Interesting Debate Over at the RGI (Part III)

In the continuing saga of “flyonthewall,” a commenter who made a nuisance of himself over at Brotha Wolf’s blog, by infecting the place with some common sense, he commented extensively, and funnily in other posts at the sheep in wolf’s clothing’s place. Here’s another post where “fly” duked it out with the foot soldiers of the Race Grievance Industry.

It’s funny, because in the back-and-forth, flyonthewall manages to make mincemeat of some of the more hysterical commenters who, of course, confront him with only racial invective and insults, never getting around to actually addressing the points he makes.

Without further ado, here’s Brotha Wolf’s post, and the subsequent back-and-forth involving flyonthewall and Brotha Wolf (I refer to him as BW) and his readers. As is my wont, I’ve added comments [in square brackets and in red font] in line with the post and the comments.


Vern’s Venting: It Ain’t a Coincidence, People

By Lavern Merriweather: [Editor’s note: a guest commentator whose “work” BW features frequently]

Okay. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t believe in Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts or the Loch Ness monster. However, the latest and disturbing growing number of black people getting killed by police has given me more than enough reason to take notice. It’s not just the amount of people that bothers me, it’s also the fact that they are getting away with it so damn easily.

I wrote a post a while back about how this new breed of cop murder is just another form of lynching, and the cops in most cities across America have done nothing to prove me wrong. [Editor’s note: Actually they have. Deaths by anyone in police-involved shootings are way down. The media are doing their level best to make Vern’s fraudulent narrative the conventional wisdom of the land.] Actually, it’s the exact opposite, despite some on the force seen shaking hands with the protesters or giving them hugs. Hugs and handshakes, as lovely as they are, aren’t the solution to a very disturbing problem.

We need real actual effort on the part of the police all over the country to put themselves in check before they go into a black neighborhood. Not just a cutesy poo ‘we are the world act’ for the cameras, which I think is just for show. The cops had no issue with previously setting tanks and M-16s on black people protesting, a scene reminiscent of the 1960’s where black folks were violently attacked by the police with dogs and hoses. [Editor’s note: The RGI are constantly forced to refer to events in the long ago past to make their points today. Of course today is just a tad different from … freakin’ 60 years ago, dumbhead! 🙂 ]

Now, all of a sudden it’s supposed to be a love fest even as 19 year-old teen Tony Robinson lays dead from a gunshot wound. Mr. Robinson is the young man from Madison, Wisconsin that has become another statistic in the long line of young black folks dying at the hands of cops. The cop who shot him, Matt Kenny, claims that he shot Robinson in the head because Robinson was punching him and being combative. Where I have I heard that one before? [Editor’s note: in a country of 300+ million people, it would be very, very odd if there were zero such incidents across the land. The fact that Vern is forced here to refer to the one here and the one there proves flyonthewall’s — and my — point, that America is just not a racist country anymore. Vern and BW live deep in the past. More to the poiont, they want to live deep in the past. Reading waaaaaayyyyy between the lines, I’m guessing that Brotha Wolf has had some run-ins’s with the law, and is not particularly successful at staying employed. I’m guessing further that his parents aren’t together. He’s indicated in his blog that he’s still single. In other words, in a land awash in opportunity, he’s a failure. His constant casting about for excuses has led him to lay his failure at the doorstep of white people, which has also garnered for him lots and lots of support and validation from other failures like him.

Heck, if they can constantly read minds, then I feel no need to prevent myself from doing so! 🙂 ]

Apparently, Kenny feels that there was just no other way he could have handled that situation besides brutally gunning down young Mr. Robinson. I call BULLSHIT! How many times have we heard of white males – some older and therefore stronger than Mr. Robinson, getting into extremely physical altercations with police and not a one of them were shot dead? Even if there wasn’t a video available, that white male still comes out of the altercation with his live very much intact.

Kenny also says that he went to that housing project because of a 911 call and that when he arrived, Robinson’s suspicious behavior compelled him to chase Robinson. Once again I call bullshit!

