A Thought About Hillary Clinton

Hillary has promised that as President she’d be “The Women’s President.”


Of course, we all know that would mean: “The Leftist Women’s President,” but she’d claim to be speaking for, and to represent, all women.

So, we’d go from “The Black President” who seemed to have mostly disdain for the 65% or so of his country that’s white, to the “Women’s President,” who could then show her contempt for only half the population!

Well, I guess that is some progress…

I wonder when we can get back to an American President.  It’d be nice if it could be before all the other “This Presidents” and “That Presidents” have turned the place into a third-world hellhole.

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “A Thought About Hillary Clinton

  1. Hillary IS a sign of the times.

    Today is all about waaaah waaah whining self-obsession. When can I get mine? I want my rights! I want my benefits! I want what those other people have. I don’t want to work for it, and I don’t want to earn it, but I still want it.

    You posted a brilliant essay about another post from a woman in Great Britain whose main point was that she “wanted ‘her’ benefits.” She wanted for herself what others had worked for and paid for. And that was her plan for “earning” a living.

    It would be difficult to identify a more pampered, coddled, sheltered demographic group in the history of the world than American, and western, women. Yet, this is also one of the whiniest, most ridiculously, pathetically self-obsessed bunches you’ll ever find.

    That’s what Hillary is all about. Her handlers have recognized that America is arriving at a tipping point where more than half the people will be leeching off the hard work of other Americans, and these leeches are automatic Democrat voters. She believes she can ride this bleating, whining, herd of sniveling wretches right straight into the White House.

  2. I’d have to disagree in one particular, FS. It’s not American and western women who are the “whiniest, most ridiculously, pathetically self-obsessed” people around, but rather western feminists who claim, falsely, to speak for all women.

    It’s important to make that distinction.


    — x

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