Here’s a link to the article in Politico.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Okay. The act alone — of “wiping her server clean” — should send her to jail. A more obvious case of destruction of government property and, potentially, obstruction of justice, would be difficult to find. She’ll say that she wiped out only personal property, but who is she to be the judge of what is and is not government property on a server that she admits she used for vital government business? You and I could’t remotely get away with a pathetic argument like that.
  • That act alone would send any Republican to jail. Think of the context. Benghazi still simmering, and she wipes her server clean? The very definition of “appearance of impropriety.” The very definition of “prima facie evidence.” The very definition of “probable cause for subpoena.” Likely the very definition of “probable cause for arrest warrant.”
  • You can still get the e-mails from recipients. You can definitely get them from the NSA. Remember?
  • You can probably still get them from the server, unless she’s physically destroyed the disks.If she did that, I’m trying to imagine someone screaming “I’m freakin’ guilty!!!” louder than that. Nope. Can’t imagine it.
  • If she subjected the disks to erasure that would satisfy government standards, then she’s admitting that she’s guilty of wrongdoing. I know this. I’ve performed such deletions to get completely rid of confidential information.
  • There’s no excuse that makes this a legitimate act.
  • Who deletes all those personal e-mails? Remember when she said she wanted still to be able to write a book? Guess what. Those e-mails — both personal and professional — might have come in handy. There’s no reason under the sun for her to have erased those mails.
  • I have tens of thousands of personal e-mails, that have accrued over many years, that I wouldn’t dream of deleting, in case I might want to refer to some of them one day. I view the e-mails I get from my kids as sacred.
  • So, she just tossed thousands of e-mails pertaining to, as she says, “wedding plans for Chelsea, and things from her husband?” I doubt it. What kind of mother, grandmother and wife does that? None that I’ve ever heard of!’
  • There’s nothing about this typical Clinton skulduggery that doesn’t stink to high heaven. ‘Course, “stinky” is probably the one adjective that applies to absolutely everything the Clintons do. (I guess, you could also use “smelly,” “putrid,” “putrescent,” “corrupt,” “fetid,” “offensive,” “reeking” and “feculent.”)
  • Remember: if you or I had been caught doing any one of the numerous things that both Clintons have already gotten away with — including the e-mail putridness — we’d be looking at long jail terms.

— xPraetorius


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