The bottom line is that this cuntbag saw a young black youth, albeit in this case, a light skinned one, and immediately assumed he was up to no good, that coupled with my own opinion of why these cases are happening with such regularity and that is none other than the President of the United States. [Editor’s note: This is incoherent. Not sure what Vern’s trying to say here. Does Obama find himself being chased around housing projects by the police? What’s the President of the United States doing hanging around housing projects, anyway?!?]

We all are fully aware that electing a black man into the white House didn’t make this country post-racial. Far from it. Yes, I know that young black males who were not dangerous and unarmed were getting shot prior to Obama becoming president. But damn, doesn’t it feel like this stories keep happening with a rapid succession?

They haven’t even laid the last body to rest before we hear another sad, sordid tale of a cop shooting a black youth then walking away scot free. Twelve year–old Tamir Rice was playing with what many who have seen the video said was visibly a toy gun. Yet, his life, like many others, was taken by a trigger happy cop. [Editor’s note: More isolated incidents that the actual statistics make irrelevant. If there were thousands of such incidents every year, that would be something, but there are, actually maybe what, a dozen each year? In a bad year!]

I understand that the attitude of most cops, even black people, is that young Negroes are born bad. [Editor’s note: Moremystical, magical mind reading!] So, when one even looks at you funny shoot first to save yourself. However, with the election of Obama something greater is at stake for a bunch of white folks, and that is potential.

Young black males see that they can not only have a future but one as a leader. They don’t have to rely on that excuse that they don’t believe they will make it to their 25th birthday. They can someday be in charge having white folks answering to them and that scares the holy hell out of certain white people. Don’t agree, just check out the Tea Party slogan of “Take our country back”. What the fuck else is that but a call to arms? [Editor’s note: No, it’s a very common rhetorical device used by pretty much everyone. Duh! Vern doesn’t pay attention much.] That is another rhetoric, fear induced mindset that we have to put these darkies back in their place, lest they begin thinking too much of themselves by believing that they could one day become president. [Editor’s note: Lol! Guess it didn’t work, did it? Or, maybe this is all just the paranoid maundering of a poorly educated loudmouth with more words than wit.]

As we have seen with a certain rapper I won’t name, black men having far too much faith in their abilities scares the crap out of some white folks. [Editor’s note: scattered throughout this piece, and all the pieces of the RGI, is this mystical, magical ability to read minds. The previous assertion is such a stupid assertion that it should be laughed out of any room in which it’s uttered. Unfortunately, we’ve trained black people to believe that, because of our past abuse,  their every thought and there every utterance is profound and filled with meaning. No. Their people. Sometimes people say crap, and the previous is a steaming pile of it. On the face of it. To prove that: if a white person tried to tell everyone what all black people are thinking or feeling, he’d immediately be ridiculed out of the room.] What better way to show those beneath you that you are the one in power than to sick your militia on them. That is what happened in France and Russia during the 50’s and 60’s [Editor’s note: Uhhhhhh… whuh? To what, precisely, is Vern referring here? ] and it continues to happen to black people in the good old US of A. Not to ‘act’ like black males are the only ones subject to the tyranny of a police state.

Rekia Boyd, Marlene Pinnock, Matrice Richardson, Aiyana Jones and Katherine Johnson are several of the names of black females that have also suffered at the hands of 5-0. And just like black men, their deaths or beatings have met with little to no recourse for the officers involved. You know, cops have over stepped their bounds when even white males on Fake Noise are calling them out. One of the hosts on FOX’s conservative gabfest “Red Eye” named Andy Levy said that the reason there is so much turmoil and conflict is because of the way the cops are acting. Andy pointed out, and I agree, that when you keep treating people like shit they will respond in kind.

