC who have dealt with racism. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve heard it happen. There are stories upon stories of this. [Editor’s Note: what does this mean?]

      If white people are being nicer to you than black people, then that’s nice. Although, I question why that is so.

      You really don’t think white racism has had a negative impact in your life. If that’s what you think, have you ever questioned your reasoning? [Editor’s note: Huh? ] If that’s true, you’re lucky, because not a lot of people can say that with a straight face. White racism effected me directly and indirectly in ways that pan out to those who are also in the know about racism. [Editor’s note: Huh?]

      I have never said racist things about white people because of their skin. [Editor’s note: Yes he has, but more to the point, he allows his acolytes to say deeply racist things, including musings about the death or murder of all white people on earth. Here, for example. ] I said what I’ve said due to current events, personal and societal, and have commented accordingly. My colleague Lavern Merriweather is the same way. She takes on examples of racism, mostly found in the media and breaks it down point by point.

      If you’re here to tell me how wrong I am for speaking my mind against white racism, go ahead. But I am not wrong when I say that white racism is still prevalent. [Editor’s note: “Prevalent?” If he’s going to make the statement that it’s “prevalent” ie, that it has prevailed, he needs to show some kind of evidence that white racism has “won” the day in America.] I’m also disturbed by your reasoning that black people are somehow more racist than whites. I strongly disagree. [Editor’s Note: Okay. Got some reasons? ] Black people don’t have the power to be racist against whites nowhere near the magnitude of white racism against blacks. That’s a cold hard fact no matter how you slice it. [Editor’s note: It’s a cold hard opinion, no matter how you slice it. The most powerful man in the world is a black man. Presumably he has the power and ability to do things that affect the entire country?]

    • What you call ‘racism’ against whites I call K-A-R-M-A. The bible says “what you sow, you will also reap”.

  6. I was just reading an older article about a film called “A little White Lie” by Lacey Schwartz where she talks about not always knowing about her black heritage and being the result of an affair between her Jewish mother’s affair with a Black family friend. As I was reading the comments section of the news article, I’ve notice how some of these people had the ” Who cares”, ” She( Lacey) wants fame..” ” Or that I could have told her that she was Black..”Overall, it just seemed like these people ..a great deal of them I suspect was White..didn’t want to discuss this young woman because they didn’t want to accept the truth about her.

    It wasn’t that long ago that I commented on Ankh’s blog about a similar issue through by another blogger and he said that he was disgusted how people want to learn everything good about his culture/history,but not talk about his struggles about him being a young Filipino-American man. Just like Lacey..some of those commenters didn’t want to discuss her struggles of being the product of an affair and/or being a Black/Jewish woman.

    There was one comment where this guy didn’t get why Lacey would discuss her heritage and then blabbed on it seemed not to apply to other minorities. I just nodded my head. White society want to learn about you..then don’t want to do it. They ” know” every thing about you..but don’t want to learn the truth about you. It seemed evident that he was one of those kind of guys who was who didn’t know squat about Black folks,why we have racial classifications,who gave them to us and just wanted to make it seem that we were ” complaining” as always. [Editor’s note: More anecdotes that are impossible to extend to the country as a whole. The RGI is awash in isolated anecdotes that show nothing that can help anyone understand the bigger picture. The isolated anecdotes are all sad, poignant stories, but … irrelevant. I love how this commenter is able to take this tiny set of incidents and extrapolate across the entire population of white people. Can you imagine what everyone (literally everyone) would say if someone said that a black man had killed a white man, therefore all black men were murderers? ]

  7. flyonthewall said:

