Missing At Selma

Remember those great, heartwarming pictures of all the people marching in Selma. Did you see who was missing? The ones who made it all possible.

Yep, Republicans.

The party that overwhelmingly brought it about, the Republican Party, seemed not to have been invited. If you had watched all the footage of the coverage of the 50th anniversary commemorations of the Selma marches, you would have seen a whole lot of the children, and political heirs of those who did their level best to deny black Americans civil rights: Democrats.

Of course, Obama took center stage, and why not. He’s a black President. However, if he were a real man, he’d have thanked the Republican Party, without which civil rights for black Americans would have been greatly delayed.(1)

A black, Democrat President is a tribute to … Republicans. You know, the ones who made it all possible, but whom the media didn’t show you at Selma? Yep. Those Republicans.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Nothing was going to stop civil rights. It’s just that the Republicans were the ones who made it happen, against the strident opposition of Obama’s own party, the Democrats.



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