His comments were in regards to two police that were shot in Ferguson, Missouri. Of course the new chief of police that replaced the one who stepped down is doing his utmost to find whoever was responsible. He doesn’t seem nearly as concerned with doing everything possible to stop his employees from terrorizing and murdering black folks, particularly at a time when white fears of losing what they have to the darkie horde is at a zenith. The police now have to walk a fine line because the ones they have brutalized are fighting back. Believe me when I say that their new love, a dove behavior with the Negroes in the community is because they are under the gun for a change. [Editor’s note: Does that sound like a threat to commit violence to you? Does to me. Or, it could be just more paranoid, whackadoodle hyperbole from the RGI.] The police have realized that they are vulnerable as well and that the people who they have used for their own personal whipping boys and girls aren’t going to take it anymore.

Instead of trying to save face, maybe they should do a better job of rearranging their policies. There is a quote from the great Martin Luther King that goes “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth leaves everybody blind and toothless”. If the powers that be get the message that black folks refuse to tolerate their shit, then I think it’s worth it.


  1. I would love to get my hand on some Molotov cocktails or some atom bombs and drop them on every white neighbourhood in America, every police precinct, but don’t worry, payback is coming very soon

  2. This post is Everythang, ‘Vern!!!

  3. flyonthewall said:

    April 1, 2015 at 1:41 am

    Actually, you’re wrong. The rate of black people being killed by cops is no higher than at any other time, in fact it’s at nearly the lowest rate of all time. Also, the rate of ANYONE being killed by cops is way down overall. The media are simply choosing to cover it a lot more now. If you take the trouble to check it out, though, you will see that fewer people of any race are dying at the hands of police now than at any time in the past. [Editor’s note: Uh oh! How will they react to this?!? Surely with something to refute this assertion, right?] 

  4. Great post Lavern!

    Are you both prone to racist, genocidal fantasies like this often?

    Response: What you term as “racist and genocidal fantasies” are actually a reality (murder and lynching) for black folks by so-called authorities. The reality here is that this Amerikan apartheid system is far worse and more deadly than the South African apartheid system ever was. [Editor’s note: Oh? Really? “Worse and more deadly than the South African apartheid system ever was?” Is this supposed to pass for deep thought? Is this supposed to be something to react to? With a wildly off-the-wall assertion like this, you’d be certain, wouldn’t you, that there would be something to back this up, right? You’d be wrong. blakksage just says it. The “Flyoncrack” thing is particularly immature, but you will see that fly knocks that out of the park with something a lot more clever.] 

    Actually, you’re wrong. The rate of black people being killed by cops is no higher than at any other time, in fact it’s at nearly the lowest rate of all time. Also, the rate of ANYONE being killed by cops is way down overall. The media are simply choosing to cover it a lot more now. If you take the trouble to check it out, though, you will see that fewer people of any race are dying at the hands of police now than at any time in the past.

    Response: You are truly delusional, how in the hell could the frequency or murdering of black people by the police or white men in general, be utilized as a litmus test to determine if the policies of the police departments are more humane than in the past? [Editor’s note: As per usual, blakksage tries to argue against a point that no one made. However, to that point, yes, fewer cop shootings is an indication that something is better. Whether it’s better cop policies or lower crime rates or what have you, it’s at least something. ] Black folks shouldn’t be murdered at all simply due to their skin color. [Editor’s note: Again, blakksage is arguing against a point that no one has tried to make.] Therefore, you may as well save your BS statistics for a fifth grade class lecture, perhaps you’d get some applause there, but not here.

    Even further, your asinine post serves as no consolation to black folks in general when you state, “ANYONE being killed by cops is way down overall” Phuck you! [ < — Editor’s note: Here’s the general maturity level of the RGI.]

    I have a question for you FLYONCRACK: Why don’t you see black cops killing white folks with the same amount of frequency and under suspect circumstances? Why aren’t there any substantial statistics of black cops killing white boys garnering national and international attention?