    March 25, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Brotha, you know no one denies anyone’s experience with racism. But one experience by one person doesn’t mean that the whole country is racist. Come on! You get all upset whenever you think that people are projecting the acts of one black man on our entire race. And you’re RIGHT to get upset about that. Why would you think it’s okay to do the very same thing to other races? [Editor’s note: Bang!] It’s not okay. It’s racist. You say that the experience of African Americans gets discounted. I don’t know where you get that idea. This whole country OBSESSES on the experiences of black people. Do you ever watch the news? It’s been nothing but Ferguson and Staten Island and Trayvon Martin and this and that for YEARS. [Editor’s note: Bang!] We’ve been doing nothing as a country BUT agonize over the experience of black people since even before Obama was President. You just have to face it, there just aren’t that many racist incidents against us black people to justify saying that it’s a racist country. Just the opposite in fact. You don’t see any of us trying to get out, do you? And why would we? [Editor’s note: I’ve made this point too. I wonder if flyonthewall reads this blog.] We have it a WHOLE LOT better here than just about anyone else in the world! [Editor’s note: Good point. You’ll see that no one addresses that point anywhere in this exchange. That last phrase sums up just about every interaction that I’ve ever had with the RGI… and now, apparently, flyonthewall has had the same experience. He takes it in stride, though. He never succumbs to fits of pique.] But we STILL have to work for it and grab it. I did. I got my free education, and I used it to get a good job. So did the rest of my brothers and sisters, and we all live in the so-called racist south. None of us had any problems in our lives that we could trace back to white racism. You need to open your eyes, Brotha.

    • Flyonthewall, you are doing exactly what this article is talking about, whether you know it or not. You’re dismissing an article that discusses the dismissal of the experiences of racism against blacks. That is the problem. And I think it’s you that needs to open his eyes. [Editor’s note: And, as flyonthewall says later, BW completely discounts fly’s experience all the while claiming that fly has discounted BW’s. Fly did no such thing. He simply stated the obvious. An anecdote here or an anecdote there doesn’t tell you anything about the larger picture. Brotha Wolf’s thesis is that America is racist. He supports that thesis with isolated stories and individual anecdotes and all manner of things that tell nothing of the larger picture. Fly, on the other hand, posits a study that deals with the big picture.  In order not to be inconsistent, I don’t have a great deal of respect for “studies.” They’re easy to distort and to manipulate to provide the answers that the study authors are looking for. However, this particular group with whom flyonthewall is arguing, reveres studies, particularly those from the most questionable of sources. They gleefully point to such studies to bolster their points of view. Fly, though, has found a study from a Harvard professor. BW and his group think that if it comes from Harvard, it’s gospel truth. Usually, of course, anything coming from Harvard is reliably moronic and blindly left-wing.]

  8. flyonthewall said:

    March 26, 2015 at 1:44 am

    Sounds like YOU’RE dismissing MY experiences Brotha. Why are MY experiences not important? Why are MY experiences less revealing than anyone else’s? What do you say to people like Stephen Smith who are saying that we should vote Republican because the Democrats are just taking us for granted? [Editor’s note: Another good point by the fly.] What do you say to the FACT that if your parents were married and stayed together then economic differences between the races absolutely DISAPPEAR. No difference between black, white, Hispanic, Chinese, Indian, Native American. No difference whatsoever. The same fact stated differently: ALL kids of parents who stay together have a 90% chance of prospering in America. There’s absolutely no difference between the races. That’s just not possible in a racist country. My source for that statistic is right here:

    The dude is a Harvard Professor. Is that a good enough source? And if you’re going to try to tell me that white people are responsible for OUR marriage rates, then you have to know that’s just crazy. They don’t tell us what to do. And if they did, we sure wouldn’t do it! 🙂

  9. Flea, erm I mean “Flyonthewall”-How fitting a name for someone who displays such a Pestilence like attitude! “I’m-a-black-dude-and-whites-aren’t-that-bad” blah, blah, blaH please step uP yo’ troll game if you want someone to even pretend to swallow the weak azz tripe that your’e tryin’ to dish out, here-HA! [Editor’s note: this is typical of BW’s acolytes. They are unable to say anything of substance, so they insult, jeer, sneer, evade and avoid actually addressing the challenge fly issued.]

  10. flyonthewall said:

    March 27, 2015 at 3:07 am

    @MzN: Why don’t you try a serious reply? Your personal attack was feeble. What do YOU say about the FACT that if you count only children of couples who stayed married, there is no difference WHATSOEVER between how ALL the races do in America? That just would not be possible in a racist country. I gave you actual government statistics. What do you say about that? [Editor’s note: I’ve tried this too. It never went very far. 🙂 ]

    • Just go kiss some white ass and be done with it. Quit ranting and raving! [Editor’s note: I know this commenter. She’s a barely literate, hard-core racist for whom this is typical fare. Here is another “contribution” from Herneith. It’s funny how the ones who rant and rave constantly castigate others for ranting and raving. If you read on, you will see that flyonthewall maintains a thoroughly civil tone throughout.]

