Yep… (of course)

In light of recent revelations that black Americans are starting to figure out that, maybe, just maybe they should be thinking of changing things up a bit, and voting Republican, this little thing that we tossed off almost a year ago is worth repeating.

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Q:What do Democrats do when one of their senior leaders uses the word “Negroes?”

A: Make him Senate Mjority Leader


Conservatives toss their racists to the curb. Leftists give theirs shows on MSNBC.


Both these pithy tweets are right on the nose.

Soooooooo… what can we conclude from all this?

Well, at least one thing: People are finally catching up to what we’vebeen saying all along: the home of racism in America today is the political left-wing. We said it here. And in many other places, in many, many other internet jousts with the foot soldiers and pawns of the Race Grievance Industry.

Why is Cliven Bundy such big news? Easy. Because he’s so rare!

When he went off on his out-in-left-field rant…

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