  5. flyonthewall said:

    April 2, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    @blakksage: I have a question for you FLYONCRACK: Why don’t you see black cops killing white folks with the same amount of frequency and under suspect circumstances? Why aren’t there any substantial statistics of black cops killing white boys garnering national and international attention?

    Answer: Easy. The media don’t care about whites being killed by ANYONE. [Editor’s note: Good point.] Plus THAT doesn’t happen much either. Plus, violent crime is way more prevalent by black people. In other words: the vast majority of the time that police have to respond to VIOLENT incidents, there’s a black man involved. Just the way it is. Again the incidence of ANYONE being killed by police of ANY color is way down. And yes, before Brotha Wolf gets all upset, whites commit more crime in total than blacks. Blacks, however, commit WAY more violent crime. We really need to look in our own backyard. [Editor’s note: Good points all.]

    There is, obviously, no Apartheid system that victimizes blacks in America. There is, however, a BLACK-imposed apartness (what “apartheid” really means) that harms blacks. Everywhere we black folks go, we tend to self-segregate, for whatever reason. But it has nothing to do with white people who have been trying to INTEGRATE with us for a very long time. You and I both know that.

    By the way, integration worked with me. I grew up poor, but I have a great job, got a great, FREE education that white people fell all over themselves to give me, and I took the opportunity to TAKE that education and to learn how to speak well and get some marketable skills. Before you know it, I’m making a very good living!

    Your thought about murder and lynching is flat-out wrong. By far the vast majority of black murder victims are the victims of black men. Lynching hasn’t happened in more than 60 years. Yes, it was very wrong, but it’s also very far in the past. You’re correct that black folks shouldn’t be killed because of the color of their skin. And, thank goodness, they aren’t. Are you ready for a hard fact? Here it is: if Michael Brown had been armed, Darren Wilson would be dead now, and no one would have heard anything about Ferguson. Admit it, @bs, it’s true and you know it. (Btw: I DID get a chuckle out of the fact that your initials are BS. 🙂[Editor’s note: Good points! And the BS thing, in light of the “Flyoncrack” thing is just too funny! Needless to say, we hear nothing more from “blakksage” who, now permanently tagged as “bs,” tucks his tail between his legs and leaves.]

    One last thing. You cleverly call me flyoncrack. It’s an interesting attempt at an insult. I DO have lots of black friends who have used crack, though I’ve never used it myself. My friends are the ones who chose a different path from mine and were surprised when they found themselves mixed up with the law. Want to know where my friends got the crack? From black pushers. Yes, yes, I know, there are more white people on crack than black people. But, guess what, there are a LOT more black PUSHERS of crack than white ones. You resist it mightily, but we black folks REALLY need to look in our own backyard and stop blaming all our problems on white people. I’m living proof that as a black person you can do just fine in America if you make the effort. [Editor’s note: One more coup de grace rhetorical punch to BS.]

  6. flyonthewall said:

    April 2, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    @bs, you said: “how in the hell could the frequency or murdering of black people by the police or white men in general, be utilized as a litmus test to determine if the policies of the police departments are more humane than in the past?”

    Answer: It can’t, but it IS a measure of how humane the COUNTRY as a whole is compared to the past. You made the howlingly stupid statement that America is worse than South Africa under apartheid, and you called ME delusional. [Editor’s note: Fly is mopping up the floor with “blakksage!”]

    You should be honest enough to admit that far more black people are murdered by other black people than by ANYONE else at all. Period. You know it and I know it.

    Yes, one person killed by another person is one too many. That doesn’t change the FACT that far fewer black people, and far fewer people of any race, are dying at the hands of police anywhere. That’s just a good thing.

    Another hard truth: if you’re a black man, you have a HUNDREDS of times greater chance of being killed by another black man, than by a police man of ANY color. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. And you know it and I know it.

    You said: “I have a question for you FLYONCRACK: Why don’t you see black cops killing white folks with the same amount of frequency and under suspect circumstances? Why aren’t there any substantial statistics of black cops killing white boys garnering national and international attention?”