  11. Here is a story of racism. The poor oppressed lad: [Editor’s note: No one responded to this, but it is in lonely support of flyonthewall.]

  12. flyonthewall said:

    March 27, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    I challenge the readers of this blog to give me real concrete evidence that white folks harm black folks more than BLACK folks harm OTHER black folks. No anecdotes. No “Everyone knows” bs, no publications from partisan web sites. Just sources that everyone recognizes, and real statistics that cover the entire country. I just showed you all something above, when I cited government statistics that show that ALL races prosper equally if the parents are and stay married. And I gave a source that uses government statistics to show that. I then provided a link to the summary of that study, and that link has other links to the entire study. That equal prosperity based only on the marital status of a family’s parents just would not be possible in a racist country. So YOU show me where you have REAL evidence that this country’s racist. I have REAL evidence that this country discriminates in our FAVOR way more than it discriminates against us. And I can point to the gift of an education at an expensive university that would have cost me more than $100,000. I got it for free, based only no the fact that my skin is black. Well, dark brown. [Editor’s note: Ultimately, no one even addressed this rather interesting point. Flyonthewall dares BW and his readers to counter two things: (1) that the marriage thing is not true, or (2) that is is not proof that America is not a racist country. I wrote a post on this topic here. Again, I wonder whether flyonthewall reads this blog.]

    • Oh, I’ll give you some evidence. Look at what this racist in New Orleans forced these harmless Domino’s customers to do:

      Is that not discrimination?! [Editor’s note: X2 provides a link to an article in which a black man killed a white pizza delivery man. Of course, no one ever heard about it except locally. I wonder about this guy’s name — X2 — is he somehow trying to make a link to my blog?]

    • If you are a black person as you claim to be, and you live in America, you would’ve already experienced or witnessed white racism in some way, shape or form. [Editor’s note: BW begins the evasion process in earnest. The first part: suggest that flyonthewall is lying.]

      • flyonthewall said:

        April 1, 2015 at 2:04 am

        Yes. I’ve experienced white racism, and it really pissed me off. But if I’m going to be honest, well then here it is: I’ve experienced three prominent incidents of white racism in my life. Each had to do with a muttered racial epithet by a white person who got hot under the collar when they heard my less typical points-of-view. As you can probably tell, I don’t think of things in the usual way. Each of the two white guys, and the one black woman who called me a “house ni**er” were angry because I didn’t toe their line in an argument.

        But I’ve seen a whole lot more black racism directed at whites. It’s easy and casual with us, isn’t it? All the time we call white people all sorts of things that we’d never allow them to call us without screaming bloody murder.

        And still being honest, they’ve given me a free education that would have cost me a lot more than $100,000. I used that to get myself a GREAT job that pays me a lot MORE than $100,000. I work for a white boss who treats me really well, and he and I work really well together.

        I’m a black guy, so I know lots of black people. My friends are mostly black. And some of them have had much worse experiences than mine. Usually they’ve been involved with the criminal justice system. Guess what. Every time it was because they committed a crime. They told me all about them! What are the cops SUPPOSED to do? Not arrest them?

        I have other black friends who have had experiences a lot like mine. They went to good colleges, got scholarships to go there and all have good jobs now. Here’s the simple truth. America has treated me pretty well. White people have treated me pretty well. I followed the rules, but they were reasonable rules. I got myself some employable skills, and I got educated and I got a job. Just like that. All of my friends from the hood who got into trouble got into trouble because they did something bad. I STILL have friends who came out of prison after robbing a liquor store and blame it all on whitey. I’ve said to them that, perhaps, they shouldn’t have robbed the liquor store, and they all say that THEIR robbery was the white man’s fault. They’ve baked their own failure into their own lives. White people make up 65% of this country. Of course they shouldn’t treat us badly, but WE should kind of try to interact with them too. After all, there’s a lot of them!

