Black Americans Figuring It Out (Part II)

Right here we pointed out that black Americans are starting to figure out that maybe, just maybe, the Democrats are taking their votes for granted, and that maybe, just maybe, they might get more real love if they threatened to withhold those votes, or — goodness gracious! — vote Republican!

Lee Habeeb and Mike Leven point out (here) that some black people have also known about the real pathologies that have been afflicting black Americans for a long time.

Here’s a telling passage:

Much has been written about privilege in academic settings over the past few decades. There’s the privilege of wealth, and the advantages wealth confers if a baby is lucky enough to be born into it. Much too has been written about the advantages of being born into this world as a Caucasian — known in academia as “white privilege.

But not enough has been written about the most important advantage a baby can have in America: the advantage of being born with a mother and father who happen to be married. Call it “the marriage privilege” — the advantages are startling.

Here’s a bit more:

Reeve’s study revealed that this social-mobility advantage applied not just to the lower class: The middle class was impacted, too. The study revealed that children born into the middle class have a mere 11 percent chance of ending up in the bottom economic quintile with married parents, but that number rises to 38 percent if their parents are never married.

You’d think a finding like that would be headline news across the nation, or that the media might want to talk about the real reason for the wealth gap in America — the marriage gap.


Finally, mobility is significantly lower in areas with weaker family structures, as measured e.g. by the fraction of single parents. As with race, parents’ marital status does not matter purely through its effects at the individual level. Children of married parents also have higher rates of upward mobility in communities with fewer single parents. Interestingly, we find no correlation between racial shares and upward mobility once we control for the fraction of single parents in an area.

That last sentence is worth including in every discussion we have about race and class in America. Because it turns out that once you control for the proportion of single parents in an area, the correlation between social mobility and race disappears.

Wow! That last bears repeating: “once you control for the proportion of single parents in an area, the correlation between social mobility and race disappears.


Doesn’t “diminish,” or “decrease,” but … disappears.

In other words, when black parents stay married, overwhelmingly their children prosper in America. At the same rate as all other races.

It’s not racism that keeps black people back, it’s the shattered black family.

Congratulations, Democrats and black “leaders!” You can pat yourselves on the back; by destroying the black family, you’ve caused more devastation to black people than any white racist could even fantasize about.

— xPraetorius


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