    The answer to your question is simple. We black folks commit far more VIOLENT crimes than any other ethnic group. If the cops respond to an incident involving violence, it almost always involves a black man. Yes, white people commit more crime in total, but if we’re going to be honest and real here, we have to admit that we black men commit a lot more VIOLENT crime than any other group.

    Also, when a white person is killed by a cop, or by anyone else for that matter, the media don’t give a damn. It’s not news for them. Go ahead and look at the REAL statistics for how many black people are murdered by black men. Hundreds and hundreds every year. Then go ahead and look at the statistics for how many black people are killed by white cops, or even by white PEOPLE, and it’s a few every year. But every one of the WHITE killings of black people makes national headlines, while no one reports on the FACT that we black men are slaughtering each other all the time. Yes, that is the shame of the media. But, we know it too. We’ve known it for a very long time. We just deny it.

    • You should know that whites commit more violent crimes than blacks as partly evidence by a recent FBI report. And why is crime centered around only violence, when any crime is just as significant, especially white-collar crime? You really need to stop drinking the kool-aid and stop thinking the worst about your own people, if you are indeed a black person.

  7. flyonthewall said:

    April 2, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    @BW thank you for making me clarify. I made the mistake of saying that blacks commit more violent crime than whites. Actually, blacks commit more MURDERS than whites. That IS what I meant, but that is NOT what I said, and I apologize for saying what was actually wrong. [Editor’s note: Well! Fly shows some real maturity here! He expressed something incorrectly, owned up to it, and apologized for the error. Impressive.]

    We black folks commit more murders, but whites commit more violent crimes overall. The rest of the violent crime story, though, is STILL the same as for the ENTIRE crime story: we STILL commit PROPORTIONALLY more of ALL crimes than any other race.

    Here’s the source I found: (Yes, it’s the FBI. 🙂 )

    We’re about 13% of the population and we commit about 30% of all crime, while whites are about 65% of the population and commit about that percent of all crime. What I found REALLY interesting is that whites are arrested for drunken driving and drunkenness like SIX times more than we are! Apparently, “driving while white” is a lot worse than “driving while black.” [Editor’s note: Very interesting side note. I didn’t know this.]

    What stands out the most, though, is that we black folks kill a WHOLE LOT more than white people. And who do we kill? Other black folks. We’re slaughtering ourselves, and you are all about whitey! Sorry, white people just don’t kill black people all that much.

    Brotha Wolf, you have no right to talk to me about my tone when you continue to call me a liar. I am a black man. Okay? All done with that. You don’t hear me accusing anyone else here of being a liar or of being dishonest, even when they and you have called me a liar, and BS has said I’m on crack and delusional. Why is it okay for you and the people who agree with you to be insulting and disrespectful? Is that any way to greet someone who comes to your place and speaks respectfully to you? You should try to live up to the standards you demand of me, whereas I have done nothing but meet or exceed your standards. I’ve been nothing but polite and respectful to you and to everyone here, even as they have been really jerky to me. You should do something about that. Something adult and mature.

    • What table are you reading because I see whites as being tops in a few violent crimes and just a tad behind in murder and manslaughter. We’re almost tie with them in that department. So yeah, try again. [Editor’s note: For BW, apparently, it’s a sporting event with a score. The next few parts of the exchange don’t need any comment, so I’ll just let them happen without comment. 🙂 ]

      • flyonthewall said:

        April 3, 2015 at 4:50 am

        @BW, I gave you the link. This isn’t a game. It’s a simple truth: we commit too much crime, and specifically too much violent crime. You know it and I know it.

        You’re keeping score, but I’m talking about statistics. We are about 13% of the population, and we commit nearly 30% of all crime. We need to get our act together and stop with the self-destructive behavior. Where do you think all this murder is happening? In the cities. Who has owned the cities for decades? Well, lots of times it’s BLACK mayors and city councils. It’s ALWAYS been the stupid, racist Democrats for more than 60 years. It’s America’s greatest tragedy now: blacks killing other blacks in cities largely run by blacks.