      • You realize how you sound when you disregard racism and then say you’re a victim of racism? That makes no sense.

      • You realize how you sound when you disregard racism and then say you’re a victim of racism? That makes no sense.

        No he doesn’t. That’s part of being delusional. [Editor’s note: Herneith, as usual, doesn’t back up anything she says, she just say it. She’s not too bright. Most bigots aren’t.]

      • flyonthewall said:

        April 2, 2015 at 12:47 pm

        If you look at what I’ve written, you’ll see that nowhere in there do I disregard white racism. I’m just HONEST about it. I don’t pretend that it’s been a problem in my life, because it hasn’t. And I’ve seen how, as a black person, if you make an effort you can do just fine in America. There IS white racism out there, but it won’t get in your way. My story just isn’t possible in a racist America.

        Contrary to what you said, I’ve never been a victim of racism. I’ve had racism directed at me, but I was never the victim of it. I didn’t tell you what I did when the white guys and the black woman called me a “house ni**er.” I just laughed at them, and asked them if they knew how utterly STUPID they sounded in calling me that name. The white guys fell all over themselves apologizing to me, and that was when I realized that I had SERIOUS power over them. I told them that I could tell people what they had called me, and that they’d be ruined. They got even paler, if you can believe it, and begged me not to tell anyone, and that it was all just the heat of the moment and all that. The black woman just got all flustered and said it was true and turned and walked away. No, I was never the victim of racism, I was the conqueror of racism.

      • So, deep down, racism has never ever affected you, not in the slightest? That’s really hard for me to believe.

    • I haven’t had time to properly address you, but I found some time. So, here goes.

      We can, and some will, give you examples of white racism such as police murders of unarmed black folks by mostly white cops, the prison industrial complex that punishes poor black folks harshly for minor offenses. As well as the educational system that omits mostly black history from their pages. I could go on and on about examples that have been documented by non-partisan examiners and authors, but something tells me you would just reject them anyway as you will claim they are somehow liberal. You’re not fooling anyone with that. People will list examples and like an article I recently wrote, you will reject them as examples of white racism. Be for real. That’s what you really had planned, right?

      Whether you want to believe it or not, this IS a racist country. It has been since day one when they slaughtered Native Americans and kidnapped our ancestors for slavery. And we’re supposed to ignore those and other historical truths? Seriously?

      You see, people think that that kind of history is in the past, but racism is still alive and well against POC. I already listed some quick examples for you at the beginning. But I think you will just shift the blame back onto black folks for not having a proper behavior as if we’re a monolith of deviants. If you truly are a black person, and I highly doubt that you are as I’ve seen people like you pretend to be POC and sound like an angry conservative white person, you would know that. If fact, most of us are not criminals. Statistics prove that those who are are a tiny minority among us, and if you think otherwise, believing that most crime is caused by blacks and that most blacks are criminals, you are thinking like a racist white person.

      I would like to think the U.S. is post racial, but that is not the case. We are all human beings. Yes. But we are not all treated like human beings. There is still such a thing is white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege, etc. You see, this nation sees those outside the “norm” as somehow less than human, including you, if you really are a black person as you claim to be.

      Maybe times are changing, but this country is still highly racist against POC. You see it everywhere. If you can’t, maybe you need to get your eyes checked. Nothing you can say can convince me otherwise as I’ve been a victim of racism, and I see it in the most covert forms. In truth, I am living proof of white racism, because I am the descendant of a family who were once slaves, and yes, I mentioned slavery. (Deal with it.)

      So, you can say how awful black people are even so much as without a forethought to ask why, but the fact is I heard it before. Like I said, people like you who claim to be black will come here and tells me how awful black people are against whites while claiming how not racist white people and better white people are. Let’s get an understanding here, I don’t believe that white people are naturally evil. I know many, many good white people out there. I think most of them are good people. But I WILL NOT hold back when I say there are those who are lost in their ignorance, bigotry and hatred. Even the nicest white people are not immune to racism. That doesn’t mean they are evil. But that doesn’t mean that I should keep quiet about it, nor should I ignore that history and society has origins that are alive today. To do so would be intellectually negligent.

