Interesting Debate Over at the RGI (Part IV)

One additional note about the interesting goings-on over at the Race Grievance Industry web sites. Here’s an interesting paragraph that shows the paranoid delusions in which the leftist RGI is awash:

Okay. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t believe in Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts or the Loch Ness monster. However, the latest and disturbing growing number of black people getting killed by police has given me more than enough reason to take notice. It’s not just the amount of people that bothers me, it’s also the fact that they are getting away with it so damn easily.

That paragraph, where we dealt with it, is here. The place where it originated is here.

I’d like to draw your attention to the part in red highlight. “It’s not just the amount of people that bothers me, it’s also the fact that they are getting away with it so damn easily.”

Let’s examine the case of the now notorious Darren Wilson, the white cop who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Interestingly, in a lynch-mob climate, the law enforcement authorities looked at the actual evidence and found that the overwhelming preponderance of it indicated that Wilson was innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

It took months of fine-toothed combing of said evidence, during which time the media convicted and hanged Wilson — lynched Wilson — a million times in public.

Then, the thoroughly race-obsessed, racist, race-baiting, race-hysterical Eric Holder — the freakin’ Attorney General of the United States! — jumped in and said he was going to investigate.

That was, of course, like asking the arsonist to investigate the fire he had just set, and expecting said arsonist to be impartial. Yet, even the thoroughly racist Eric Holder found Wilson innocent!

Holy mackerel!

Then that same “Department of Justice” found that the entire Ferguson police department was — ready for this? — pulling blacks over too frequently for traffic violations. There were dark hints that this “finding” was the point all along, and that Darren Wilson was the sacrificial lamb chosen to make this finding — the “racist Ferguson police” finding — happen.

Turned out that the traffic violation thing was untrue too — as it happened the police stopped black people less frequently than said blacks were actually committing traffic violations — but the media had moved on, so the fabricated, fraudulent, fake narrative of a “racist police department in Ferguson, Missouri” lived on. And lives on to this day.

Now, back to the premise of this post.

After that fateful day, the day Michael Brown died at Darren Wilson’s hand, Darren Wilson’s life was in limbo. Let’s not forget that this was a man whom even the race-addicted Eric Holder couldn’t find liable for criminal prosecution. Believe me Holder wanted to! Nothing would have given him more of a quivering racegasm than to have found that Darren Wilson had unlawfully killed Michael Brown, and that the Ferguson police were pulling blacks over for traffic violations more frequently (but, not really) than they should have been!

But the case was too public, and the evidence pertaining to the Michael Brown incident was too well-known, so Holder had to settle for half a loaf.

Make no mistake about it, though, if Holder could have, he would have absolutely railroaded Darren Wilson, an innocent man, all the while knowing that Wilson was guilty of nothing. For Holder, and the racist left, there is no individual whose life is more important than maintaining and growing the fraudulent narrative of American racism.

Perversely, it turns out, Darren Wilson was saved by the public lynching he underwent. Along with the media lynching, it got the actual details of the shooting into the public eye.(1) The only problem was that Wilson had to sacrifice more than a year of his life, ultimately his career, his happiness, and who knows what else… his life, eventually? But, you see, it’s okay if it contributes to the fraudulent race narrative that keeps the ovine black population voting lefty each election. Yep. Darren Wilson sure “got away with it“… and so easily too!

After all, though, what was Darren Wilson, really? Just one innocent man. Certainly no one actually important in the grand scheme of keeping power in the hands of the left.

Does anyone sane really think that Darren Wilson “got away with it so damn easily?” Really? This was an innocent man, whom, a bunch of race-baiting lunatics decided to ruin, based on nothing more than whacked-out, paranoid preconceived notions, fueled by racist hatred — call it by its name: racism — and political power, and he “got away with it so damn easily?


Yes, the RGI is awash in paranoid delusions, but the actual moving force keeping these paranoid delusions alive is the hunger for power on the part of the left. The person who wrote the paragraph at the top of this post is a racist, delusional, paranoid moron. However, the left love that lunacy, because they can use it for the acquisition and maintenance of power.

— xPraetorius


(1) This is also, probably, perversely, what saved George Zimmerman. The left still hasn’t figured out that this was really the case of a brown, Hispanic man (George Zimmerman) shooting a black teenager (Trayvon Martin) because Zimmerman has a “white name.” In the race-addicted RGI, the racial composition of the participants in any such interaction is all-important. A Hispanic killing a black person is okay by them. A black person killing a black person is just fine too; not a problem at all. But a white man killing a black person? That’s an obvious indication that all white people want all black people dead and gone.

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