        Frankly, I DO blame whitey for that. The liberal white media who won’t talk about black-on-black violence and demand that we cut it out. And you and I both know why they don’t do that. It’s because they’re afraid that you and I are going to yell racism.

    • So just because we’re slightly, ever so slightly more along the lines of murder by over a 100, that makes us horrible people without any explanation? Is that what you’re saying? And besides, this topic is not about black-on-black murders. Stay on topic please.

      • flyonthewall said:

        April 3, 2015 at 4:59 am

        Where did I ever say we’re horrible people? I never did. So in answer to your question, no, that’s not what I’m saying. That’s you trying to put words into my mouth.

        We’re a great people with so much to offer to the world, that we’re squandering on racist excuses that try to fob off our problems on other people who are not nearly as much to blame as we want them to be. Our acts are OUR responsibility. At all times. It’s no one else’s but OUR own fault that WE kill each other in the cities.

        And, actually, black-on-black murder IS on topic. I made the point that black-on-black crime is a MUCH bigger problem in our lives than anything whites are doing to us. And it is.

  8. flyonthewall said:

    April 2, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    One more quick thing. Violent crime IS worse than non-violent crime. I don’t think that’s really debatable. You ask YOURSELF: would YOU want to be pickpocketed or banged on the head with a baseball bat? The answer to that is pretty easy.


Well! Flyonthewall absolutely owns BW and his readers. It’s no wonder BW banned him! That kitchen’s way too hot for someone of BW’s meager intellect, and inadequate character.

— xPraetorius

4 thoughts on “Interesting Debate Over at the RGI (Part III)

  1. “…black men having far too much faith in their abilities scares the crap out of some white folks.”
    – Frankly, Anyone having “too much faith in their abilities” scares the crap out of me.

  2. Lol! Yep. Isn’t it just a whole lot better when people have an accurate understanding of what they can do? Just as scary is when people have too little faith in their abilities. It leads to things like Republican fear in the face of fascistic tactics (cf: Indiana RFRA law) from the left. And, of course, a massive lack of positive contribution to the country from people who have been told forever by the left that “they just can’t.”

    Even more to the point, if the angry RGI were simply to channel that energy they waste in misplaced anger, into obtaining marketable skills instead of becoming ever more able to protest and whine and complain and fight and all the rest of the unproductive nonsense, things might be a lot better for them and for everyone.

    However, to add an interesting wrinkle, Obama’s non-recovery “recovery” is busily re-configuring the economy to accept as normal a third of the country’s permanent idleness. The effect is to re-configure and shrink industry and business into quasi-charitable organizations, with the ever-growing government-mandated purpose of sustaining the idle.

    If, however, the angry black people who are so adept at complaining about white racism were all of a sudden to obtain marketable skills, you’d see a glut of workers in the workforce that employers wouldn’t remotely be able to absorb.

    In other words, thanks to the left, it’s entirely possible that we’ve configured this country so far into a corner that it’s doomed if it does, and doomed if it doesn’t.

    I fear that the only solution is a generations-long pullback from the welfare state. The problem: homo leftwingicus (homo sinistericus?) is the dominant species in the world, and he is pushing the world in the exact opposite direction… as he’s been doing since the founding of this country.

    There’s another reality: the logical endpoint of the left’s trajectory is a place where no one, except the left, wants to go: Something like technological feudalism. Socialism is feudalism with pretty and fancy words; feudalism that the serfs embrace, rather than complain about. That’s where the left has been trying to bring us forever, and they’ve probably pushed up past the point where it’s possible not to go there.

    Then, of course, they’ll manage it, and us … for our own good.

    There are, indeed, other possible scenarios that can take place, but all the ones I can see involve massive dislocations, first for the permanently idle… and then for everyone else if the free stuff to the idle are addicted were to dry up.


    — x

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