      You see flyonthewall, you can go on and on with your rantings until you finally breakdown and say something you can’t take back. I will probably ban you from my den before that happens. But when POC discuss how racism has affected them in some way, don’t you dare tell them their experiences are insignificant just because you BELIEVE they mean nothing to you. They, as well as I, were being honest. Why not be honest and tell us that you’re not who you say you are, or are you that pathetic to live a lie to get a pointless point across. All I’m saying is be real or be gone. The choice if yours.

      • flyonthewall said:

        April 1, 2015 at 2:45 am

        Are you serious? Is this how you treat everyone who disagrees with you? You called me an angry white man? You’ll have to take me at my word that I’m a black man. I can’t prove it to you other than to say that I am. You can’t prove to me that YOU’RE a black man. But I never questioned your honesty or the sincerity of your beliefs. Why would you do that to me? As far as “angry” is concerned, where have you see me be anything but mild-mannered and respectful in this conversation?

        You did mischaracterize what I said. I never said that most crime is committed by blacks. We commit DISPROPORTIONATELY more crime. The statistics are all there. Whites are about 65% of the country, and they commit about 40% of all crime. we’re about 13% of the population and we commit more than 30% of all crimes. [Editor’s note: flyonthewall gets it wrong here, but not very. Here’s a good story on black crime. The crime that dares not say its name — at least in the media.]

        Any black man is more than eight times more likely to commit a crime than any white man. And any black man is more than 50 times more likely to commit a VIOLENT crime than any white man. Still and all, whites commit more crime overall than blacks. There. I said it again. It would be a lot worse of me to ignore OUR problem than to obsess on white crime.

        There are no more killings of black folks by white cops than before. The media have just decided to cover it a lot more. But again the statistics don’t lie. Deaths by cop shooting of ALL races are way, way down over the past years.

        The educational system tells a lot about black history. I know, I went through it and my kids are going through it now. Let’s face it, white people got this country going. Yes, they did slavery to us, but that’s long, long in the past. The simple truth is, if there hadn’t been slavery you and I would be stuck in Africa who knows where. Yes, slavery was really bad, but you and I got lucky because of it.

        You talk about killing Indians. Okay, they did. But that’s the story of all people who ever got it into their heads to build a country. The percentage of us who get in to trouble with the law is about a third. That’s not a tiny minority, Brotha. It’s a minority, but not a tiny one. And you should admit that I never said that most crime is committed by black people. This privilege nonsense is just that, nonsense. I’ve never been harmed by anyone pulling privilege on me. Or using some imaginary privilege against me.

        Okay you mentioned slavery so what? I can mention things that are 150 years in the past too. Don’t you think it’s long past time to move on? Like I said before, I’M damned lucky there was slavery. That was what brought my father’s side of the family here and half my mother’s side. And it made me an American and a wealthy man. White people have always treated me like a human being. My problem with them is that they’re too careful around me. They talk really, really carefully around me because they worry that I’m going to go all sensitive on them. I have to tell them all the time just to be themselves. Some of them do, and a lot of them don’t. WE poisoned that well. WE made it so that white people have to watch every f**king word out of their mouths.

        Times aren’t changing, Brotha. They changed a long time ago. It’s long past time for us to recognize that and to cut the crap. [Editor’s note: Powerful point, powerfully made.]

        Did I ever say that white people are better, Brotha Wolf? I did not. But you know what? They’re a whole lot better than YOU think they are. All I did was open my mind and let them be who they are. [Editor’s note: Another powerful point, powerfully made. As you will see, an open mind is not something you will find in great supply in the RGI.] I found a lot of good friends and valuable colleagues that way. And lots of them are white. And I didn’t say black people are horrible. You have no right to try to put words in my mouth. I didn’t do that to you.

        Yes, there are racist white people. But not one has ever harmed me. I don’t care what they’re thinking. That’s on them. I care if they’re going to be a problem for me, and you know what, they’ve done nothing but give me things, including a free education that’s making me a rich man. [Editor’s note: Still another powerful point, powerfully made. quite a 1-2-3 sequence here, by flyonthewall.]

