I Was Wrong

And very happy to admit it!

Not all leftists are lousy, power-hungry, self-obsessed, closed-minded, narrow, pinched, crabbed little people.

Case-in-point: Kirsten Powers. Liberal in good standing, Powers is a contributor on FOX News, and wrote the upcoming book: The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.

I heard her in a debate (on National Public Radio of all places!) defending the motion that liberals are stifling intellectual diversity on college campuses. It was on a series with the hyper-pompous title: Intelligence Squared, and was the first high-quality programming I’d heard on NPR in quite some time.

Needless to say, the motion won the debate. Rather handily too. People trying to pretend that the left doesn’t stifle intellectual diversity — ie free speech — on college campuses, have a seriously uphill battle on their hands.

Look, all we Conservatives want is a chance to be heard. Then, we’re confident, our ideas will have no problem prevailing in debate. The left, however, who owns academia, have erected a wall around their own ideas, because they fear for their ability to survive a real debate. So they shout down, harass, scream at, assault, and otherwise do everything in their power to prevent Conservatives from even speaking on campus, much less engaging in debate.

Kirsten Powers would allow such  debates to go forward.

Look, I don’t pretend that we on the right are the exclusive holders of Truth. But, I always beat any leftist in debate handily, because they’re not used to having their ideas challenged, so they go straight to the accusation of racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, etc, etc… Then, if you point out the tactic, they invariably shut down the debate declaring both that they’ve won, and that you’re not worth their time, or the like. It’s a rather pathetic admission of surrender, but a surrender all the same.

If the left were actually to allow others to challenge their points-of-view, then it’s possible that their flabby, weak, flaccid ideas could get a real workout, and they could shed the rolls of useless fat around them to find they might have the germs of some good ideas; not just weak ideas and fascistic tactics. Because that’s what the left’s stifling of free speech is: fascistic.

We Conservatives have to work out, and challenge, and test our ideas all the time, because as soon as we have one, out come academia, Hollywood, pop culture and the vast majority of the media on the attack.

Powers knows this is happening, because in the above-mentioned NPR broadcast debate, she admitted, ashamedly, that she had participated in stifling free speech. Later, when she converted to Christianity, she had to recognize that she had willingly contributed to the left’s general pattern of squelching opposing points of view, and of abusing Christians.

Between you and me, I think that Kirsten Powers is a Conservative in the making. In the process of living, people choose when and whether they will stop maturing. To live correctly, one never stops maturing, but there are just so many who willingly stop their own growth at a very early age. In their adulthood, we call these people drunks, addicts, immature, self-obsessed, narcissistic … but we also call them Democrats and their voters.

Much to her credit, it’s plain that Kirsten Powers, leftist in good standing, never arrested her emotional or intellectual growth. She is one of the few good liberals out there, and likely will be one of us soon enough. After all, someone with an open mind can’t long carry leftism around, with all its contradictions and illogic, nastiness and vapidity, its dishonesty and corruption, without soon being disgusted by it.

Are there more such liberals out there? They’re certainly hard to find. Some have suggested that Mickey Kaus is one such liberal, and I think it might be good to investigate that.

So I will.

— xPraetorius


7 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

  1. Lol! Usually I agree with you. However, I’ve developed a fondness for Powers since she also doesn’t engage in the typical lefty tactic of shouting down opposing viewpoints, etc.

    In other words, she’s a Conservative in the making. 🙂


    — x

  2. I know, I know. I’ll never figure out these romantic relationships. Ann Coulter dated Keith Olbermann, and other odd couples. Mary Matalin and James Carville… I mean what the heck?!?

    But then, there was also xPraetorius and Robin, an Obama leftist. I couldn’t keep it going though, because of the fact that she was quite bright, and at the same time completely, aggressively clueless.

    Same thing with xPraetorius and Doreen, a Marxist. I was a model at the time, and she was just gorgeous. She, too, had a brain that she simply refused to exercise.

    Cradle leftism is a vast problem in America, whereas cradle Conservatism is impossible because of the constant drone of ubiquitous leftist white noise. Leftists can be born to leftism, and go their entire lives, never having had their world view challenged, while that’s just not possible with cradle Conservatives.

    For people like Kirsten Powers to buck the white noise DOES demonstrate courage. I still think she’s a Conservative-to-be. Sometimes we Conservatives have to encourage those who come to it later in life.

    You’re right though, the Anthony Weiner thing is eeeeeeewwww-inducing.


    — x

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