American Apartheid

It’s where we’re headed. It’s where we are, really, right now.

Remember white Apartheid in South Africa? It’s when the small white minority discriminated systematically against the black majority of South Africans. We in America got all up in their grill about it. We were ticked off, and we demanded that the South African government cut it the heck out, free Nelson Mandela, get rid of Apartheid … and, so they did.

Now, to America.

Try to say something questioning the special rights accorded to the teentsy-weensty minority of people who engage in sex-like activities with members of the same sex(1). Now, look, I have nothing against those who engage in elaborate masturbation with members of the same sex, but it’s no reason to pretend [1] that it’s normal, or [2] that it constitutes some great and courageous behavior or [3] that practitioners deserve special rights based merely on that behavior in which this teeny-tiny minority of people indulge.

Anyway, go ahead and try to say something against that teeny-tiny minority. See what happens to your career, to your social life. Ask Michael Ovitz.

Now, go ahead and join a fraternity, get a bit tipsy and sing a stupid little ditty about whether or not you’re going to let black people join your fraternity. It’s in poor taste, and it’s stupid, but here’s the other thing it is: legal. Interestingly, there has never been, even once, the slightest hint that the frat boys were going to follow through with the sentiment of the lyrics of their tune and deny black people the opportunity to join their dumb fraternity.

But the ones who did sang the aforementioned offending tune? Might as well change their names right now, because their lives are ruined. Oh, what they did was stupid… as is a whole lot of stuff that happens at frat houses. But, I’d venture to say that the the ditty was not nearly as stupid as a whole lot of other things that happen at frat houses, generally involving copious amounts of alcohol or illicit drugs. This particular legal activity, though, singing the idiotic number, has damaged the lives of the frat boys more than an overdose of heroin could have. And why? Because they violated the new, unwritten, American Apartheid Laws.

Two things are obvious: [1] if the frat boys had knocked over a package store, and caved in the skull of the clerk behind the counter, and been caught, their lives would be much less ruined than when they were caught singing their stupid little legal ditty. And [2] if the frat boys had substituted “Christian” where they had warbled “ni**er,” the leftist overseers and commissars of the new American Apartheid would have applauded them, and made them folk heroes.

Why do I say that? Easy: at this very moment, the Apartheid bosses are transforming into folk heroes the racist rappers and hip hop “artists” who say that kind of thing about white people and Christians all the time. Also — you know it and I know it — there’s just no risk in saying the vilest things imaginable about straight, or white, or Christian people whenever and wherever you want. Go ahead and call them satan spawn and evil, and bigoted and racist and hateful, but don’t you even dare question what really weird thing that dude over there is doing with the other dude’s junk.

Want more proof? Part of the frat boys’ moronic ditty speaks darkly about “hanging them from a tree.” Yep, that’s grotesque. It is, however, instructive to remember that there are people in the Middle East right now, as we speak, nailing Christians to, and then hanging them from, trees… and no one in the “community” that’s ticked off at the frat boys is saying a word about it.

Back to the gay Apartheid Masters. Don’t believe me about that? Ask Brendan Eich, who paid the ultimate professional price, and he barely even hinted at thinking about anything even remotely uncharitable about the crowd-who-plays-with-the-wrong-people’s-private-parts. But Eich did contribute a small amount to the Keep Marriage Normal movement. When that became public, oh how the brave, courageous people-who-do-ummmm-offbeat-things-with-members-of-the-same-sex swooned at the sheer trauma of it all. And in as fascistic a purge as Nazi Germany ever imagined, Eich was gone in a blink from the web company that he had founded.

A tiny minority, that engages in surpassingly odd activities involving their genitalia, dictates to a vastly larger majority, that outnumbers them by a factor of at least 150-1, how said majority will speak of the minority, when and where they will hire members of that minority, the extent to which they will coddle, pamper, fuss over and spoil that minority… and no one blinks an eye.

A larger minority, but still a minority — based on skin color — does exactly the same thing, ruining those who purposefully or accidentally step out of line, dictating how Americans will speak and when, and changing daily what constitutes offense and what doesn’t, which words are okay and which are not, and no one blinks an eye.

I was listening to National Public Radio on the ride home from work the other day, and on came a promo for one of their local shows — the Colin McEnroe Show. The host does the promos and he wondered, what if you were one of the frat boys who had crooned the hyper politically incorrect ditty? This was so outside the pale, he implied, that it would take titanically extraordinary efforts on their part to “allow them to rejoin humanity.” (<– direct quote there)

These selfsame frat boys squawked a perfectly legal, but dumb, ditty about an activity that hasn’t taken place in more than 50 years. Now, though, they’re nailing Christians to trees today in the Middle East, and no one, who was upset about the frat boys’ ditty, is making a peep. Yet somehow, the frat boys have to take extraordinary, way-over-the-top measures to “rejoin humanity.”

We got royally ticked off when there was Apartheid in South Africa, but we don’t seem to mind it at all right here in America.

Poor treatment of a minority is wrong. It’s a really bad, toxic thing, and it’s something that every society does well to get rid of. However, replacing rotten treatment of a minority with rotten treatment of the majority does not constitute change for the better.

— xPraetorius


(1) ‘Cause it ain’t sex. It’s more like elaborate masturbation. Or using someone of the same sex as a big sex toy. Just as being physically intimate with a fence post is Playing Around with a Fence Post and Sex Organs — but it’s not sex. The only time it’s real sex is when — ready for it? — when there’s the possibility of a baby resulting from it. Then it’s sex. Heck, we learned that in the sixth grade officially, and a lot earlier on the playground. The recent tsunamis of politically correct flapdoodle, Grievance Industry tommyrot and deconstructionist bilgewater haven’t even come close to changing basic biology.


2 thoughts on “American Apartheid

  1. x – This is excellent! Thanks for putting it out there. I never put Apartheid and America together, but you have made me think about it. I think I see your point.

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