        Where did I ever say that anyone’s experiences were insignificant? I never did. In fact you are the one telling me that MY experiences are meaningless. Why are you so rude to me? I’ve never been rude to you. You’re calling me a liar. Don’t you realize that all this hostility is only proving my point? Aren’t you able to have just an honest conversation with someone who disagrees with you, without calling them a liar?

      • I’ll respond soon. In the meantime, watch your tone.

      • flyonthewall said:

        April 1, 2015 at 12:33 pm

        Where has my tone been anything but respectful? Yet you’ve called me a liar and other things. I don’t care in the least if you call my point “pointless,” but you then should say SOMETHING to show why you believe that. Otherwise, you can’t get away from the fact that for people of ALL RACES, whose parents stay together, there is no difference in economic achievement whatsoever between the races.

        That just would not be possible in a racist country.

      • I never called you a liar. I just didn’t believe you when you said you were a black person when you talked about black crime and white forgiveness and the like. [Editor’s note: BW denies calling him a liar, then says that flyonthewall’s claim to be a black man is untrue. What, is fly just confused about whether he’s black or not? BW called him a liar.] If you are black, I apologize. [Editor’s note: First time, I’ve ever seen these two words come from BW’s pen! ‘Course he did it in a totally backhanded way: “If you are a black man.” Where does BW get off questioning fly’s integrity like that? Fly’s been only respectful and polite. But, he sure did get under ol’ BW’s fur, though, now didn’t he?!?] However, my stance on racism will not and can not be changed. [Editor’s note: There’s that good ol’ open mind the RGI is so famous for!!!] I will not apologize for that.

      • flyonthewall said:

        April 3, 2015 at 5:18 am

        We’re still at this: the fact is that for people of ALL RACES, whose parents stay together, there is no difference in economic achievement whatsoever between the races. That just would not be possible in a racist country.

  13. ..You can say that, again! These clowns crack me the fukc uP thinkin’ that they’re coming uP with such and “Original” and ground-breaking troll rants posing as a Black person (or other POC)-I’m not even goin’ to justify his worn-out, smoke-screen “questions” with a response, so Buzz Off “fly” with yo’ lonely, lame azzzzz! [Editor’s note: Well, there’s a reply to be reckoned with! How intelligent! How literate! How insightful! How scathing and rapier-like! How trenchant! I’ll bet that flyonthewall was positively gobsmacked by this surpassing wisdom! 🙂 ]

    • flyonthewall said:

      April 1, 2015 at 2:46 am

      So you weren’t able to answer my challenge, MzN. Kind of a shame. [Editor’s note: Or, maybe not.]

  14. flyonthewall said:

    April 1, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    @MzN: It’s funny, you accusing me of lying to you about who I am. What you’re REALLY saying is that all black folks think alike. If someone doesn’t think like you they just MUST be white. [Editor’s note: Oops. Good point!] Can you imagine how mad YOU’D be if a WHITE person tried to say the same thing about us that YOU just said? I’d be pretty mad too if I ever heard that.

    I figured you wouldn’t “justify my question,” and then claim that it was too easy to merit a response from you. Yet, if it was so easy, you could have brushed it off with a simple response instead of running away from it. Why wouldn’t you do that? Again, how do you respond to the FACT that differences in economic achievement between the races DISAPPEAR completely when the parents of the populations being studied are married and stay married? Just as a reminder, here’s where I got that information. The source is a Harvard professor.


Well! That was fun, wasn’t it?!?

Flyonthewall’s main challenge remained unaddressed. Because there’s really no counter to it. It is, it seems to me, dispositive.

You simply can’t have, as flyonthewall indicates, a situation in which a racist country produces indisputable equality of economic opportunity between the races, under any circumstances. That an intact family results in economic prosperity for the children in that family, for all races, more than 90% of the time, is pretty firm evidence that America is simply not a racist country.

— xPraetorius


(1)  “CoMIRSUS(LiMiR)MOMOPE” – Pronounced: “ko-MER-sus-lie-mur-mo-mope,” it’s an acronym for: “Contains Mindless Insult(s),Racial Slur(s), Unknowable Speculation (Like Mind Reading), Misstatement Of Meaning, or OtherPointless Element.”

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